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Good retrospective on the roles women played during WWII through the eyes of a busy tractor named Rosie Rosie the Riveter, get it Well worth a read for children of all ages no matter the gender. @Download Book Ü Rosie ⛄ A Brave Tractor Farms For Freedom In A Story Inspired By Women Who Acted With Courage And Strength In American Factories And On British Farms During World War II This Is Our Rosie, Stronger Than SteelShe Ll Plow All The Landwith A Turn Of Her WheelBuilt By Women In The United States And Sent To England To Dig And Plow Alongside Female Farmers During World War II, Rosie The Tractor Does Whatever Is Needed To Support The War Effort She Works Day And Night To Help Grow Crops For The Troops Even When She Has To Hide In The Fields This Is Because She Knows, Like The Women Who Built Her And The Women Who Farm With Her, That They All Must Do Their PartInspired By The Group Of American Women Collectively Known As Rosie The Riveter And The British Women S Land Army, This Is A Story About Taking Action And Coming Together For The Greater Good Told from the perspective of a tractor made during World War II, this tells the story of women building and farming in the US and Europe to support the war efforts I knew little about this vital role women played during the war before reading this book It is engaging, beautiful but also highly informative It reads like fiction but conveys significant history This is the kind of book that defies expectations and questions your assumptions A delightful read. Teach Children about Rosie the RiveterThe book is listed for ages 4 8 I agree with this range The pictures work well with story A good education about an era many of our children of do not have much teaching. Great historical fiction book about how strong and important women were in WW2 They played a vital role and this skims the surface on what they did, showing the story through the eyes of a tractor There s a great historical blurb by the author at the end to explain the book as well. I learned a lot about WW2 and the tractors. Lovely illustrationsFull of interesting, talk about illustrations for the younger reader for whom it was acquired.We also enjoyed the rhymes. An inspirational read for childrenI loved this bright beautiful children s picture book.Giving children an insight into the building of farm machinery and how vital they were to help troops and people survive during wartime.The comprehensive author notes at the back makes this a book to appeal to all ages.I love Rosie. Interesting historical read for childrenThis book is about Rosie the tractor who is painted green I like how this story is based on facts from World War II The author has at the end of the book some information about World War II, women working in factories and the need for farming supplies to support the war effort This is a wonderful tribute to working women both in America and the United Kingdom during World War II I like how the author used Rosie the tractor to tell the story in a delightful manner that will be appealing to children Rosie s name is based on Rosie the riveter to commemorate all women who were working in the factories or in the farm fields during the war effort in World War II.