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This i very interesting book I realy love M.C books I think she s very, very clever and modern I realy like that Mia is a feminist I luve Princess Diaries Reread on 4 29 15 I adore this series All the 2001 pop culture references were pure gold Can t wait to reread all the rest of the books as well [Free E-pub] ⚆ Princess in the Spotlight ♃ She S Just A New York City Girl Living With Her Artist MomNews Flash Dad Is Prince Of Genovia So That S Why A Limo Meets Her At The Airport Downer Dad Can T Have Any Kids So No Heir To The Throne Shock Of The Century Like It Or Not, Mia Thermopolis Is Prime Princess MaterialMia Must Take Princess Lessons From Her Dreaded Grandm Re, The Dowager Princess Of Genovia, Who Thinks Mia Has A Thing Or Two To Learn Before She Steps Up To The ThroneWell, Her Father Can Lecture Her Until He S Royal Blue In The Face About Her Princessly Duty No Way Is She Moving To Genovia And Leaving Manhattan Behind But What S A Girl To Do When Her Name Is Princess Amelia Mignonette Grimaldi Thermopolis Renaldo I simply adore these books This one was equally as adorable as the first and I m excited to get to the next one I love Mia because she feels authentic to me confused, unassuming and of course surprisingly intuitive I really like how adults are portrayed in this series They are in extraordinary circumstances but they are very real and flawed I really can t say anything bad Loved it all around A Mia continua sendo uma personagem maravilhosa e t amando acompanh la novamente O proximo livro da s rie eu nunca li, ent o daqui pra frente s surpresas T super empolgada I still am not behind Mia and Lilly s friendship 100% Also, I never realized how short a span these books cover This one takes place only a month after Mia learns she s a princess And she is still bemoaning her flat chestedness and height of 5 9 Come on, kiddo It ll be okay. I always love a good teen drama that never gets annoying. Wow, every time I re read a Princess Diaries book, I just fallandin love with Mia In A Royal Disaster, Mia has now come to terms with the fact that she is the sole heir to the Genovian throne, and is having daily princess lessons with her Grandmere to prepare for the upcoming visit to Genovia in December She s also come to terms with her mother dating her algebra teacher, Mr Gianini However, her mother being pregnant, and engaged, is a whole other thing entirely On top of all this Grandmere is forcing Mia to do a TV interview, during which Mia spills the beans on the whole Mr G and her mam situation Next thing we know, there s a royal wedding being planned for Helen and Mr G, and Mia feels guilty for it all.As with The Princess Diaries, family is really important in A Royal Disaster Mia and Helen are as close as ever, and I love seeing Mr G become a part of their family Grandmere is still Grandmere, but we know she s sort of doing everything because she cares about Mia, sort of Philippe is still scared of his mother, and chasing every woman in sight, but he steps up in this book When Helen and Mr G want to stop the wedding from becoming an absolute farce, Philippe tries his best to stop his mother going crazy try being the optimum word Mia s interactions with all of her family members, including her maternal grandparents who ve flown in for the wedding, were lovely to see You can always tell that family is important to Mia, and that she wants to be able to please them all, even if that bothers her at times like with the TV interview.Family is not the only thing happening here, though Mia is also crushing on her best friend Lilly s brother, Michael, and can not stop thinking about him When she starts to get letters and IMs from a mysterious JoCrox, she thinks it might be him, and that makes the crush even harder to ignore Honestly, I couldn t remember who JoCrox was from reading the books all those years ago, and even I was wishing it was Michael When it was revealed, I remembered just before then, and I can now start to remember some of the events from subsequent books I can t wait to dive into Princess in the Middle right now The Princess Diaries series is just one of those series that you can t help but love From reading the booksthan 10 years ago til now, I fall evenin love with Mia She is just one of those protagonists that you want to be real so much, and want to be best friends with She is loyal and loving, and each book with her in is just wonderfully funny, and witty, and just plain cute I m completely overjoyed that these books have been re released for the 15th anniversary of the series, and wish that a new generation of readers fall in love with Princess Mia I AM LOVING THIS SERIES IT IS SO ADORABLE OMG 4.5 stars rereadThese books FLY by. I JUST started this book and I feel like I haven t spent hardly any time reading it While I still loved this book, I don t think it s AS good as the first, and I think it s closer to 4.5 stars.Mia finally starts having to dopublic Princess things like her big interview man could you IMAGINE I would have passed out probably In the first book she goes through a huge change finding out about being a princess. this book has some really big changes too More with her mom and sort of love life though Definitely a fun book and I m looking forward to rereading the next one view spoiler One thing that I noticed this time rereading the books, is how quickly Mia moves on from Josh to Michael Mia NOTICES Lily s bother in the first book, but she wasn t in love with him or anything Her focus was completely on Josh While I m really happy that she was able to move on so quickly after she realized how much of a tool Josh really is, I m still not sure it s that believable Most 14 year olds would probably dwell at least a LITTLE bit about their old crush. I mean she still sees Josh at school and stuff Then again, Mia is 14 and we know how crushes go at that age I guessI remember the first time reading this I TOTALLY thought that Jo C Rox was Michael, just like Mia hoped Now of course, when Mia started getting the letters and instant messages I knew it was Kenny. It was actually a little obvious I don t know how I didn t see it the first time Mia doesn t even talk about that many other guys other than Josh, Michael, Kenny, and Boris. And we know that Boris really likes Lily. So ya I remember how awkward everything is for Mia coming up soon so I m not really looking forward to the next book as much haha Kenny is just an awkward dude..I m so excited for Mia to have a little half brother or sister I m also glad that she seems to finally be over her mom dating her Algebra teacher I m also proud of Mia s dad for helping out Mia s mom and Mr Gianini Of course Mia s Grandma was SUPER mad. but she should have listened..I feel bad for Michael The way he reacted to seeing Kenny put his arm around Mia. It s clear he at least likes her a LITTLE Plus, inviting her out with the group on Halloween and saying she looks nice and everything. hide spoiler