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I have always been suspicious of any celebrated woman figure recognised by the government, because I believe a true revolutionary figure would not get any fame from the very body they want to criticise Kartini is one of them I got mixed feelings upon reading this book She s a truly eloquent writer and this is apparent from the way she wrote It s timeless One hundred years later and it still mesmerised me Kartini was a truly talented writer and thinker, I found myself engaged with her inner thoughts.On the other hand, there are some things that I have to disagree with her First is her insistence that women should be educated because women will be children s first educator I don t find anything that doesn t challenge femininity as groundbreaking Second, she came from the bourgeoisie class with Javanese blood, the first class of Indonesian people She s The One, and in some instances, despite her criticism towards colonialism, she also exhibited classism to those below her Third, and this is what surprised me the most, she didn t sound like she objected her marriage, despite what I was taught since I was in elementary school She seemed to be agreeing to the marriage and adored her husband, and this fact left me wondering if women who love her fathers and husbands could be true revolutionaries.Nonetheless, Kartini was a trailblazer and a true progressivist Her ideas and charm radiate through her writings, and even with my criticism above, I still wish I could be her friend. (((FREE PDF))) ↙ Door duisternis tot licht ⇷ Buku Ini Berisi Menceritakan Perjalanan Hidup Seorang Pahlawan Wanita RA Kartini, Dan Surat Suratnya Yang Ia Tujukan Kepada Saudari Dan Sahabat Sahabatnya Adapun Isi Dari Surat Surat Itu Adalah Tentang Cita Citanya Untuk Memajukan Kaum Wanita, Harapan Harapanya Dan Perjalanan Hidupnya This book is a collection of letters that Kartini 1879 1904 wrote during the last 5 years of her life For those of you who don t know Kartini, she is a national hero in Indonesia her birthday is celebrated each year for her pioneering work in the education of Javanese women Unfortunately, she died at the very young age of 25 after giving birth to her first born child The original letters by Kartini were written in Dutch, so I m not sure how accurate the English translation is, however the way she writes is beautiful and extremely thoughtful I was in particularly impressed that a woman at the turn of the 20th century, in the Dutch East Indies, who through the means of a little education could have the same thoughts like women nowadays For instance, she complains about polygamy, the pressure to get married which in fact hasn t changed in Indonesia till 2014 , being torn between filial piety towards her parents esp her father and what she wants in life education, to open a school for native official s daughters Slowly, the reader can see how Kartini s thoughts and opinions change She becomes a bitspiritual in that her belief in God becomes stronger This in turn improves her relationship with her mother who may not be her birth mother, but one of the wives of her father She first gives up studying in Holland and then sacrifices the opportunity to study in Batavia in order to marry a man who already has 3 wives her father chose for her Maybe she did it because her father was very sick for a long time and sad whenever Kartini spoke about pursuing education elsewhere Maybe she felt pressured after her younger sister married the year before Either way, Kartini seemed happy towards the end, to becoming a mother and having a husband who actually shared the same beliefs she had about women s emancipation Such a loss that she died so young I really wonder what kind of letters Kartini would ve written about the independence movement in Indonesia, maybe even about the Suharto dictatorship, the lack of female Indonesian politicians and how to this very day, gender inequality is still somewhat felt, not just in Indonesia where polygamy is still tolerated but in most places around the worldDo you remember the cool, bright tropical evenings, when everything was quiet, and the stillness was only broken by the rustling of the wind through the tops of the cocoanut trees But I can see no other way Christianity alone does not bring one happiness only the personal love of God does that, of which Christianity is the symbolKartini quoting a ltter from Dr Adriani to Mevrouw Abendanon Mandri regarding religion I ve finally started this book and I m finding it very interesting but I find that to maintain focus I can only read a couple of letters at a time, so this will be slow going It s definitely an education for me as I know next to nothing about Java during the turn of the century early 1900s and I m always interested in the role of women in a society I ll journal again when I m closer to finishing it Took me forever to finish this book not because it wasn t interesting but I found I appreciated itby reading it in small time slots, and not every day It really was interesting, but you had to be in the mood for it By the end, I really felt a lot of compassion for this woman and I wonder what her life would have been like if she had been born a little later It s sad that she died so young. It was a very interesting read, though a bit repetitive through the middle Kartini s push for education for girls, her critic of the Javanese culture, and a lot of questions about the glorification of the colonizers, and their open minded culture, while faced with their racism and destruction in your own land The letters read as a continuous search for answers, sadly Kartini died at the age of 25, four days after childbirth. Decided to finally read this in response to this year s Kartini s Day but ironically finishing this some few days ago I feel super redundant, yeah.I would totally her best friend for sure Imagine all those possibilities of talking about so many social issues with her.Another reasons why I should keep records of thoughts. Wonderful selection of letters and look into the inner thoughts of the highly celebrated Kartini I ve spent 3 Women s Day inside Indonesia I wish we could all feel a cause or passion to dedicate ourselves to the way she did to women and education With such few sources of writing from that time, this was a treat. i have to read this book It s interesting to me that Letters of a Javenese Princess is considered Dutch literature It s probably because the original letters were in Dutch and classify therefore as such, but it still feels out of place in the class I m currently taking The letters themselves are easy to read Kartini is an intelligent, clever writer, and she really paints a picture of what life in Indonesia then the Dutch East Indies was like I d really recommend them especially since they re available to download via Kindle for free. I read this in college about 20 years now , in a History of SE Asia class I need to reread it, but I will write this from my original impression I remember loving it I found the author of the letters so vibrant and sympathetic She had ambitions and challenges that, despite the differences in culture and time, I felt a relation to Her journey took a bit of of different,traditional, trajectory in the end I can t deny that I was a bit disappointed in that Now that I have had a few years on me, and I have made my own compromises, I would like to read this book with new eyes.