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This Review Blog Twitter Instagram This was Kaleena s choice for my 10 bloggers, 10 recommendations challenge so let s see what it is about I should mention that my friend Rachel also recommended itEverything you ve done, your past, it s all just a story you tell yourself Some of it is true, but some of it is liesI do not read much urban fantasy as I prefer high fantasy I was recommended this by a friend and then Kaleena picked it for my 10 readers, 10 recommendations challenge and the rest is history The story is fast paced and the chapters were not long and I always say that this is my favorite combo, I keep reading onechapter until I finish the book This mix was here so that helped flying through this in less than 2 days The writing is not bad and I enjoyed it, the Navajo folklore was a new thing to me and so it was good to read something so refreshing There were a lot of strange words that I don t know how to pronounce and that s why maybe the audio book will help with that I do have mixed feeling about the world building though, I like the magical system if it can be called so and the clans and all this stuff but at the same time the world was not explained very well and I wanted to know , I guess part of it is because this is a 4 books series and much will be delivered later The characters are cool, I like Maggie, she was powerful and interesting and not annoying I do say this a lot when I notice it because many authors do not know the limit between teenagers whining and being a crybaby Kai was also very good, I think I preferred him to Maggie and the rest of the characters were well written too The plot is also kind of lacking, the story jumps into side requests for most of the time and that brought some interesting characters and monsters but I needed a destination and something to look for but that was overshadowed by those quests and to get back on track, the author weaved some coincidences to the story Summary I think this is a good book especially for anyone who wants to discover this genre with good writing, new folklore and nice characters, the plot and world building could have been better but it was still a wild ride I do not know if I am continuing the series as 4 book series have all been disappointing for me and I consider that an unlucky number now.you can get the book from here Book Depository A strong 4 stars, pushing 4.5, for this Nebula award nominated novel Review first posted on Fantasy Literature Maggie Hoskie, the prickly heroine of Rebecca Roanhorse s Trail of Lightning, and I took a couple of tries to really hit it off I read a few chapters of this book several months ago but stalled out and put it aside But when the announcement of its Nebula award nomination happened to coincide with a cross country plane flight, I picked up this again and ended up loving it Trail of Lightning is a gritty magical fantasy set in Din tah, the nation of the Navajo people, in a near future, post apocalyptic world Much of the world is now underwater due to a sudden catastrophe the Big Water caused by a convergence of global warming and other ecological disasters, some ten or so years before this story begins In this Sixth World setting, portals to other, magical planes have been reopened and both the gods and monsters of the Navajo legends are once again an active part of our world, and the always respected ancestral clans of the Din or Navajo people carry new weight, with many clans now gifted with magical powers that are specific to that group Din tah is now magically surrounded by 50 foot walls to protect it against the dangers of the outside world Too bad about the monsters within But they do give Maggie Hoskie lots to do once she breaks out of the months long funk she s in at the start of the novel.Maggie Hoskie is a magically gifted Navajo young woman who reminded me strongly of Ilona Andrews Kate Daniels, except Maggie is angrier and in a darker place mentally She is a monsterslayer, gifted with supernatural swiftness from her Hon gh hnii clan and fighting skills from her K aahan anii clan, but Maggie feels like she herself also is, or may become, a monster, dangerous to anyone she lets close to her So she pushes everyone away But when Maggie kills a murderous golem like monster and begins to search for its origin, she finds she needs help Kai Arviso, a young medicine man in training, and the trickster god Coyote both get involved in Maggie s unconventional and dangerous investigation.The main draws of this urban fantasy are the imaginative and authentic feeling Navajo setting and characters Though Roanhorse s heritage is a different tribe she s part Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo , the setting and Maggie s narration never falter The narrative is spiced with lots of Navajo words that aren t always translated tip I could have used a glossary , but Rebecca Roanhorse s writing is excellent and often evocative.The forest surrounds me Ponderosa and blue spruce spread across the high desert mountains, sheltering small badgers and mice and night birds Pine trees scent the air, their fallen needles crunching softly under my feet Insects drone happily in the cooling evening, buzzing near my ears, attracted