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I wish Tabitha King wrote booksoften. My brother made me read this Thank you, Bill Pearl Dickenson inherits a home place from an uncle she never knew She moves to Nodd s Ridge in New England and warms her way into the small town and the hearts of its residents These characters are so alive, I would recognize any of them on the street As my brother says, she writes with the same brilliance as her husband about people and relationships, she just doesn t have to have the scary stuff to make the book come alive. [Download Book] ♬ Pearl ♍ Pearl Dickenson Comes To Nodd S Ridge Only To Claim An Inheritance But Unexpectedly Decides To Stay, Upsetting The Tiny New England Town S Equilibrium With Her Exotic Beauty Settling In, She Buys A Local Diner And Turns It Into A Thriving Gathering Place But Her Simple Desire For A Place Of Her Own Becomes Complicated When She Stumbles Into Not One But Two Love Affairs With Two Very Different But Equally Troubled Men When The Seething Rivalry Between The Men Explodes Into Violence, Pearl Becomes Than Just An Object Of Local Gossip She Becomes A Power To Heal Or Destroy The Community And Herself This Gripping Novel Illuminates The Depths And Desires Of An Independent Woman And Exposes Some Very Dark Truths About Small Town Life I read this book many, many years ago and have always remembered it as one of my favorite books Tabitha King aptly named the book after the main character, Pearl, because she is not only who the story is about but truly is the essence of the tale and what draws the reader in I can t say too muchuntil I ve had a chance to re read it as a now middle aged woman and see if the book still affects me as it once did I ll keep you posted I HAVE READ THIS BOOK AT LEAST ONCE A YEAR SINCE IT WAS PUBLISHED I M FROM MAINE AND EVEN THOU STEPHEN KING WAS MY ENGLISH TEACHER IN 1977 AT HAMPDEN ACADEMY I VE ALWAYS LOVED TABITHA S WRITING AND THIS BOOK REALLY RINGS TRUE TO ME I d heard that Tabitha King s books are worth seeking out and now that I ve read one, I agree She is one talented writer Pearl tells a story that surprised me again and again although if asked what was so startling, I d have a hard time giving an example Next on my to read list of Ms King s novels Survivor A paperback copy is already in my hot little hands ready to open to page 1. Tabitha King is definitely under appreciated This book was great, great setting, great atmosphere, lots of emotion, just fabulous all around. This woman has an unbelievable grasp on human nature. Tabitha King is a great writer This is one of a trio of books related to the same characters The second one being, One On One ,and the third, The Story of Reuben You must read them in this order The writing growth shows in each book She hones her craft of these characters, and you actually get to see a writer mature, which,being a writer, I found exciting in itself The first is apersonal forbidden romance,that is luminous and unforgettable The second was written during the King s obsession, with Maine basketball star Cindy Blodgett, and deals with two teens in love, one being a basketball star The third is sort of the prequel to the others , in that it tells the entire story about Reuben, who was Pearl s lover, and who s son is in love with the female basketball star,in One on One Though it is a prequel of sorts, you appreciate the depth of Reuben s character if the other two are read first By the third book, Tabitha King s light shines as bright ,if not brighter than her husband,Stephen King s Throughout her writing journey, you see a growing strand of underlying dark broodiness, in the problems of her characters, that is reminiscent of that in her husband s works A writing duo, if only their brood were to be as talented in writing, we would have a writing dynasty like no other. In the past, Stephen King had been the author I had read the most although I never preferred his science fiction novels Referred by a Woman s Day article about Jennifer Weiner s all time favorite reads chic lit I picked it up at a local library.Pearl, digested, unfolds the sexual scruples of a young woman who has just inherited a rural farm house from her ghost uncle In the interim between sleeping with the town Paul Bunyan and the itinerant, manic, yuppy she purchases a small diner from the local yokel a part time drunk, part time wounded brute The story unfolds as she attempts to retain secrecy in seducing both lovers while sorting out her own feelings about the nature of their romances Meanwhile there are secrets flowing in the undercurrent of both her past, the family lives of those involved, and quite literally, the icy Maine lake that mirrors the town I can t call this book a romance novel exactly, nor is it completely a mystery but I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of writing as well as the obviously spiritual and psychological depth of the author who lacks the vulgarity of her husband The main character, though at times meretricious, is often radiantly benevolent which is only accentuated by the contrast of supporting characters such as her lover s nightmare of a teenage daughter and the former proprietor of the diner who she keeps on as a short order cook And as with movies, the end should have been obvious to a fellow writer but kept me intrigued until the very last sentence.