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Read this years ago and still have it, and Yes, I read this first because S.King is and always will be my favorite author but, after I started this book then I forgot all about him and got sucked into this story It is really a great book and I so enjoyed the tough girl in the book So I now have all of Tabitha s books, ha ha she needs to write I am so grateful for Sue D for recommending this novel to me As my book club was discussing a short story by Stephen King, we stumbled upon the fact that his wife was also a writer Tabitha King has compiled an amazing story here Would I have ever picked up a 440 page novel about basketball Not likelybut I am so happy that I did Obviously, this book is about far than basketball It is about two young high school players Sam Styles and Deani The Mutant Both seniors, Sam is the reigning VIP on his team he sets a goal to see both the boys and girls team with the state championships this year He will, however, have to convince the girls of this goal, so he has to get the Mutant on his side The Mutant is a rebellious, head shaven, pierced, aggressive and crass girl, who has developed a terrible reputation, known by everyone in the small Maine town As Sam begins his so called quest, he is drawn to her, curious about her outlook on life and how she survives a daily existence due to an obvious lack of money and parenting Surrounded by friends who are limited by the town, Sam yearns for a better future The relationship that develops between Sam and Deani is heart pounding I could not put this book down Tabitha King has created an amazing story here the dialogue and character development is excellent I believed every word I read I believed that this story was really happening Although this novel is perhaps geared towards a YA audience, I believe that adults should be equally exposed to this amazing book I will be recommending this to everyone. A pivotal coming of age novel about the way relationships in a teen s life can be life changing for better for worse The characters are strong significantly well developed Tabitha King is a very good author, who builds a world that entrances the reader immediately, drawing the audience into a place where we don t even question the need to suspend any disbelief we just run with her narrative and don t look back I believe this is an interesting novel for teens or young adults, as the sexual elements offer some good habits to demonstrate for a life that can begin with similarly healthy sexual expression the use of protection caution with which the characters progress in their relationship on a sexual level Also, the way Sam protects his girl, the abuse she suffers and the way he begins to care for her despite their formerly adversarial encounters, and although in the end he doesn t walk away unscathed he doesn t follow the path his family expected Sam ends up happiest walking another path This novel will make you laugh, make you hold your breath in fright for Deenie, cry with the life altering changes that happen to both these amazing characters. This is one of my favorite reads It s beautiful and haunting with the imagery that King uses in depicting how two mismatched kids fall in love against a backdrop of basketball, emotional woes, abuse, and high school The characters are wonderfully rendered in all their imperfections and the love story is so bittersweet that the ending will leave you with a permanent ache in your heart I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to read something that s not perfect by any means, but definitely powerful and stirring.And, as I believe a graffiti stated in another book written by another author named King Sam and Deanie forever. When I first picked this book up, I was jostled by the tense that it was written in, the artistic, gritty descriptions, and the strangely different female protagonist About 40 pages in, I found the flow of the writing and I was completely taken by the story It was brilliant and I m so glad that I discovered how talented MRS King is My favorite book of all time I own two hardcover copies and read it at least yearly One was to replace a well worn paperback, and the second was an autographed copy that I could not leave on the bookshelf at my local bookstore.This is the story of Deanie Sam, both of which have challenges in their life They re an unlikely couple, united intially and reluctantly through their love of basketball The challenges continue through their unconventional courtship It s often dark, gritty, and too real I ve loaned it to friends who couldn t read it due to that But it s well written with obvious affection for the characters, some of whom also appear in other books by the same author. King works together an excellent story, pinching the plot points together with ease, tightening the screws, until the pressure pops and the whole weave comes together Tightly wound, my only complaint is that sometimes the language feels overwrought. Mixed feeling The story drags towards the end Love the hero, sympathetic to the heroine However, they re wrong for each other No, as a matter of fact she s wrong for him But I m not going to complain about that Mismatch couples happen all the time, in books and real life.Bad things happen to them A lot Sometimes over the top bad Everything in this book is extreme, the personality of characters, the mood swings, the language Not a single kid in the school or in other schools for that matter seems mentally stable I mean..are we this bad in HS I think not.The only anchor that holds the story together is Sam, and I feel bad how he ends up I can t help but think he s got a stinking end of the bargain Some might feel uplifting after finishing this book I Nothing but sad and a little depressed 3 and 1 2 stars Among my favorite books of all time one that lives on the comfort reads shelf When I lost my copy, I got another one in hardcover. `Epub ↛ One on One ⇬ A Small Town School In Western Maine, Milltown Greenspark Has A Single Claim To Fame Its High School Basketball Team A Hero On The Court, Senior Sam Styles Has Led Greenspark Academy To Three Consecutive State Championships He Has Become An Off Court Mover And Shaker As Well, And He Sends A Shockwave Through The School S Social Hierarchy When He Decides That Capping His Own High School Career With A Fourth Victory Will Not Be Enough He Wants The Girls Team To Win One, Too Standing Between The Girls And That State Trophy Is The Person Who Is Also Their Best Hope Of Gaining It, A Sopho Known As The Mutant, A K A Deanie Gauthier She Is Attitude Incarnate, A Quicksilver Playmaker On The Court And A Defiant Pariah Off It, As Disliked As Sam Is Popular If The Girls Are Going To Go All The Way, Sam Realizes, He Will Have To Straighten Her Out Saving Deanie From Herself Is No Easy Task, However Behind The Wild, Tough Girl, Sam Discovers An Unexpected Soul Mate, And He Isn T Prepared For The Volatile, Disturbing Relationship That Ignites Between Them And Cuts Radically Across The Grain Of Greenspark S Traditions He Wants Her To Take Her Team To The Championships She Wants To Take Him Where He S Never Been Before They Both Get Than They Bargain For Deanie Must Surrender The Secrets Shielded By Her Mutant Facade, And Sam Must Take On Their Burden It Is An Exchange That Will Transform Both Their Lives One On One Is A Remarkably Engaging Story Of Sexual Initiation And Awakening Into Love, Of How Growing Up Breaks And Remakes Family, Of An Adolescent Culture That Makes Its Own Rules And Enforces Them Its Own Way It Is The Story Of A Season Full Of Pain And Triumph, Injury And Healing, When The Lives Of Two Vividly Realized Human Beings Fatefully Entwine Tabitha King Has Written A Vigorously Honest, Richly Textured Novel That Brilliantly Evokes Those Exhilarating, Unsettling Growing Up Years