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Awful Daemon suffers from all the usual pitfalls of the first novel unoriginal premise, wooden dialogue, melodramatic action, clumsy exposition, sloppy resolution, inconsequential subplotting When the author tries to be witty, he comes off as conceited when he tries to impress with his tech savvy, he sounds as if he s quoting from Popular Science magazine This was the worst book I ve read in a while, and I m not sure whether I want Daniel Suarez to stop writing altogether, or give him credit for having nowhere to go but up. I ve just become a huge fanboy with one book That s to say I was rightly blown away All right To explain What first seems like a techno thriller with gamers and programmers and a murderer doing all his murders after his own death by cancer then quickly turns into a social and economical exploration based on the trends we re now facing.This is a fun and complicated story filled with many twists and turns, awesome characters, and a world changing creation that turns us all into players in a world wide socio economic game based on distributed network theory and game development strategies You know that little military idea of Game Theory Why not take it to an All New Level and create for ourselves a Game Of Our Lives, so pervasive a virus and lucrative for all the players that it takes over every level of government, corporation, and home It s like having the mafia become a super genius living in every computer and taking over everything purely by social hacking It s beautiful.I ve seen a number of somewhat similar tales grace the page, but most of those are social hacking through social media This one is a bit fundamental than that This one leaves us all alone unless it has something it needs, in conjunction with so many other people pieces, that when they re put together, create major changes without anyone knowing exactly what was up until it happened A computer god or Microsoft Design Strategy Whatever It s gorgeous.And so strange that the novel still keeps up with it s techno thriller ride, still managing a wonderful story while also exploring the depths of an entirely plausible and scary takeover of the world By AI.I totally recommend this fantastic SF It is both fun and important for the field Solid as hell and a pure delight, even with some of the disturbing social aspects intact No one is innocent That s kinda the point We deserve to be taken over by a computer parasite. Daniel Suarez s Daemon is an amazing story And I m not talking about the actual plot for that, the word Amazing would not suffice No, I am referring to the incredible series of events which are leading up to its publication and release on January 8th.After writing Daemon back in 2004, Suarez faced the uphill battle common to many first time authors Unable to find a buyer, yet confident of the quality of his work, he decided to self publish Using print on demand, Suarez pumped out a few dozen copies a month, at the time sporting the pseudonym of Leinad Zeraus, his real name spelled backwards.Eventually the book achieved an underground and vocal following A tipping point of sorts was reached, and the right people began promoting the book in whatever way they could, people like Craig, of craigslist fame and Rick Klau, at Feedburner now owned by Google This network helped boost sales until the bright folks at Dutton publishing realized that a phenomenal author was going ignored.What thrills me about the way this book came to life isn t the underdog triumphant cliche, it is that the themes within Daemon are eerily germane to its own birthing pains The premise of this book is that our technological interconnectedness will create as many problems as it solves Empowering the little people with cheap processing power and an Internet which can not be regulated nor destroyed is great if you are a first time author trying to get a book out the door it isn t so good for the rest of us if you are able to steal the identities of others, plan terrorist attacks, or abuse an infrastructure designed for efficiency, but capable of worse.Other authors have probed these questions Suarez goes one step further His is an even bigger query can our current economic and political systems evolve in a way that will handle the increase in individual power, or is a geopolitical revolution going to be required If it sounds like heady stuff, it is But don t worry, you ll have plenty of incentive to chew this fat as you feast on the meaty murder mystery which holds these premises together Well, maybe mystery is the wrong word.You see, Daemon starts with a gruesome death scene and a typical police procedural, but events unfold in a unique manner after just the first few pages Very early into our story a man identifies himself to our head detective and confesses to the two murders Here is the twist The murderer is the famous billionaire videogame programmer Matthew Sobol And Sobol died of cancer before these crimes took place There is no whodunnit in Daemon When you think about it, Who is really an uninteresting question compared to Why and How The former is just a name, a character There is some suspense, sure, but the Why and How of this book make a normal murder