to my sweat There is a beauty here, a calmness that I savor I will savor the bloodshed, too, no doubt, but this balance between earth and animal and self feels right Feels true There are a few drawbacks in the storytelling The plot meanders somewhat as Maggie gropes her way toward a showdown with the maker of the monsters and her antagonists As the mystery unraveled, I thought that the final reveal was a little murky in its rationale, so the mystery and its resolution didn t entirely hold water for me I did appreciate how what initially appeared to be somewhat of a love triangle ended with Roanhorse turning that trope on its head Trail of Lightning is a gritty novel with many dark, disturbing scenes The second chapter ends with a distressing choice by Maggie, especially since the need for that choice is arguably undercut by reveals toward the end But this novel has scenes of light and hope as well, and I enjoyed immersing myself in this world I m definitely on board for Storm of Locusts, the next book in THE SIXTH WORLD series, to be published April 23, 2019 I received a free copy of this book for review from the publisher, Saga Press, and Wunderkind PR Sorry it took so long for me to get to this [Download Book] ♛ Trail of Lightning ⚖ While Most Of The World Has Drowned Beneath The Sudden Rising Waters Of A Climate Apocalypse, Din Tah Formerly The Navajo Reservation Has Been Reborn The Gods And Heroes Of Legend Walk The Land, But So Do MonstersMaggie Hoskie Is A Din Tah Monster Hunter, A Supernaturally Gifted Killer When A Small Town Needs Help Finding A Missing Girl, Maggie Is Their Last And Best Hope But What Maggie Uncovers About The Monster Is Much Larger And Terrifying Than Anything She Could ImagineMaggie Reluctantly Enlists The Aid Of Kai Arviso, An Unconventional Medicine Man, And Together They Travel To The Rez To Unravel Clues From Ancient Legends, Trade Favors With Tricksters, And Battle Dark Witchcraft In A Patchwork World Of Deteriorating TechnologyAs Maggie Discovers The Truth Behind The Disappearances, She Will Have To Confront Her Past If She Wants To SurviveWelcome To The Sixth World A dystopian urban fantasy set in a future where a good part of the world has drowned, resources are scarce and violently fought over, monsters and supernatural entities of various nature prowl around, with a Native American heroine written for a change by a Native American author GIMME And also look at that coverAnd that title What could possibly go wrong with this one, right.Well, ok admittedly, nothing went wrong this is definitely a very nice addition to the genre and a much needed one a dystopian UF with POC at the helm of their own story instead of being friends of , sidekicks and eye candies is good news for every fantasy reader But if you strip Trail of Lighting of its specific, original elements the Native American lore, worldbuilding and characters, the environmental apocalypse and its aftermath all aspects that make this book a very enjoyable and unique read for sure at its core this is yet again a story about a dysfunctional young woman whose personality and life choices are being determined by the men in her life specifically, by her view spoiler love interests, of course hide spoiler You can find this review andat Novel Notions Actual rating 3.5 starsRepresentation is so important in fiction. It s much easier to sink into a character s story when they resemble you in some way For centuries there was very little healthy representation of anyone outside of heterosexual white males of European descent Characters who fell outside of these restrictions tended to be only secondary characters, and were often portrayed as two dimensional caricatures of the race or sex or religion they represented There were exceptions, of course, but they were few and far between, and were often authored by women using male pseudonyms That still left many groups utterly unrepresented, though Thankfully, in the past few decades this lack has been addressed, and the variety of representation in literature has skyrocketed.When I first heard about this book, I was incredibly excited I ve thought for years that there was a lack in urban fantasy There are so many urban fantasy series that take place in the America, but few involve the culture that s been here the longest that of Native Americans Yes, some of these involve Coyote in some side plot, but he is but one of the many spirits and deities spread across a multitude of tribes Roanhorse s tale takes place within a walled Navajo reservation after an apocalyptic flood has destroyed much of the world beyond their walls The flood unleashed a wave of magic upon the Navajo nation, magic that is ancient, that has slumbered for centuries but has finally returned Not only do spirits and deities once again rove among men and monsters walk the earth, but the people once again possess powers based on their clans Medicine men are once again imbued with great power and insight into the spirit realm I found the whole Navajo mythos incredibly fascinating I have no Navajo blood in me, but my great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee, and my husband s great grandmother grew up on the Sioux Rosebud Reservation in South Dakota While our heritage