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Bought The Greek s Innocent Virgin is the story of Chantal and Angelos.Don t be fooled by the cheesy name of this book It begins with a simple plot our h Chantel decides to gatecrash an event by using someone else s invitation She catches the eye of Angelos Zouvelekis, as well as his father until Angelos discovers her identity , leading to her running away.Two weeks later, he finds her again, only to blackmail her to be his pretend fiance for the sake of his now ailing father But when passions explode, and a surprise hymen is discovered, will Angelos have to reconsider his ridic preconceptions I ADORED the heroine in this one So fierce and independent, I loved her self sufficiency Yes, she was a putty in the H s hands and legit creamed herself every time he showed up, but she also showed bursts of backbone where it counted and always stood up for what she believed in.The hero was a suspicious dbag in the first half, but things start changing when his gold digger mistress refuses to do things he was expecting I liked how crazy he was about her later on.My favorite scene is when the H discovers how the h has been paying him, as well as the very understandable ending.Enjoyed it Safe4 5 This was such a fabulous story.I adored the heroine, free spirit Chantal, waitress and traveller, and Angelos Zouvelekis, sexy Greek millionaire was to die for.From the 1st line in the story I ve found her, Angelos And she s a goddess until the last page I was enthralled Captivated.Cinderlla meets her Prince Charming..they fall in love and live happily ever afterChantal Angelos had such an amazing chemistry..I just knew he was going to fall totally and irrevocably in love with her.My favourite characterapart from the h h..Angelo s grandfather Such a lovely and sweet and endearing character ever My favourite scene when Chantal gatecrashes a charity ball and meets Angelo for the first timeShe walked as though she owned the place, with a gentle swing of her hips and a faint smile on her glossy mouth, as if something or someone had amused her Her blonde hair was piled on her head and her vivid red dress provided a dazzling splash of colour amidst the predictable boring black She looked like an exotic rainforest bird let loose among a flock of crows.A book I will read againdefinitely. @Free Kindle á Bought: The Greek's Innocent Virgin ï At Angelos Zouvelekis S Command, Cafe Waitress Chantal Will Play The Part Of His Bride To Be He Will Shower Her With Exquisite Jewels And Silksand She Will Repay Him In Kind He Wants His Recompense In The Bedroom Angelos Worships Chantal S Body, Although He Thinks She S A Devious Gold Digger But His Arrogance Is Shattered When He Discovers Chantal Is A VirginAngelos Bought This Innocent, And Now He Intends To Keep Her Whatever The Cost Such a sweet story I loved how the heroine clicked with the hero and his father from the beginning The plot is simple In a fit of adventure and defiance, the heroine gate crashes a charity ball wearing a dress she made from curtain lining She dazzles the hero and his father Hero thinks she s a notorious golddigger because of the name on the ticket she fished out of the trash bin Two weeks later the hero drags her to his Greek island after his father has a heart attack He s told his father they are engaged to help his father s recovery.The H h get to know each other and the heroine tries to assert her independence by sneaking off to waitress at a local taverna She also makes another ball gown and learns to cook Greek food After a few misunderstandings, the hero finally realizes he must marry her and offer a job designing clothes HEAThe heroine is a great character full of charm and fun even though she was bit too sensitive about money The hero didn t stand a chance between the heroine and his father This is a feel good story Not a lot of angst, but there s enough drama to be interesting. Angelos Zouvelekis and his father, Costas were busy arguing the merits of a fine woman when Chantal walked into the stuffy ballroom with her head held high, dressed in a knockout red dress Barely excusing himself from the man who gave him life, Angelos quickly makes his way over to her side, marking her as his for the night She s charming, she s different, she s unique She s everything he wants in a woman until he realizes she s been deceiving him Disgusted with her and himself he strives to erase her from his mind, then his father suffers a heart attack and declares, only when he sees that his son and that wonderful woman from the ball are together will he be able to rest in peace Angelos tracks Chantal down and acting under the impression she s a devious gold digger, propositions her An all expense paid vacation in the Greek Isles in exchange for pretending to be the love of his life Chantal is upset when she realizes that Angelos thinks she s someone else and is hurt by his attitude, but the truth, in her eyes, is far worse so she allows his callous attitude and accepts his proposition for his father s sake Costas Zouvelekis was nice to her and in her world, that s a rare thing So she journeys to Greece with Angelos and they put on a show for the sly Costas Angelos believes he can just ignore her now that they both ensconced on his private island but her tempting allure proves too much for him and he seduces her, thinking to get her out of his system Instead he is given indelible proof that she is not who he thinks she is, so of course eye roll all his preconceived notions about her are wiped away and he falls in love with the woman who stands so innocently before him It s easy to overwhelm Chantal and to get her to love him back, what s hard is getting her to trust him and when she does, it s the start of a beautiful romance Angelos was wonderful True, he s a bit of a jacka to her when he thinks she s someone else but it was okay Apparently his father is the type to fall in love with any woman who bats her eyelashes at him and knowing the reputation of the woman he thought Chantal was, it gave him license to be protective and angry The fact that he snaps out of it when he realizes she s a virgin is a little eye rolling but hey, whatever This doesn t make all the problems go away, however Chantal has