mystery seem blase The Why is a philosophical revolution The How is a frightening glimpse of a future managed by machines and programs The real antagonist in Daemon isn t the dead Sobol, though he serves as its figurehead, the real enemy in this book is the titular Daemon, the distributed algorithm that Sobol meticulously crafted and unleashed on the world.The power of Sobol s Daemon comes from his advances in videogame AI Sobol created the book s version of our World of Warcraft, which they call The Gate This MMORPG not only provides the technical know how for designing incredibly robust logic trees, it also provides the perfect virtual world for training and recruitment And the rapt population is the ideal one for a cult of personality to form Dissatisfied 20 somethings looking for a cause to celebrate, as one of his characters powerfully puts it This was as far from Main Street as he d ever been This wasn t the tattooed, pierced neo tribal rebellious bullshit of his generation This was a quiet demonstration of networked power This was it.Couple this empowerment with the addictive concept of leveling in real life and you have a recruitment process that Al Qaeda can t match Look at how XBox gamers compare their real world Gamerscores and trophies, how forum denizens brandish post counts as proof of actual superiority, or how millionaire doctors can be reduced to clawing at one another for loot bags at medical conventions The mechanisms that make videogames engaging, addictive, and all powerful do NOT work on us because of anything inherent in videogames, they succeed because of truths inherent in humanity Especially for virile males seeking the alpha male status of 1337ness.Suarez s grip on this undercurrent is matched by his knowledge of today s leading edge technology The book reads like Engadget, Gizmodo, and Wired Magazine rolled up in some military Janes articles This isn t science fiction, it is fiction based on scientific FACT In a speech for the Long Now foundation, Suarez recently detailed how some of the advances which power the plot of his novel are in action today From bots that scour our medical records and approve our loans, to convincing text to voice technology, and on to cameras which read the license plates of traffic violators with an automated process which results in an actual ticket being cursed by a real human Soon RFID tags will interact with mesh networks that can track everything, all in the name of efficiency and profit, but hackable for nefarious purposes.This contemporary relevance is why some are already comparing Suarez to Michael Crichton, but I don t think the comparison is fair to Suarez Chrichton was great at taking science to its extremes, creating worlds which seemed plausible, yet unlikely Suarez does something better He uses a mastery of the micro technological to posit, with convincing force, a macro future which seems inevitable than fanciful Which of these is scarier Reading about a dinosaur chasing your imaginary hero, or putting down a terrifying thriller and seeing another Reuter s article which drags that fiction into YOUR reality The former isn t even a close second.For me, Suarez is the new Neal Stephenson If Stephenson s Diamond Age is a glimpse of our world 200 years from now, Suarez is the germane prophet of a literal tomorrow His particular fiction is as unlikely as any to ever come to pass, but the questions it wrestles with MUST be raised and dealt with by a generation alive today Daemon s brilliance is that it combines an engrossing mystery with nerve splitting action, and yet still raises these heady questions This mixture creates a novel that you never want to put down, and when you are forced to do so, the implications of its philosophical underpinnings stir your imagination into a frenzy You don t find yourself perseverating over the precarious situation you left the characters in, you instead find yourself seeing the world around you in a different light It is as if a HUD becomes overlayed on your vision, filled with the data and info that Suarez s book illuminates, an experience not unlike that endured by his characters as they are bent to the will of his fictional mastermind, Mathew Sobol The next time I make a flight reservation by interacting with an imaginary voice that is following a logic tree, a simplified version of the Daemon, it will be with a new, chilling awareness.Daemon was a perfect storm for me, as a reader I grew up on science fiction, but I now prefer a realistic thriller I enjoy the effortless pleasure of reading make believe, yet prefer thought provoking non fiction I am an avid gamer and a worshiper albeit rarely a purchaser of consumer electronics This novel touched on so many passions, and sated them all Even when the plot disappointed me at times, it was a devious sham that Suarez teased me with, then made up for it in the end Rarely do I put down a great read like I did tonight and have the urge to call friends and family to share the experience with them, but that is how Daemon made me feel It isn t just a great book it is an important book. Very smart, very cool.Daniel Suarez 2006 novel Daemon was a pistol hot cup of rhyme, a mix of Ready Player One, Age of Ultron, The Matrix and Left Behind