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#Free Pdf ⚣ The Myth of the American Dream Þ Affluence, Autonomy, Safety, And Power These Are The Central Values Of The American Dream But Are They Actually Compatible With Jesus Command To Love Our Neighbor As Ourselves In Essays Grouped Around These Four Values, D L Mayfield Asks Us To Pay Attention To The Ways They Shape Our Own Choices, And The Ways Those Choices Affect Our Neighbors Where Did These Values Come From How Have They Failed Those On The Edges Of Our Society And How Can We Disentangle Ourselves From Our Culture S Headlong Pursuit Of These Values And Live Faithful Lives Of Service To God And Our Neighbors This is such an important book It graciously and kindly tackles incredibly hard things, while not glossing over anything I cannot possibly recommend this I received a digital ARC from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. this is what we should fear what our own desperate desire for safety might end up doing to those who are beloved in the eyes of God If you are a white North American, you ll find much of this book relatable and probably discomfiting at times Mayfield writes a critique of commonly accepted American values, and observes the ways that these values exclude and oppress, the way that the American dream is actually a burden built upon the bodies of people who are invisible to us, people who we have overlooked or ignored This critique is timely, full of challenging questions, and hinges on hope that God loves the world and is propelling us all into a community that is spacious and tender than any American dream thanks to Netgalley and IVP for this ARC of this book D L Mayfield is a writer and teaches English to immigrants, mostly refugees, in Portland, Oregon She grew up in a conservative evangelical Christian family and was homeschooled Although still a Christian, she has rejected her former background and would now consider herself a left wing progressivist Christian In my opinion this book trashes American history and culture Capitalism is bad, all whites are privileged and should make up for the sins of our ancestors One quote stands out to me If you had asked me what Jesus came to do, growing up the daughter of a pastor I would have said he came to die and pay the price for the sins of those who believe in him A few years ago I realized something that is not actually how Jesus defined his own life and work Umm, excuse me, that is the purpose for Jesus life and death He and his early followers were not protestors intent on overthrowing the Roman government I agree with Mayfield that our American ancestors were not perfect Wiping out native Americans, slavery and denying women their rights was wrong Many of our American ancestors, even the Christian ones, were blind to their own sins I do not think we should discount the good aspects of American history, though As Christians of course we should do everything we can to help the disadvantaged around us The progressivist solutions of open borders and socialism are not the ways to make up for the sins of our forefathers Nikki Haley and Tim Scott, from my state of South Carolina, are examples of conservative minorities working to improve our government, not throw it out Mayfield does a good job of pointing out the faults of America past and present Her best chapter is the appendix where she discusses a munger of people helping to improve the lives of those around them A writer who does a better job of sharing how to live as a Christian in America is Shannan Martin in her books The Ministry of Ordinary Places and Falling Free If you want to feel bad about America and yourself as a Christian, read this book I received a complementary copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.