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My rating 4 5Review Firstly, I would like to say that this book was an adventurous read I love Charlotte Nicole Davis method of writing It was an absolute page turner The book kept me wanting to knowon how the characters fates would turn out.Secondly, I love the characters in the book Each characters have their own unique personality It is written in Aster s point of view, the main character She is such a strong young woman that has been through a lot in her life Her life story is just heart wrenching Moreover, I adore how she cares and loves her younger sister She always takes all her courage to protect Clementine from all kinds of dangers.Besides that, the plot was intensely good Every page made me scared and hopeful for these characters of young women Women used to be treated as a property and not a person Hence, my favourite about The Good Luck Girls is that it showed the importance of gender equality How the characters were sold as properties and they do not own their own freedom Everyone deserves freedom over their own lives.Furthe, I think the world building was absolutely exciting to read The magical creatures in the book made it utterly thrilling.However, the reason I rated it a 4 5 is because, I wish the author explainedregarding the magical world building and how it collides with the human world Lastly, there were also some parts of the book that seemed unrealistic and impossible.Overall, I highly recommend this book and I can t wait for the sequel As there are a lotproblems that Aster would like to solve and I am excited Thank you Pansing definitelybooks, for sending me a copy of The Good Luck Girls by Charlotte Nicole Davis in return for an honest review.This book will be available at all good bookstores by October 2019 Sincerely,Natasha TheNatashaReads This was truly fantastic It had everything I could have possibly hoped for andafter having read the summary It s got sisterhood, found family, heists, murder, an adorable f f budding romance, monsters both human and inhuman , nuanced discussions on inequality and the differences in rights between men and women, strong women in every sense of the term and a desperate fight for freedom, all with a sprinkle of dark magic This book somehow sucked me in from page one and despite it being a little slow in places, it still managed to pull me inandthroughout and the fact that I now have to wait who knows how long until book three is an incredibly painful thought TW sexual assault, discussion of suicide and rape. [Read Book] ♓ The Good Luck Girls (The Good Luck Girls, #1) ♪ Westworld Meets The Handmaid S Tale In This Stunning Fantasy Adventure From Debut Author Charlotte Nicole DavisAster, The ProtectorViolet, The FavoriteTansy, The MedicMallow, The FighterClementine, The CatalystTHE GOOD LUCK GIRLSThe Country Of Arketta Calls Them Good Luck Girls They Know Their Luck Is Anything But Sold To A Welcome House As Children And Branded With Cursed Markings Trapped In A Life They Would Never Have ChosenWhen Clementine Accidentally Murders A Man, The Girls Risk A Dangerous Escape And Harrowing Journey To Find Freedom, Justice, And Revenge In A Country That Wants Them To Have None Of Those Things Pursued By Arketta S Most Vicious And Powerful Forces, Both Human And Inhuman, Their Only Hope Lies In A Bedtime Story Passed From One Good Luck Girl To Another, A Story That Only The Youngest Or Most Desperate Would Ever BelieveIt S Going To Take Than Luck For Them All To Survive The Good Luck Girls is incredibly addictive Once you picked up the book, you wouldn t want to put it down.A really great debut At the very beginning, I felt kind of boring because maybe I just didn t understand what s going on A few of characters appeared and I couldn t remember their names But after a few chapters, I started to like the story because it becameinteresting Obviously because of the incident that happened where Clementine accidentally murdered a man.The characters Aster, the protector, Violet, the favorite, Tansy, the medic, Mallow, the fighter and Clementine, the catalyst To me I think Aster is the main character in this story because she is the protector, obviously Aster and Clementine are sisters Aster would do anything to keep Clementine safe.When everyone knew that Clementine accidentally murdered a man, Aster created a plan to escape the welcome house She didn t want Clementine to get caught for the murder and scared something worse is going to happen to her She gathered her trusted girls and working on the escape plan They risked their lives just to find freedom, justice and revenge in Arketta But, are they going to survive The author clearly trying to send us a message about the equality between men and women and rich and poor Reading this book made me realize and remember about the era where people had tyrannical government and cruel people that were hungry for power I fear if this world is facing that kind of situation again I hope we are going to live in peace The supernatural part got me hooked and I just have to say that this book has a different vibe I was so caught up with the girls What they have been through and how they deal with everything are so inspiring They are indeed strong women.Well written and the plot is amazing.The only thing that I think wasn t necessary is the romance part I wasn t enjoyed the insta love between them not going to say their names but I feel the author should switch the characters and maybe the romance part would beinteresting.This book is worth reading And I need the sequel because they are a lot of things I want to know Highly recommend this book.Disclaimer Thank you, Pansing for sending me a copy of The Good Luck Girls in return for an honest review This book will be released on October 2019 This was an incredibly powerful and absolutely addictive read I loved it so much Full review to come closer to publication date This isn t my usual style of read I m not big on historical fiction, though historical fantasy holds a bitinterest for me And travel stories any kind of prostitution in fantasy aren t my thing, so the combination of those factors made me a bit wary at first.Then I saw that this is a Tor Teen title which means interesting and diverse and I read an excerpt on Bookish First that piqued my interest Plus it s an own voices story So despite my initial hesitation, I was excited to read The Good Luck Girls The story ended up being pretty much precisely what it promised A group of five girls escapes a house of prostitution and ends up on a wild west adventure with a feminist bent I appreciated the historical parallels to the story and the way the tougher themes were handled slavery the mistreatment of women I found Aster and Violet, two of the Good Luck Girls, interesting This is a well written debut novel that I think many will enjoy.On the other hand, the other three girls felt very one dimensional to me and the inclusion of Zee didn t add much to the story The world building had some interesting elements, but there wasn t much shown beyond a few fantastical things that existed solely to turn the plot in a certain direction I found myself a bit bored by the travel story, which of course, is probably just a matter of taste.I did like the direction the book took as well as Aster s and Violet s character development, but otherwise the story fell a bit flat for me Again, please do keep in mind that the whole story setup was a pretty tough sell for me, so this could absolutely be a case of it s not you the story , it s me.I d recommend this book for fans of Under a Painted Sky by Stacey Lee Thank you Tor Teen and Bookish HQ for sending me an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own. I enjoyed this book so much After Clementine accidentally kills a well connected brag client , her sister Astor and a few other Good Luck Girls go on the run to finally be free These girls were sold into slavery at very young ages and forced to have sex with men once they reach 16 These girls go on this adventure to try to gain their freedom On the way, they meet many different characters Some helpful and some very unhelpful Some human and some not so human I love how they banded together against everything and everyone that tried to stand in their way I can t wait for the next one in the series ARC received from the publisher in exchange for a honest review The Handmaid s Tale meets Thelma and Louise in an alternate Wild West setting AND ALL BY MY FAVORITE TOR TEEN HO BOY. When Clementine accidently murders a man HOW DO YOU ACCIDENTLY MURDER SOMEONE