without the overt theology But whereas Ernest Cline s 2012 book was charismatic and kooky with the 80s trivia, Suarez work is dark and at times disturbing it hums and growls with a dark net underground magnetism.Matthew Sobol was a billionaire genius who had invented wildly popular and stunningly realistic online games Poisoned by brain cancer and wasted by chemotherapy, his final days were marred by reclusiveness and mental instability No one knew how mentally unstable until after his death when a series of bizarre events revealed his detailed and well planned machinations to change the world A dark net, automated daemon he left behind is making dramatic and dangerous alterations to government, business and society as a whole.Suarez has populated his narrative with an intriguing cast of well developed characters Eschewing any one dominant protagonist, the writer moves deftly between perspectives, even following his players into death This cacophony of omniscience serves his narrative structure well as we follow the malevolent creation of a man gone from this world physically but living on actively through his online creations Suarez also provides sufficient and cause and effect backstories to reveal Sobol s pre death planning Unlike Left Behind s Nicolai Carpathia, this humanist villain bears a nihilistic, philosophical rationalization for his world changing intrigues While this does at some times get bogged down with overly technical explanations Suarez does a better than average job of both stepping the science down for us knuckle draggers and keeping the pace moving along.Fast moving, slick Sci fi with horrific elements, this is a very good read I ll read from Mr Suarez. Into the third chapter of this book I had to close it for good I was very disappointed given its good reviews There were a few swear words but as the F bombs started to land, the Rave parties began, drug dealers started trash talking, prostitutes hit the scene and a date rape began I had to quit, all before chapter 4 This was such a departure from the computer program gone awry, murder mystery premise I was totally taken off guard I wish there was a content rating for books like there are movies I think I will start rating my books so other readers may know what they are getting into Please join me in doing so RATING R If you were someone with computer knowledge and money than Bill Gates, and you found out you were dying, would you A Give all your money to charity just in case you can buy your way into heaven.B Indulge in an around the world drinking, drug and sex spree until going out in a blaze of glory by crashing your private jet into an erupting volcano live on CNN.C Pour all your money into a cryogenics program and freeze yourself like Walt Disney in the hope that they ll finally figure out a way to bring back the human popsicles.D Devise an intricate high tech web of infrastructure and computer programs that will carry out your will and launch an Internet scheme that will kill a whole lot of people when your obituary is published.If you chose A, B or C, then you obviously weren t cut out to be a crazy billionaire I loved the premise of this book and thought the first half of it was a fun and original thriller I was a little disappointed in the second half The climax was exciting, but at that point, I thought the technology being introduced began to border on science fiction Part of the hook of the book for me was the idea that this dead billionaire could rig existing computer programs to carry out a worldwide scheme, and the author made that idea very believable because of the detail he had of current networks And even though the tech introduced in the final act is probably on somebody s drawing boards, it took away from the realism built up in the first half Plus, I didn t like that this is apparently the first book in a series I wasn t aware of that until I hit the last page, and then there was an ad for the next book I ll probably read the next one, but I thought I was getting a complete story when I read this one Despite my complaining, I still thought it was a very original and interesting book One of the better thrillers I ve read in recent years. Okay, I m going with an unpopular opinion here And a DNF 16%.There s a scene with one of our POV characters where he goes to a rave, separates a young woman from her peer support system his words , drugs her, and then convinces her to strip in front of a hundred people, after which he gets her to have sex with and or give blowjobs to about 40 guys who are standing in line, waiting their turn All while he s streaming it live on the internet Oh, and it establishes that he does this on a regular basis.I get that Suarez is trying to get the point across that this guy is a creep but this was a long and nauseating scene and I really struggled with it There are better ways to get the point across This aside, the story itself was interesting and I want to read it But I can t bring myself to pick the book back up.Take that opinion as it is, I know that people aren t going to be happy with it But I think some people will be glad I said something. *Download Pdf ☟ Daemon ⇝ Technology Controls Almost Everything In Our Modern Day World, From Remote Entry On