might be generations removed, it s something both of us deeply respect. When our band went on tour, one of our stops was actually the Rosebud Reservation Chris was able to visit some of the deepest roots of his family s history, and we were able to see what Rez life was like It was both one of the most beautiful places I ve ever seen and one of the saddest History and culture and pride mingled with poverty and resignation We both had incredible wells of conflicting emotions within us by the time we left Roanhorse does a great job of capturing that duality of splendor and squalor in this first novel of her Sixth World trilogy.So, why didn t I rate this book higher The reason is twofold First, the book is almost unrelentingly dark Even moments that were meant to be humorous always held a tinge of bitterness I understand that it was a dark situation and that the main character had known little joy in her life, but that level of darkness with no relief is difficult to stomach Which brings me to my second issue our main character Maggie is a Monsterhunter, and she s an utter badass However, she was incredibly difficult to relate to Her unhappiness was so total, and she worked so hard to keep others out, that it was nearly impossible to feel much empathy for her because it was hard to get close to her Since we were viewing other characters through her eyes, this affected the development of the supporting cast, as well Maggie does loosen up some by the end of the book, and we are able to relateto both her and the other charactersin the final few chapters than in the entire rest of the book But by that point, the damage had been done it s hard to care about the outcome of the story if you aren t allowed to care about the characters until too late.While this was an interesting story with pretty fantastic world building, I m still uncertain if I ll continue reading the series when the next book is released But I m overly sensitive to darkness, and I have a feeling that there are many readers who will enjoy this story farthan I did Even if I don t continue, I have immense respect for Roanhorse and the representation she has provided for the Navajo people in particular and Native Americans in general. Originally posted at in Rebecca Roanhorse s debut urban fantasy novel Trail of Lightning, protagonist Maggie Hoskie is talking to a couple whose daughter was stolen by a monster The girl s mother asks Maggie if she can save their child Maggie responds only that she can find her, a distinction the desperate and grieving woman recognizes Our first impression of Maggie is of a woman who believes that once evil touches you, it gets inside you and stays there And it isn t something Maggie just believes about little girls who get stolen by monsters she believes it about herself.Plotting is never the main attraction in urban fantasy Not that good storytelling isn t important it most definitely is But the setting is the hook that draws you in, and the protagonist is the spark that lights the fire Roanhorse nails both of those things with a vengeance Trail of Lightning is set entirely in Din tah, the Navajo Nation reborn after a combination of ecological catastrophe and mass energy crises caused mass flooding and worldwide collapse The devastation ushered in the Sixth World, the return of the gods and monsters and heroes of Navajo legend to the mortal world For Maggie, it activated clan powers deep in her lineage that make her Living Arrow, or, really good at killing.When Trail of Lightning starts, golem like monsters are terrorizing families throughout Din tah, and Maggie is on the hunt for the witch responsible for creating them Grandpa Tah, an adoptive father figure for Maggie, thinks she needs a partner and hooks her up with his grandson Kai At first, Maggie is downright hostile to the idea of having a partner, but Kai seems to have an uncanny talent for persuasion and soon proves himself useful But before they can make any headway, the trickster god Ma ii, an old frenemy of Maggie s, shows up with a side quest for Maggie and Kai, a seemingly unrelated ploy for Maggie s attention that does, however, provide her with some important tools for achieving her goal.The main story of Trail of Lightning comes to a satisfying enough conclusion, though its digressions occasionally disrupt the novel s pacing, and the answers basically just fall into Maggie s lap at the end Where it does succeed brilliantly, however, is in drawing the reader deeper into the mythology of the Sixth World, and into Maggie s fascinating and blood drenched backstory her grandmother s death at the hands of a witch, her toxic relationship with the legendary, immortal monsterslayer Neizgh n The novel becamea process of discovery for me, of Roanhorse s world and the people who inhabit it, one that mines a rich vein of emotional and visceral impact and left me wanting .Many thanks to Edelweiss and Saga Press for the opportunity to read this ARC. I had an incredibly hard time sorting out my feelings on this book and I don t know if I can say that I succeeded There are many aspects of it that I absolutely loved, but also ones that I really disliked And the two overlap one another, leaving me conflicted and with a frown line that s about to become