a lot of mental hangups about taking care of herself and paying her own way that allows for some funny conversations and some equally funny scenarios that had me laughing While I applaud a woman who wants to take care of herself and not rely on a man, it s a trifle overdone, especially when it jeopardizes their relationship But once we find out her secret, it s perfectly understandable and suffice to say, they were honest and painful reasons This was charming, utterly charming I loved it It made me laugh It made me sigh and believe that there s a handsome, rich and wonderful Greek billionaire out there, just waiting for all of us to go and get em Angelos was a to die for fantasy man who I would love to let sweep me off my feet and Chantal was the sweet, plucky heroine who had both integrity and brains and a knack for sewing which I greatly admire since I have none I loved this book It was a wonderful, simply sweet romance that was fun to get lost in for a short while before the drab of everyday life returned Enjoy The h demonstrates the amazing superpower of being able to make a couture ball gown out of a recycled expensive curtain or any other pretty material at hand, complete with seashell adornment This is a very useful skill to have when hanging out with multi billionaire hawt Greek dude Said h and H hook up for love and fun in the sun but h has issues with rich alpha hero paying for her, she fesses up that mum was a hooker and runs off into the night Hawt Greek dude chases after and determines that her high class, but eccentric couture style will allow him to make her a multi millionaire too, so she can afford to spoil herself in the manner he directs A literal cracker jack box ring and heartfelt proposal leads to glorious HEA and I did enjoy this book Especially the mad fashion designer skilz Look, the book was great, really, hero was even likeable at the last page, but HOW the hell these billionaires manage to find a twenty something virgins and then gets awed by it I mean seriously How is being a virgin a virtue or a proof of innocence And how is it different between men and women The women has to be virgin to be pure and innocent and the guys would be extremely experienced I really need to stop reading these and torturing my somewhat feminist soul I loved how the heroine was able to sew her own ballgown view spoiler Out of curtain drapes no less hide spoiler This is the best book ever written with the words Greek and virgin in the title Angelos is a 6 ft plus billionaire of course and Chantal is a beautiful and good hearted virgin of course But there the stereotypes end Both the hero and heroine were surprisingly believable and likable Chantal had determination and was a survivor She never allowed herself to be steamrolled over by the hero She stuck to her principles I was just thinking too much so and get over it already when the truth came out about her childhood Well that bites, I thought I still didn t like that she jeopardized their relationship with her stubborness, but the author made it understandable to me That s good character development and good writing Angelos had some rough edges when he believed Chantal to be a gold digger and a user But again the author did a good job at showing the disappointment behind his verbal tirade, and the annoyance with himself that he was still attracted to her Also the set up that led to his mistaken beliefs was well written Too often the misunderstanding makes a supposedly alpha male just look dumb, but here it was understandable that he would believe what he did I loved that he wasn t put off either when he found out a that Chantal was a hotel maid, and b the truth about her background He redeemed himself bigtime too by the lengths he went to to get her back at the end Angelos father was a great supporting character an old romantic at heart and a bit sly He added some good humor to the book too I loved the opening scene with him and Angelos arguing about women To summarize, this is one of the best Harlequin Presents I ve read Highly recommend What a great book This little gem had the typical elements expected in a HQ Presents novel the awful but funny title, the billionaire hero who doesn t trust women, the impoverished virgin heroine who s considered a cold hearted gold digger until the hero deflowers her and has an epiphany, some misunderstandings thrown here and there to add conflict, and the hero s grand gesture in the end making everything right Yes, the premise and the story were formulaic, but Ms Morgan s writing made it all work and I really enjoyed this read.You can read Holly R s review for a better take on this book She s done a great job selling it to me, considering I don t usually read HQ Presents any.I m just going to quote one of my favorite passages This happened when Angelos acused Chantal of seducing him Angelos You virtually threw yourself across my path And from the moment we met you couldn t stop looking at me Chantal Well, in order to have noticed you must have been looking at me too Angelos You danced as though we were already horizontal in the bedroom Chantal You danced too Needless to say, Angelos was momentarily baffled by Chantal s arguments, LOL It takes two to tango literally Then, he got angry Angelos You re right, I m angry Over the years various women have gone to enormous lengths to attract my attention They pose as businesswomen, they apply for a job with me, they book tables in restaurants where I am dining, they hover outside my house in the hope of bumping into me Sometimes they just turn up in my office wearing next to nothing, in the hope that they ll attract my attention Chantal Really Gosh That s amazing Angelos It is not amazing It is intrusive and unacceptable Chantal It must be one of the drawbacks of being a billionaire, I suppose Can t you laugh about it Angelos It is not amusing Yes, it was, Angelos I don t think Chantal was trying to be sarcastic there, but that s how I read it and it was fun.Note My OCD was bugged by the fact that Chantal s last name was never mentioned in the book She just inroduced herself as Chantal and left it at that It was strange, because a man as suspicious as Angelos should have harassed her until she revealed it so he could have her investigated.