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I love Ancient Egypt and fantasy, so this book really scratched an itch for me I cannot wait to read the sequel. Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book from the GoodReads First Reads program.Orope drops you right in the middle of an annual Bronze Age ritual that is meant to predict and create a calendar of events for the upcoming year This ritual is a great example of the world building in this book It feels real, like you re reading about an actual rite from a real ancient civilization It s clear that the author is both very familiar with Bronze Age peoples and that she put a great deal of thought into creating the cultures depicted in the book and the history, rituals, and customs that come with those cultures.In fact, the best part of this book is the world itself Firstly, the Bronze Age is not an overly popular time period to work with in fiction, so that by itself makes the book unique Secondly, the different societies in the novel are clearly based on real ancient civilizations Egypt, Aztec Inca, desert nomads , so much of the story feels like historical fiction But then something will happen that swings the pendulum back towards the mystical, giving the whole thing a weird sort of fictional magical realism vibe or maybe the ancient past of an alternate reality , which I really enjoyed The familiar would lull you into a false sense of security, only to abruptly remind you that this universe is fiction and there no guarantee that the heroes will save it.My main complaint about this book is that the story itself doesn t really stand alone Maybe I missed it, but I don t remember seeing anywhere that this would be the first book in a new series I went in expecting a self contained book, and so I was disappointed when it ended without tying up a lot of the storylines that had been introduced However, this would probably be much less jarring if the reader goes into the book knowing that it is only Book 1.Overall, I enjoyed the book and would recommend it to anyone interested in the Bronze Age or in a fantasy world based on something other than medieval Europe. [Download Ebook] ☼ Orope ♹ The Bronze Age Saw The Beginning Of Empires, As Well As Their Mysterious And Catastrophic End In A World Not Unlike Our Own, The Nomadic Whisperers Of The Gods Have Been Given A Grave Vision Of The Gods Destroying The World In A Great Flood, And They Send Three Messengers To The Great Empires In Hopes Of Appeasing The Gods Finding Themselves In Strange New Lands With Even Stranger Customs, The Whisperers Soon Discover The Hardest Thing Is Not Only Convincing The Kings And Queens To Listen, But Reaching Their Destinations Without Falling Prey To The Dangers And Resisting The Temptations Of These New Lands In This First Novel, Readers Experience A Lost Age Where The Gods Live In The Wind And Waves, And Beasts Lurk In The Dark Sure, I had to Wikipedia the Bronze Age before I started reading but once I got into the book I didn t have any trouble Interesting characters and a unique story, looking forward to the sequel Orope The White Snake, the debut historical fiction novel of Guenevere Lee, transports us to the Bronze Age, fleshing out Egyptian like lands, blood thirsty customs and god like kings and queens Lee does an admirable job of creating this world, bringing to life three characters who are chosen to complete a seemingly impossible task of trying to appease the gods Every chapter is illustrated with ancient looking maps, showing their path The characters take on this task and venture to unknown lands, and the reader is left at end begging to know where the tale will lead next Fortunately, a companion book to Orope, Pekari the Azure Fish continues the story, and is in the works. Trash 10 curse words, multiple descriptions of body parts, multiple descriptive and non descriptive sex, ritual cutting, descriptive human sacrifices, animal sacrifices, nudity, blood, drinking, gods, sexualizing women, kissing, and death I have never read a book like this book Maybe that s just me not reading enough unique books, but this is honestly one of the most unusual books I ve ever read It throws you into a world of mythology and makes you believe it is real.The first chapter seemed like an ancient how to manual on rituals It was interesting, but the rituals were way too descriptive for me especially the ones about gyrating to the music to make blessed babies I don t necessarily believe the rituals were historically inaccurate, but it was just too much.The second chapter immediately got into the adventure Oddly enough, the first thing I thought of to compare it to was a super intense version of Disney s Moana The storyline divided in this section, and the chapters mostly alternated points of view This was done well, but I found the character names hard to keep up with.Since I read this before it was fully published, I am assuming they are going to fix this, but I thought I should mention that there were quite a few spelling grammar errors My favorite mistake was when they were talking about the furry of the gods Haha Orope The White Snake is going to be continued in a second book Pekari The Azure Fish This book was a little slow at times, completely disgustingly detailed, but very, very unique I was sent a free copy of this book from Morgan James Fiction and AuthorsDen A great piece of world building The mashup of familiar concepts related to famous Bronze Age cultures with unique narrators does an incredible job of drawing you into the books I eagerly await the sequel. As a fantasy sci fi fan and history lover, I found Orope refreshing since it s placed in a fantastical bronze age in the already saturated market of medieval fantasy novels.The book s world was heavily influenced by both Ancient Egypt and pre Columbian American people Even though the scant 300 pages wasn t enough to developed a complex world to its fullest potential, the book was able to immerse me in the world, which will probably be expanded in the already announced sequel.The book started a little bit slow but built up intensity after the first 100 pages In some moments I wished there weredetails in the description of the different countries, but I found a lot of useful information on the wiki listed at the end of the novel, and I found the world very interesting.My final mark 4 5 It s a slow burn of novel, and in some moments it seemed to run out of space to develop the world, something that probably will be solved with the publish of the next books of the saga that seem to have great potential. We met the author at a bookstore in Kingston, ON a few months ago and she told us it would be coming out as an audiobook soon We just drove across the country from NY to NV, and this story got us from Lake Ontario to the Mississippi The story is unique and engaging I already feel attached to the characters I am an archaeologist, and I appreciate how well researched the history is The story takes you to several different parts of this fictional bronze age world, from the nomadic desert tribes to the jungle based on the ancient Maya Aztec to the big river civilization based on ancient Egypt The world building and character development are incredible, and the imagery is very descriptive I love the cultural interactions between the characters from different lands Wow Can t wait for the next one Can t wait to read this Looking forward to delving into the complex world and meeting the characters created by this imaginative author.