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Ahhhh Anyone who knows me knows that enemies to lovers is my form of kindle crack I legit die for the animosity, the banter and the hate YES The Hate There is something about the intense and edgy emotions in a love hate relationship that I die for And Dear Enemy has alllll of this andKristen Callihan delivered something amazing y all and she is taking allll the names Lord, I loved Dear Enemy Macon and Delilah were BanterGoals I was so here for all of the fiery sexual tension, the spitfire back and forth and the witty comebacks.Gah I loved these two together so much They were passionate and addicting and I was here for it I might love Delilah s sassthan Macon She was cutting and sarcastic and laugh out loud funny at times Macon likewise was the perfect combination of a bully and a vulnerable man who lost his way But with Delilah back in his life, he found a sense of home that he always needed.Overall, I loved this story I loved their back and forth and how they needed to overcome their past in order to find a future with one another It was amazing how they both realized how ingrained they were in one another since they were kids I loved every minute of this fiery ride 5 stars Ratula I press my lips to her temple, rest them there, and breathe her in Loving you was inevitable You got under my skin at age eleven and never left4.5 5 stars.I LOVED THIS SO MUCH I JUST REFUSED TO PUT IT DOWN Kristen Callihan has done it again After a good night s sleep and after giving it some thought, I decided to round this up to a 5 stars.There is something to be said about a good written, healthy enemies to lovers story Most of the books with this trop tend to walk the line between enemies and abusers, a lot of them go even as far as crossing it I m happy to report, this book didn t have such a misconception of the trope My first Kristen Callihan book was Idol, and I ve since then read both her VIP and Game On series as well as her latest book Unmatched There is no denying that this author s books get better and better with every new one And Dear Enemy just proves that I must admit, I read the synopsis for this book sometime ago but I wasn t interested enough to add it to my tbr for some reason, but, as soon as I knew this was available on NetGalley, I ran to get it and that s solely based on WHO wrote it And I m glad I did This book was just, for lack of better words, amazing The characters are easily loveable and their development both as individual characters and as a unit and chemistry is indisputable Delilah is a very selfless character with the biggest heart.Madoc, at first, appears like a heartless jerk, but once you get to know him, the real him, which not many people get to see, there is no denying how good of a character he is.These two look and sound like they would be a complete disaster together, Delilah s mother often compares them to gas and oil, which, in my opinion, is the perfect description Because gas and oil are combustible and whereas this is not ideal for children, as adults, with their chemistry, it is just perfect And beyond that, these two understand each other, and see through each other s bullshit and walls like no other They go from enemies to friends to lovers so naturally and without falling into the usual clich that there is no point in denying how good they are and how much sense they make Another aspect I loved about this book is how it dealt with adoption without making it as a plot point for representation s sake It was just so perfectly dealt with, that scene between Delilah and her mother discussing this matter had cold hearted me tear up a bit The only thing I wasn t a fan of was Delilah s sister She is so manipulative, self centered and cruel, I found myself wanting to smack her several times Ok, all the time whatever But even with that, it wasn t so much a negative point about this book as much as it was part of the narrative Like those characters that belong in stories that you are MEANT to hate but not hate the story because of them Am I even making sense at this point Unbeknownst to me, Kristen Callihan has become one of the authors I just HAVE to read everything from I didn t see it nor did I feel it coming, but my eagerness to start this book for the sole reason that it was written by her, is proof enough And this book just made me evenexcited for Exposed, which the final book in her VIP series and which, for anyone who knows me, has been my most anticipated book of hers and one of my most anticipated ever for the longest time really, ever since I started the series if we re being completely honest I would easily recommend this book so easily and loudly, but I feel like at this point, I d recommend everything Kristen CallihanARC kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. #READ E-PUB ã Dear Enemy À From New York Times Bestselling Author Kristen Callihan Comes A Smart, Emotional Contemporary Romance About Finding Love With The Most Unlikely Of People As Kids, They Hated Each Other Macon Saint Was Beautiful, But Despite His Name, Delilah Knew He Was The Devil That He Dated Her Slightly Evil Sister, Samantha, Was No Picnic Either When They Broke Up, It Was A Dream Come True Delilah Never Had To See Him AgainTen Years Later, Her Old Enemy Sends A TextDelilah S Sister Has Stolen A Valuable Heirloom From Macon, Now A Rising Hollywood Star, And He Intends To Collect His Due One Problem Sam Has Skipped TownSparks Still Sizzle Between Macon And Delilah, Only This Heat Feels Alarmingly Like Unwanted Attraction But Delilah Is Desperate To Keep Her Weak Hearted Mother From Learning Of Her Sister S Theft So She Proposes A Deal She Ll Pay Off The Debt By Being Macon S Personal Chef And AssistantIt S A Recipe For Disaster, But Macon Can T Stop Himself From Accepting Even Though Delilah Clearly Hates Him, There S Something About Her That Feels Like Home Besides, They Re No Longer Kids, And What Once Was A Bitter Rivalry Has The Potential To Be Something Sweeter Something Like Forever A Kristen Callihan novel Yes I needed this in my life right about now ARC kindly provided by Montlake Romance, in exchange for an honest review coming closer to the release dateFollow Me On Instagram Twitter Superb Childhood Enemies to Lovers Fun Banter Feels Romantic This is my type of enemies to lovers romance done so well. Watching romance bloom between Macon and Delilah was fun and emotional.Only thing I did not like was Sam, Delilah sister she was so one dimensional and childish.I want North book but not with Sam out of all supporting characters, he was the best.Get your hands on this book immediately when it comes out in March . We might be a disaster We might live to regret it But she s completely off her nut if she thinks I m going to let this go without a fight Because if there is one thing I know to be true, it s that everything worth having in my life is worth fighting for And I will fight for Delilah Having to live and work