permanent.Let s just begin with all the things that I loved A Trail of Lighting is a post apocalyptic fantasy that revolves around Native American culture and history, written by a Native American author, and for that alone it deserves recognition Roanhorse deftly weaves Navajo mythology into a Mad Max esque world and the result is unique and exciting.The characters that inhabit this world are strange and vibrant From mercenaries and medicine men, to a woman who manifests as a cat person and I don t mean that she really loves cats I mean that she has facial features and mannerisms of a cat , the story occasionally dips into a Wonderland level of creepy and weird and I adored it to bits And what I always look forward to in Aboriginal speculative fiction is the depiction of Coyote, the trickster figure Because he varies from one culture to the next, no two authors write him quite the same way, and Roanhorse s version doesn t disappoint With appearance and mannerisms reminiscent of Neil Gaiman s Anansi in American Gods irreverent and dressed as a dandy he s probably my favourite side character.The best urban fantasies have strong, distinctive narrative voices and this one has that in spades Maggie s narration is introspective, a little anti social, and a little smoky a lone ranger staring across the desert as the sun sets kind of vibe The author uses a lot of fragmentation, which can sometimes make for choppy action sequences, but all in all, it s highly readable and engaging.Maggie herself is a fascinating and rather unconventional urban fantasy protagonist She s a monster hunter gifted or cursed, in her opinion with the power of speed and the ability to kill This makes her feared and disliked by many The entirety of the story and probably the rest of the series is her struggling to rein in her clan power, known as K aahana nii , and keep its bloodlust from consuming her And the thing that I especially love is that Maggie, to some level, enjoys the killing She loves the adrenaline and the control of it, and that comes with the baggage of guilt and self hatred And that s one of my favourite kinds of stories those of powerful men and women whose power is a double edged sword, one that comes with the risk of being devoured from the inside out It adds extra layers of internal conflict that can potentially be catalysts for interesting character growth Wow, that all sounds fantastic, you might say And you re right it is pretty fantastic And now here come the criticisms to rain all over this parade.Let s talk about the plot or rather, the lack of one While there s a vague overarching goal that gets introduced at the beginning of the story, Maggie and her companion Kai spend most of their time doing the literary equivalent of accidental side quests They travel from point A to point B, at which point something happens and they re forced to deal with it before moving on They end up having to constantly react to the things that happen in the world, as opposed to proactively moving the plot forward And while some of the diversions are fun, it s all very meandering and lacks cohesion.Secondly, the antagonist At the foundation of the story is Maggie s relationship with her former mentor Neizgh ni, who Maggie is kind of sort of maybe in love with He s built up to be this mysterious presence looming above our MC, and so much of her thought process and behaviour are rooted in this relationship that they d had Needless to say, I was very much looking forward to meeting the man.So imagine my bafflement when Neizgh ni finally makes his entrance and he turns out to be the embodiment of the worst of the bad boy antagonist trope, complete with cockiness, possessiveness, no sense of personal boundary, and long, flowing dark hair He falls under the Kylo Ren column of character archetypes the ones who strut around with their capes or hair billowing and saying things like, Join me and we will set our thrones atop the corpses of our enemies and bathe in their blood, with zero hint of irony For someone who s had so much impact on the protagonist s life, he felt incredibly shallow and campy Picture a very pretty, very vapid Final Fantasy villain and you won t be far off from Neizgh ni.The thing is, I don t mind these types of characters too much in popcorn paranormal fantasy With those, I enjoy the campiness for what it is But a story with worldbuilding and a protagonist of this caliber deserves someone a lot better.The ending also adds another bewildering layer to the story Its big reveal is underwhelming and the motivations of the villain rather nonsensical, and over, it ends incredibly abruptly and on a not insignificant cliffhanger.And here s the most confusing part of all this I don t dislike the book While I did dislike so many of its individual parts, as a whole I kind of enjoyed it and actually find myself looking forward to the sequel.Is it the most polished, exciting fantasy I ve read this year No.Is it something I would recommend to people Hell yes ARC provided by Saga Press via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I have been excited for this book ever since I found about it and it did not disappoint me at all Rebecca Roanhorse has created a seriously cool, very much needed different Urban