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#READ BOOK Ã A Maverick Cuban Way ⚣ A Maverick Cuban Way Is A Flowing Narrative Of Cuba After The Castros In Her Maverick Fashion, Mary Jane Went To Cuba On A Whim A Solo Traveller, She Met Someone Who Suggested A Casa Run By A Woman Named Mikalena Mary Jane Travelled Around The Island On Local Buses She Went To The Bay Of Pigs Museum And Discovered That American Backed Rebels Had Landed In A Crocodile Swamp No One Told Her The Cuban Flag Was American In Origin Her Most Memorable Experience Was Of Hiking To Fidel Castro S Hideout From The CIA In The Sierra Maestra With A Guide Discussing Socialism, The Revolution, And Every Fifteen Minutes A Different Type Of Plant Mikalena S Son Was A Doctor, As One In Every People In Cuba Are Mikalena Practised Voodoo Black Magic Mary Jane Went To The Cuba S Guantanamo Lookout And Took Photos Of Secret Photos From Inside The American Base Later, She Met The Son In Law Of One Of The American Marines In The Photos Most Importantly She Met People Who Were Happy, Given Food By The Government, Saw No Homelessness And Children Who Are All Well She Danced Salsa In Havana, Smoked Cigars And Hung Out In Hemingway S Hangout, The Caf Floradita With Maps, Photos And Other Images BY THE AUTHOR OF A MAVERICK NEW ZEALAND WAY, FINALIST IN THE TRAVEL CATEGORY, INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS, Well written and great photos The research the author presents you with is amazing Will not be deleting this book You can enlarge the photos to get to see all the details Anxious to see of her books. I read this book because I, with 2 other friends am going to Cuba by way of boat leaving Charlestown, NC in 2020 This book was written in 2016 So, I am anticipating changes made there The author says they are making good progress in renovating wonderful architectural buildings She however, explored the entire island This trip only includes departing at Havana Which is OK because that is where my cousins lived for a few years when growing up Their father, an American, was there to help the Cuban people with any agriculture problems, at least that is what I was told Also, Ernest Hemmingway was a big fan of Cuba and the people there liked him too I have read his books and his wife s books It will be fun to see the 1950 s cars, leftovers from before Castro took over Cuba and no American cars were aloud into the country They could not obtain parts, but they were able to keep them running I read this on a Kindle, but the pictures that Mary Jane took and collected from other areas were all black white and very small I would like to see the hard back copy to look at the pictures better. This was a moderately informative book on Cuba, however the photos were difficult to see in the kindle version and the typos and grammatical errors are numerous Very few of the photos seem to be the authors, but rather public domain photos from the internet I don t know if this is because the author didn t travel with a camera or because maybe photography is restricted in Cuba She didn t really say I plan to travel to Cuba soon and appreciated the history and the geographical information.