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[Download Kindle] ⚕ Global Dawn ☸ Global Dawn, Is An Emotionally Charged, High Paced, Conspiracy Thriller That Tells The Story Of A Secret War Between The New World Order And Ordo Templi Orientis OTO , Who Battle Over Control Of An Ancient Technology That Has Been Behind All Mankind Technological Advancements Since The New World Order Has Sinister Plans For Application Of This Technology That Would Finally Provide Them With Absolute Control Of The World But Not Before Unleashing A Global Tele Tsunami And Washing Away Modern Civilisation As We Know It Global Dawn Also Includes An Emotional Journey Of OTO S Most Formidable Warrior Ever, Who Battles Internal Demons Of A Traumatic Past In An Attempt To Establish An Emotional Connection With His Son Misunderstood, He Continuously Struggles To Make That Connection But Devotedly Defends His Son From The Dangers Of The World The New World Order Has The Upper Hand And It S Now Only A Matter Of Time Before The Fate Of The World Is Be Decided