Fantasy here that makes me very excited for what is to come.Living in a post apocalyptic Din tah formerly the Navajo Reservation where gods and demons walk the world, Maggie is a grim, lonely, super strong woman She is a monster hunter with not much to live for, she is snarky and broken, and while I found her fairly stereotypical for the genre I also found her believable and for the most part easy to root for, which is pretty much all I ask for in my UF.The pacing is breakneck with never a slow moment and I pretty much inhaled the book whole But, and this is, if I am being honest, a quite big negative, I did not get along all that well with the plot, I found it in places difficult to follow, I thought the characters often were sent from A to B without it being quite clear why that was also, if anybody has read this, can we please talk about that ending The strongest part for me was, hands down, the worldbuilding It is brilliantly done, nicely woven and most of all just so very different to what I usually see Every scene is done vividly, set in a nearly cinematic manner The language works also really well to convey as sense of place It is on the strength of that wonderful world that I cannot wait for the next book in the series which will be released in about a year s time.You can find this review and other thoughts on books on my blog. The short version Kate Daniels fans need to give this one a try.The long version Interesting world building, taking off on the Native American idea of subsequent worlds that happen with each upheaval this concept is explainedlater in the story The integration with various Native mythologies I think primarily Din , although the world idea might beuniversal is very interesting and one of the aspects that will make this stand out for urban fantasy and supernatural fans Setting is a post apocalyptic world, after various environmental and political upheavals have fragmented what used to be known as the United States Much of this is alluded to, but not well explained yet hints are that this will expand in the next book , which is actually one of my favorite ways for world building to develop Theproblematic aspect for me is the main character, Maggie, aka The Monsterkiller, who draws upon two different tribal gifts As a character, she feels very New Adult, with unresolved issues from her teen days, an unrequited crush, and a extra generous helping of rage, denial and isolation standing in for the remaining development It s a tired trope for me, but at least there seems to be some forward character development at the end As fitting for new adult development, there are issues of love relationship that need to be worked out, although arguably, they aren t the primary focus for this book That is to say, I d not call this a relationshippy style of book, although I recognize that feelings of isolation attraction and unresolved mentoring issues are part of the driver and underlying plot I have a problem when these characters act jaded and knowledgeable but then remain willfully ignorant In this case, she notes then ignores strangeness surrounding Kai, and plotwise, keeps getting interrupted before it s addressed That s always an extremely annoying YA NA move Since the strangeness is telegraphed to the reader, the only one semi surprised at reveal is the main character In plotting, I found it to be a tricksy book, as befitting anything with Coyote in it Though it starts ostensibly simple kill the monster , it becomescomplex Kind of like an Andrews plot, and like Kate Daniels, Maggie doesn t do much detecting other people tell her what to do, or it moves forward because she antagonizes someone.Writing is above average, especially for a first book It is in first person, present tense, which is unusual I wonder if the present tense is a deliberate reflection of a Din cultural structure A lot significant amount of the story is description coupled with explanation A sample section about Maggie and her friend I like Tah, I really do, and he s the closest thing I have to a living relative We aren t related, aren t even the same clan, but he calls me daughter That means something.I duck under the blanket and break into a grin I can t help it My trailer is shelter It serves its purpose as far as a house goes, but Tah s hogan feels like a home, the kind of home they talk about in bedtime stories It s a traditional hogan one big room in an eight sided building, walls made of long single cut logs, tightly roped together and sealed with concrete There s a cooking fire alread burning in the woodstove in the middle of the room, and the scent of pinon is so pleasantly sharp I can taste it on the tip of my tongue Warm woven rugs in reds and oranges and browns hang from the walls in between aging picture frames filled with worn photos of smiling family members Would I read it again Possibly, to better absorb the world, because with such long paragraphs of description, it s tend to slide over them as the plot heats up But I did buy the next for kindle I m not sure that the series is physical space worthy, but this was a promising start.Elena s brilliant review addressing the problematic feminism of the trope and how Roanhorse executes it an indigenous Mad Max Fury Road whom else is crying