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Written in a pleasant friendly style so that you painlessly absorb the historical and cultural titbits, this book covers an amazing range of countries I read the book on a black and white Kindle, but I looked at the colour photographs on my computer there were lots of striking snaps of both the landscape and the cities I especially liked those of buildings in Barcelona and Moscow.There are many pilgrim trails and pilgrim sites in Europe while most old time pilgrims had a definite destination and a commitment to complete, our traveller does a bit here and a bit there, taking time out to see other sights, enjoy the culture and climb mountains, making for an interesting variety It was fascinating to read about public nudity in Germany, Vikings in Ireland and democratic art in Russia, for example I also found the author s cheerful attitude to adventure inspiring. A Maverick Pilgrim Way Get to Know the Old World One Step at a Timeis, like its companion books by the same author, a treasure trove As Mary Jane says almost from the outset, the meaning of maverick is someone who doesn t follow the crowd To me, it s a symbol of being independent a term and way of life I live by Does she fulfill this definition of maverick Yes, indeed And we readers are the chief beneficiaries of her fulfillment Whichever way my feet ended up taking me north, south, east or west I can look back now and see and know that I have racked up a fair bit of mileage on the Camino de Europa and I am lucky to have gone as far as I have I imagine how difficult it would have been for pilgrims during the Middle Ages and the like p 361.Thank you, Mary Jane You have done all of us wanderers and sedentarians alike a tremendous service.RRBBrooklyn, NY29 April 2018 In A Maverick Pilgrim Way, Mary Jane Walker explores many of the ancient European pilgrim routes She discusses the history of the routes and people she met With close to 600 photos and maps, this nonfiction gives the armchair reader a chance to visualize the areas she explored.This maverick pilgrim is a true unorthodox and independent minded person Being so is in her blood and she is proud of it Spontaneous and full of wanderlust she follows her heart as she travels.Not only does she explore the common pilgrimages such as the Camino de Santiago in Spain, but she also visits Greece, Turkey, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Portugal, Italy, Russia, and Eastern Europe From the book, the reader gets an understanding of the similarities and the differences between countries, peoples, and beliefs.If you enjoy travel books that explain the bits of history and culture, you will enjoy A Maverick Pilgrim Way. ^FREE BOOK ⇠ A Maverick Pilgrim Way ⇗ A Maverick Pilgrim Way Is Than A Travel Guide It S A Self Help Guide To Hiking, To Overcome Grief In Her Maverick Fashion, Mary Jane Walked For Years After Her Mother Died She Trekked Along The Winding Ancient Roads Of Old World Pilgrims, Including Parts Of The Camino De Santiago Or St James S Way, The West Highland Way, And Climbed Mt Blanc, To Name A Few Along The Way She Came To St Petersburg With Its Golden Palaces, Which Is Her Favourite City In EuropePilgrim Ways Aren T Just For The Religious People Of All Ages And Walks Of Life Come To Hike Them She Stayed With Russian Jews In Barcelona, So Learnt No Spanish She Stayed On A Commune Just Outside Of San Sebastian Run By A Religious Group Called The Twelve Tribes Of Israel, Who Tried To Convert Her She Loved Basque Food And Stayed In An Airbnb Where The Guy Grew Marijuana In His Lounge She Was Amazed By The Vineyards And Weird Hollow Mountains Of Cappadocia In Russia, She Got Invited To A Pussy Riot Punk Rock Party In St Petersburg And Was Followed Around By Internal Security Spies With Photos, Maps And Other Images BY THE AUTHOR OF A MAVERICK NEW ZEALAND WAY, FINALIST IN THE TRAVEL CATEGORY, INTERNATIONAL BOOK AWARDS,