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Great places to goI found it interesting to get a foreigners view of our country My husband and I are beginning to tour the country ourselves, and I found some of the places you visited worth looking at as we travel. A Maverick USA Way is a unique approach to travelling the US Author Mary Jane Walker describes being fairly sure even before she arrived that Donald Trump would and she weaves political explorations into her travels, making this much in depth than the average travel diary She describes her experiences travelling around the country not once, but twice, by train She covers town and country, from the great national parks Yellowstone, Yosemite and many , to the big cities New York, Detroit, San Francisco among others In particular, she made a point of talking with many homeless people to share their stories, and she was even mistaken for homeless in San Francisco as were many other travellers apparently A particularly pertinent chapter covers her visit to Standing Rock A USA Way has humour, adventure and astute political, social and environmental observations it s a great read for the armchair traveller, or anyone wanting to visit the USA in these turbulent times. Very disappointingI read this book because I was interested in traveling via Amtrak Very little of the book was about that Still I like to travel The author has a writing style that makes for a quick read However the author s progressive, liberal views came through and , the farther you read The author is from New Zealand, which I have visited I did not impose my political views , or criticize their prime minister By the way ,for the author , the Maori I met were that happy with New Zealand. America is filled with vibrancy Read one of New Zealand author Mary Jane Walker s informed and richly entertaining travel books and the thirst for adventures leads to searching for additional volumes And that is what her memorable and exciting anthology A MAVERICK TRAVELLER ATHOLOGY offers three voyages that reflect personal experiences in New Zealand hiking, Cuban exploration, and reliving an Old World type adventure on a Chinese junk, traveling two years from Canton to Paris Now she ex extends her experiences with a new volume that carries the reader on an enlightening journey through the USA In her Introductory comments she sets the tone Ever since my first visit in 1997, I have been fascinated by American society The richness and diversity of all the cultures everywhere I have gone in the United States has always amazed me The country is really a melting pot of peoples, and pouring out of the pot are completely new and organic cultures And with her entertaining and informative writing are photographs and maps and images that enhance not only her travels and observations, but also providing important historical facts about the USA This is one of the most satisfying travel books available today sophisticated in content yet warmly personal, making the reader feel as though an accompanying companion on each journey Highly Recommended. `DOWNLOAD EPUB ↠ A Maverick USA Way ☠ Mary Jane Went Around The USA Nearly Twice By Amtrak Train And Hired About Twenty Cars To Get To Out Of The Way Places As Well She Was In America For The Elections She Hiked With Republicans And Got Invited To Democratic Party Headquarters In Little Rock For Election Night But Was Not Surprised Trump Won The Most Memorable Part Of Her Trip Was When She Took The Train To The Glacier, Grand Teton, Yosemite And Rocky Mountains National Parks Before The Snow Hit She Nearly Met A Grizzly Bear And Now Knows Why Americans Do Not Have To Travel Much Worldwide, As They Really Do Have It All In The USA She Went To A Black Hairdresser S To Meet The Locals, And To The Civil Rights Museum In Birmingham, Alabama The Most Boring City Was Charlotte, Which Seemed To Be Dedicated To Car Racing In New York, She Loved To Stay In Red Hook And Went Back There Again With Her Backpack, She Got Mistaken For A Homeless Person In San Francisco She Got Invited To The Pipeline Protest At Standing Rock And Went Right In Through The Gate And Was Not Impressed With Stoned Hippies Who Had Joined The Protest She Was Impressed With Washington DC And Chicago With Maps, Photos And Other Images This Is One Of The Most Satisfying Travel Books Available Today, Writes Top And Hall Of Fame Reviewer Grady Harp, Sophisticated In Content Yet Warmly Personal, Making The Reader Feel As Though An Accompanying Companion On Each Journey Highly Recommended BY THE AUTHOR OF A MAVERICK NEW ZEALAND WAY, FINALIST IN THE TRAVEL CATEGORY, INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS, MAY