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This book did contain some really useful information about hiking in New Zealand, but I feel like I couldn t stand the author if I actually knew her Some key anecdotes that she shared a time she complained until a guiding company took her and the group up the mountain despite them saying the weather wasn t fit for making an ascent, complaining about Maori locals who didn t understand why she was flying their flag as a white person even after she deigned to explain it s importance to them, trying to get a crampon rental company to pay for the cost of an entire trip after her crampons failed did she check them herself or consider that maybe she should be buying her own or that these kinds of things just happen with mountaineering and repeated complaints about the weight, fitness levels and slowness of the other people she was hiking with Not exactly what I d hope for in a guidebook. This was a random pick from my library, as I dream of going to New Zealand one day, and I know zilch of New Zealand other than what I ve seen in movies, and that they have a female Prime Minister, who had a pregnancy and a baby and maternity leave while in Office, and is back at work being Prime Minister because she loves her job and has a handy House Husband what isn t there to love about New Zealand Anyway, when we travel, we prefer to go off the beaten track, so this appealed a lot The author struck a chord In her 40 s, she d cared for her mother for years and when she passed, found herself Lost, over weight, tired and changed her life by seeking adventures through travel and living minimally, but rich with experiences This is one of seven books she s written, and I see myself reading And personally, I find her journey inspiring.This is Indie self published, and I read the paperback As such, the abundance of photographs were black and white and hard to look at sometimes, with poor quality pixelation I found myself looking to Google images to look up these places, and found I learnt a lot about New Zealand that way I would have to check if the ebook version is in colour, but my interest isn t at that place yet.I devoured the adventure stories, hiking experiences, characters met along the way for about the first 120 pages I learnt a lot about coastal walks and sights to see, easily accessed by car which I found handy if I was going to plan car trips But after a while, I started to skip through pages, sections, chapters, as one mountain pass blended into another, bird names blurred together I found the ecology of it interesting, how volunteers have been working for decades to eradicate introduced pests to bring back almost extinct bird life and native trees.This is the kind of book I ll absolutely read again, making notes, to plan a road trip through New Zealand one day I look forward to checking out some of her other travel experiences overseas No, I m not going to backpack and Hike, but her book discussed accessible routs via car, to get to locations. ^Download Kindle ☔ A Maverick New Zealand Way ↵ Finalist In Travel At The International Book Awards, DOWN In The Southern Hemisphere Lies A Land Of Beauty, Dramatic Scenery And Adventure New Zealand In An E Book With Nearly Photographs And Maps, You, Too, Can Discover The Stunning Back Country Of New Zealand, Through Walks, Treks, Mountain Ascents And Even A Spot Of Mountain Biking Mary Jane, A Self Proclaimed Maverick Traveller , Sets Out On Many Of The Walks And Mountain Ascents Throughout New Zealand S North And South IslandsMary Jane Shares Her Love Of Travel, Trekking And Adventure Through This Thrilling Book Whether You Are A Beginning Trekker, Intermediate Or Advanced You Will Find Something In This Book For YouLearn About Native Bush And Wildlife Nestled Among A Variety Of Landscapes Glaciers, Volcanoes, Grassy Plains, Waterfalls, Lakes, Vast Stretches Of Ocean And Geothermal Areas, As Well As Areas Of Special Significance To Maori, And Cityscapes Both Modern And ColonialAn Interesting Account Of New Zealand History In Town And Country As Well As A Memoir Of Modern Experiences, A Maverick New Zealand Way Is The Perfect Read To Inspire You To Get Outdoors In New Zealand