for her childhood enemy to pay off her sister s debt is not what Delilah Baker expected when she received a text from Macon Saint 10 years after carefully avoiding hearing or thinking about him As they spendtime together, Delilah and Macon will realize that hatred is slowly evolving into something else they both always secretly wanted.This is the first book from Kristen Callihan I ve read and it didn t disappoint at all I liked it so much that I hung on to the story from the very first pages and couldn t put the book down Recently I ve read several new adult books where the story was only told from the point of view of one character and it always felt like something was missing like the story was not complete Therefore, what I liked in Dear Enemy was that both main characters had chapters with their point of view I loved witnessing Delilah and Macon s feelings for each other grow slowly from hatred to friendship and finally to love It was not insta love, and they took the time to get to know each other, live together, understand their feelings for each other and act on it Delilah and Macon were amazing characters I loved how Delilah always fought back Macon when he was a jerk to her On the outside, it felt like she was not affected by what he was saying or doing, but it was hard for her not to get affected by his behavior especially because she didn t know why he was so mean to her Now let s talk about Macon When I started the book, I was not expecting to love him that much Discoveringabout his past and some of his secrets made me understand why he acted a certain way with Delilah when they were younger.Their dynamic was also one of my favorite things in the book They both grew up and evolve a lot since they last saw each other, and you felt it by the way they were interacting Their banter was really funny and enjoyable, and they had a lot of angsty moments that made their chemistry perfect What I also liked how passionate Delilah was about cooking and the way it was written in the book, Delilah s mother What I didn t like Sam Although she is one that brought Delilah and Macon together, I hated how she tried to tear down Delilah and put an end to Delilah and Macon s relationship.For all the reasons I just explained, I can t not give this book five stars It was amazing, Delilah and Macon were made for each other and I loved them so much.If you are a fan of enemies to lovers romance with a lot of banter and angst, you should definitely check out Dear Enemy when it comes out in March For my part, I m going to read other books from Kristen Callihan, because if they are as amazing as Dear Enemy, I m missing something The Hook Up and Idol have been on my TBR list for a long time so it s about time I read themARC kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Delilah We react to each other like the vinegar and baking soda experiments we used to do in science class as kids Even now she brings out the immature ass in me But the second she walked back into my life, I became aware of two uncomfortable but undeniable facts I am lonely as hell, and Delilah Baker feels like homeIf there was one person Delilah Baker hatedin the world, it would be Macon Saint Having grown up together, with Macon and her sister Samantha being the most evil of pairs, she practically lived through hell Now ten years later Macon and Delilah are forced back together again, ironically because of a theft Samantha has committed towards Macon With a deal that involves Delilah paying off her sisters debt, it turns out that time and distance only proves one thing Macon had always, only, truly belonged to one Baker sister Delilah There was something beautiful about seeing Macon and Delilah s progression from childhood enemies, reluctant friends, to full blown friends, and then lovers The thing about their romance is that it s been in the making since they were eleven On top of Macon dating her sister for quite some time in their childhood, and him and Delilah actively despising each other throughout those years, miscommunication and a weak rationale for their hatred was bound to be added in the mix And for a while there it does, but Kristen Callihan does a great job of humanizing these characters enough that you sympathize rather than grudge the fact that the odds were not in their favor It also helps knowing that most of their miscommunication was in the hands of someone else and not due to their own stupidity Dear Enemy s standout however would have to be Delilah, Macon, and their romance One of the things that eases the sting of the bullying involved when they were younger is the fact that Delilah gives as much as she gets Whenever Macon pushed, Delilah pushed twice as hard She s able to stand on her own, is not a doormat, and even gives Macon a run for his money Macon, now older, appearssubdued and we see from his perspective very early on just how regretful he is of his actions Every moment building up to their first kiss is Macon redeeming himself time and time again, and when they finally get together, it makes total sense Macon and Delilah begs to be rooted for, and they prove to you just exactly why Some other favorite things about the book include the dual point of view making it easier to connect with the characters, some of the most delightful conversations coming from North and Mama Baker s presence, the tempting descriptions of Delilah s cooking, and the portrayal of complex familial relationships The brilliance in Callihan s new standalone makes it harder to wait for Exposed the 4th instalment in her VIP series and Rye and Brenna s book which has been a long awaited one for some years now, though Dear Enemy does nothing short of an amazing job of tiding us through the wait till thenARC kindly provided by the publisher via Netgalley. COMING SOON I will read anything from Kristen Callihan 4 4,5 STARS Such a lovely story, I enjoyed it so much It was addictive and I couldn t put it down, one of the things that I liked the most was the banter between the characters Dear Enemy was a fantastic read, it has the best enemies to lovers set up I was captivating , the writing was so good that you will fall in love immediately with the characters and you will not put it down until you finish it Delilah and Macon has a great chemistry there is angst, intensity, desire and love hate.I love their moments together they make me ach and swoon so many times.I also has a smile in my face mostly, these two were like kids sometimes and I loved it Delilah We react to each other like the vinegar and baking soda experiments we used to do in science class as kids Even now she brings out the immature ass in me But the second she walked back into my life, I became aware of two uncomfortable but undeniable facts I am lonely as hell, and Delilah Baker feels like home I highly recommend it, I love this author and I missed her writing, I cannot wait forbooks by her, I would love to see another book in this world with a specific character.3