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( Download Ebook ) Û The Lesson ⛓ THE LESSON Explores The Nature Of Belief, The Impact Of Colonialism, And Asks How Far Are We Willing To Go For Progress Breaking Ground As One Of The First Science Fiction Novels Set In The Virgin Islands, THE LESSON Is Not Only A Thought Provoking Literary Work, Delving Deeply Into Allegorical Themes Of Colonialism, But Also Vividly Draws The Community Of Charlotte Amalie, Wherefrom The Author HailsAn Alien Ship Rests Over Water Island For Five Years The People Of The US Virgin Islands Have Lived With The Ynaa, A Race Of Super Advanced Aliens On A Research Mission They Will Not Fully Disclose They Are Benevolent In Many Ways But Meet Any Act Of Aggression With Disproportional Wrath This Has Led To A Strained Relationship Between The Ynaa And The Local Virgin Islanders And A Peace That Cannot Last A Year After The Death Of A Young Boy At The Hands Of An Ynaa, Three Families Find Themselves At The Center Of The Inevitable Conflict, Witness And Victim To Events That Will Touch Everyone And Teach A Terrible Lesson The first two thirds of the book were amazing But unfortunately towards the end of the book I was just trying to get through it.Mera was my favorite character she was so complex and well thought out I could have readabout her, her past and beyond that Lee was another amazing character that I could have readabout However, on the other end of the spectrum, Patrice was my least favorite and one that got on my nerves.There are some great moments in this book But those are fleeting I question why some of the characters made the choices that they made, given the circumstances that they were in simply seemed like a means to an end, to move the plot along.I had so much hope for this book It wasn t terrible but it wasn t what I was expecting in the end. Cadwell Turnbull paints a stunningly intricate portrait of humanity, capturing hopes and dreams, flaws and failings with remarkable depth and texture The Lesson is a blast to read and a meaningful exploration of the bearing of colonialism and the perils of human ambition. I absolutely LOVED this book I was so thrilled that The Lesson was set in the Caribbean I immediately reached out to the Publishers and author to review it in advance of its June 2019 release I was so happy that I did The Lesson is set in the U.S Virgin Islands and is a story that unfolds around different islanders who live amicably among The Ynaa, Earth s newest visitors who just happen to be alien lifeforms The story also follows one of the alien leaders, Mera, on her mission to bridge the gap between humans and Ynaa, as an intermediate of sorts Unsurprisingly, there are challenges that must be overcome on both sides and this makes for an engrossing story.Don t let the word Alien fool you This book is so muchthan Sci Fi, I am at a loss for words The story flows, the characters are developed, and everything just fits together so nicely I just felt entranced I joke that I wanted to skip work to finish it but the truth is The Lessonwas an addictive and fluid read, I almost tried I must give credit to Turnbull for setting this story in the Caribbean I almost feel like the Caribbean setting was designed for this story Turnbull did not steer away from our accents, slang, history or culture and in turn I think it helped him to create The Lesson I am wishing for a sequel but as a standalone, it is superb and this is coming from a person who isn t the biggest fan of Sci Fi I encourage everyone to grab this book come June 2019 As stated previously, I received an e ARC via Blackstone Publishing for an honest review Many thanks to the Publisher and author for the same. 3.5 stars First contact stories in science fiction have been used for decades to explore cultural and anthropological themes More than anything, I would say SF writers use alien contact as a kind of emotional tonic, a way to relieve humanity s existential distress at the very real likelihood we are either alone in the universe, or so far away from any other advanced, spacefaring species that contact with them will be effectively impossible before both we and the aliens become, in the natural course of time, extinct First contact stories can be scary, exciting, action packed, dramatic and serious, or satirical, and SF writers have shown remarkable invention in spinning endlessly imaginative variations on the theme.One of these variations involves presenting the aliens as mirrors to ourselves, and that s what Cadwell Turnbull does in his debut novel, The Lesson It s an unusual and mostly gentle story that nonetheless has a distinct apocalyptic inevitability, and though there are times Turnbull keeps some of his ideas perhaps a little too close to the vest for the story s overall good, The Lesson is a story that should not be missed by readers who embraced such books as Emily St John Mandel s Station Eleven or even Arthur C Clarke s Childhood s End.It s all about colonialism, basically The Lesson takes place on the island of St Thomas in the Caribbean, Turnbull s own birthplace, and right away this piqued my interest, as I ve readthan enough white America centered stories of alien visitation and invasion to last a lifetime We meet a handful of perfectly ordinary characters managing their daily lives in the two weeks prior to the aliens arrival Jackson is a college instructor who is midlifing so hard that even he is embarrassed by what a walking clich he s become His wife Aubrey responds to the general malaise of their marriage by rekindling an old flame with her coworker Alice And their teenage daughter Patrice is heading off to Pittsburgh for college, much to the dismay of Derrick, her childhood friend and semi serious boyfriend, who lives downstairs in the same house with his grandmother and kid sister, Lee.It s all boringly normal untilcontinued