Our Cars To Access To Our Homes, From The Flight Controls Of Our Airplanes To The Movements Of The Entire World Economy Thousands Of Autonomous Computer Programs, Or Daemons, Make Our Networked World Possible, Running Constantly In The Background Of Our Lives, Trafficking E Mail, Transferring Money, And Monitoring Power Grids For The Most Part, Daemons Are Benign, But The Same Can T Always Be Said For The People Who Design Them Matthew Sobol Was A Legendary Computer Game Designer The Architect Behind Half A Dozen Popular Online Games His Premature Death Depressed Both Gamers And His Company S Stock Price But Sobol S Fans Aren T The Only Ones To Note His Passing When His Obituary Is Posted Online, A Previously Dormant Daemon Activates, Initiating A Chain Of Events Intended To Unravel The Fabric Of Our Hyper Efficient, Interconnected World With Sobol S Secrets Buried Along With Him, And As New Layers Of His Daemon Are Unleashed At Every Turn, It S Up To An Unlikely Alliance To Decipher His Intricate Plans And Wrest The World From The Grasp Of A Nameless, Faceless Enemy Or Learn To Live In A Society In Which We Are No Longer In Control Computer Technology Expert Daniel Suarez Blends Haunting High Tech Realism With Gripping Suspense In An Authentic, Complex Thriller In The Tradition Of Michael Crichton, Neal Stephenson, And William Gibson Billionaire computer software mogul Matthew Sobol has died and he wants to make sure he leaves behind a legacy That legacy comes in the form of a daemon, or a computer programing running in the background of every system that has installed his massively popular on line, multi player video game When news of Sobol s death hits the Internet, the daemon becomes active, creating havoc across the world as it exploits vulnerabilities in computer networks and uses them for its own purposes.Daniel Suarez s first novel Daemon is a fascinating, compelling and, at times, downright scary story of just how open to attack and manipulation many of our computer networks are It may be one thing to think about hackers taking advantage gaps in the security to get free wi fi Internet access, but it s entirely another to see a home security system run amok, intent on killing anyone who tries to approach Sobol s home and to disable it Or seeing how easily the system can manipulate multiple networks to reduce the sentence of a hardened criminal from maximum security prison to a low security facility and eventually set free in order to facilitate the next step in the daemon s plan The story of how Suarez s novel went from a self published story to a major book contract and potential movie deal is one that will give hope to every aspiring writer out there Suarez got his book into the hands of a target audience and created a buzz for himself that it was impossible for a conventional publisher to ignore But the thing is if Daemon weren t a good book, no one would be talking about it And Daemon is that good.This is not a book to pick up at bedtime and think you re going to read a few pages before you head to sleep Daemon is the kind of book that you find yourself lulled into, thinking you re only reading a few pages and spending a few minutes caught up in this high tech, scary and all to close to real world, only to find you ve read half the book, its 2 a.m and you ve got to be at work in a few hours And you still find yourself regretting having to put the book aside Daemon is smart, fresh and reminded me a lot of the early intensity of Tom Clancy novels Suarez clearly knows and understands his technology but is able to translate that into the story without it feeling like he s bringing the plotline to a halt for an infodump The only negative thing I can say about this book is that it was over too soon and left me wanting Suarez has promised a sequel and the book comes to a conclusion that effectively wraps up the story for this book but leaves open a lot of doors for a sequel It s a sequel that I will be waiting impatiently for at my local bookstore. Apparently this is first of a series MMO and videogame magnate dies, but somehow works his will through outlandish technological means to implement some plan of collapsing remaking society People try with absolutely no success to stop him.The problem with this book is that all the cards are held by the villains, to the point of absurdity Literal absurdity, once they start pulling the Razorbacks in The heroes exist only to be struck down, and while this might be good as a set up, an entire book of it grows wearying It s not a bad premise, and there s an especially nice scene where the bad guys are directed almost by a virtual GPS to do a step by step process, receiving experience points for completion The idea of factions as well, and the gamification of real life are interesting ideas that beg for exploration.Yet he wastes time on pointless elaborate deathtrap scenes, and introducing evil characters than good ones The daemon has ridiculous power and foresight for a game A.I reacting with no visible control It s a tremendous disappointment to me because the theme needs than just a typical thriller It could be an incredible book if it explored the ideas in it But now it s just an over long set up for books two and probably three.