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I did really enjoy this book, but it s not a very good book It features the same Rasmussen as in Heir Apparent, as well as many similar features It s much less repetitive, but the characters are equally shallow My favorite moment was when Arvin I had a hard time remembering that this wasn t his character name it sounds Elvish discovered who Noah was. I really enjoy the setup the author has created where virtual reality meets old school gaming entertaining and interesting Had some racial stereotypes that were not appreciated, but unfortunately that is true of many of the games this book is based around as well. Re read of a YA book I liked a lot as a kid Not one that stands up great as an adult, but I was quite fond of it when I was 10 I took it out from the library several times Some interesting ideas that presage Stephenson s Snow Crash, though not nearly as in depth protagonist is modern day and real world, but playing an unsupported, pirated version of an immersive VR fantasy game. I did not enjoy this as much as the other Rasmussem books, mostly because there was a lot of infighting in the group The game became a lot than a game and not just because Arvin Harek s Mom was in real life danger from it, so the anger carried over into the real world after the game experience was over Popsugar Challenge 2019 A LitRPG book This book is a bit underwhelming It took over the first 100 pages to really get into it I have definitely read better by Vande Velde For when the book was written I think it was forward thinking in the computer gaming concept The ending was a little rushed and almost thrown together in a last minute way There could be some room for improvement, but I did finally plod through it I was still interested to find out what happened in the end, but it was just slow to get there.I think there has been a lot of comparison to Heir Apparent That was the first book I read by Vande Velde and it was very well written and interesting I think this book just falls short of those expectations. As someone who grew up around computers and old school computer games, I should have enjoyed thisbut I didn t it was just all around dreadful, especially the ending. Another Rasmussem, not as good as Heir Apparent but better than Pink I liked the main character, Harek Arvin, and that he was clever but often came off at the weak link Some of the other characters were really well done as well, others less so Thea was kind of awesome It was a nice touch that Shelton Cornelius was handicapped in real life The plot had some good twists, about the princess and the werewolf especially and how Marian and Robin were backwards, and the aftermath was well done, although I m sad their gang broke up I didn t follow the action scenes very well, which I think took away some of the drama for me Since I ve played a little DD, I enjoyed those references, about the dungeon master and the dice Lol Enjoyable and original read. Not as good as Heir Apparent, but User Unfriendly really does combine the elements of teenagerhood, fantasy, trust, sci fi, technological failures, and reallife worry The quest itself was very creative and twisted The characters were good Just enough, but no so many that it was hard to keep track of them.I liked that Giannine Belisario got to be in two books, and I enjoyed the way the people cheated to play, and how Shelton was handicapped in real life, and how Arvin wasn t always completely clueless, and how the game kept backfiring.Awesome with the that boots and whole werewolf thing. I ve read a few books about video roleplaying games This one is different because it was written in 1990 The main character a few times would draw comparisons with tabletop gaming, which frankly is a likely to be unfamiliar to the modern reader than the concept of a full immersion video one There were also a few instances where someone had to explain different concepts like the idea of the program being stuck in a loop.Still, it didn t seem too dated beyond that.Oddly, compared to other books I ve read, very little of the action took place outside of the game So that I never even really had a clear picture of what the real world was like Related to this, I felt the ending was very rushed, so that it almost had the element and then I woke up and it was all a dream.The other real negative I have to say about it is that one of the characters plays an Indian and another a gypsy Even though the setting was typical DD type setting with wizards and orcs and whatnot It s explained that the players can be whatever type of character they want, even if it doesn t fit with the setting Which seems silly to me And so it was unnecessarily racist There s no reason that character couldn t have been a ranger or a huntsman or something, since the only thing he seemed to use his character type for was tracking and being stealthy PAlso, the blurb on the back is misleading and does not represent the contents of the book The main character is not a hacker His friend is the hacker, although not even really that, since all it is is a pirated copy of the game He doesn t seem to have done any actual hacking personally Oh, there was also a lot of fighting and action scenes and I find too much of that boring So, yea. `READ DOWNLOAD ↠ User Unfriendly ⇱ Best EPub, User Unfriendly By Vivian Vande Velde This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book User Unfriendly, Essay By Vivian Vande Velde Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You