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At first, I was hesitant to read this book While it is the new pen name of a favorite indie author KM Shea , I m not really into role playing or gaming I don t play video games My only previous forays into this genre were the Spy Kids movie where they get stuck in a video game and a book where an internet video game turned kids into killers I really didn t know what to expect or if I d like this book at all Then I decided to try it because, after all, it is the same author I m SOOOO glad I did Yes, this is set in a gaming world Yes, there is a lot of virtual reality gaming lingo, but all of the lingo is explained and used so smoothly it was no worse than jumping into a fantasy country with a lot of made up names and world rules and stuff, and actually a lot easier to follow because the author took extra time to explain Also, don t be put off by the cover Yes, the main girl shows her belly button It isn t really her fault and she tries the whole book to find a appropriate shirt so it is played off with usual KM Shea humor and style The main character ends up getting stuck in a video game in the most ridiculous character possible You know those female characters in video games in the supporting roles that are always dressed inappropriately and are pretty much useless This book mocks that stereotype the entire time Due to being the video game genre, this book can do a lot of things a usual fantasy can t Such as have the main character die at least 14 or 15 times throughout the book The characters continually get new skills in the exaggerated video game way The author does a great job of using the video game setting to add clever twists of humor that wouldn t be possible in a regular fantasy Even though the characters are in a video game and dying in the video game isn t a big deal, the author still has enough stakes with the whole being stuck in the game and can t log off and could have brain damage if they don t escape to add plenty of tension I m hooked I don t think I ll become a major fan of the genre over all, but I am definitely going to keep following this author under both her pen names, and I am now waiting at the edge of my seat for the next book in this series Re read review Just as good the second time through as the first I re read this shortly after the release of the third book, and it is amazing going back and seeing all the places where the author began to set things up for the later books in the series even in this first book You meet a few of the characters that will become important later already in this book, even if you don t realize they will be important the first time you read it. (((DOWNLOAD EPUB))) ↳ The Luckless (Second Age of Retha, #1) ⇲ Welcome To Retha, The Full Submersion Video Game Where You Can Be The Hero Of Your Own Adventure Unfortunately For Kit, It Only Takes One Moment To Turn The Game Into A NightmareWhen Chronicles Of Retha Experiences A Software Malfunction, Kit A Disenchanted Veteran Player Is Stuck In The Game Without A Way To Log Off Even Worse, She S Trapped Playing As The Most Defective Character Possible, An Elf Dancer That Was Meant To Be A PrankThankfully, She Receives Word That There Is A Way Out But The Only Escape Route Is To Defeat The Game S Ultimate Villain Kit, In Her Joke Character, Must Fight Her Way Through Some Of The Worst Retha Has To Offer Her Only Help Is A Party Of Low Leveled Players Just As Powerless As She Is, And The Occasional Act Of Mercy From One Of The Best Players In The Game, The Taciturn And Aloof Solus MilesCan Kit And Her New Friends Finish The Quest, Or Will Retha Be Their End More Retha Please I can t say that I have read many books in this genre I had never heard of LitRPG before I found Luckless because it is written under a pen name by K.M Shea, and I have loved her other books That being said, I fell in love with Luckless.Kit is a serious gamer, when she goes to a full immersion arcade she plans to play a solo player shooting game She wakes up in Chronicles of Retha, a fantasy game she hasn t played in five years Instead of her usual kick butt character, she finds that she has been programmed as a useless elf dancer What was supposed to be a funny joke, played on her by her cousin, turns serious when the game s server is corrupted Kit and everyone else is stuck in the game unless they can beat the most unbeatable quest.The world building in Retha was phenomenal I don t know much about video games, but the descriptions really brought the world to life I also felt like the rules of the game were clearly described without losing me to complication or boredom The wit that I have come to appreciate from K.M Shea was present in full force I laughed at Kit s creative use of language and her awards for profanity proficiency because you have to get creative with your cursing in an all age game Kit was a strong character I loved watching what she would do with every new revelation about how awful her joke of a character is.This book was an epic fantasy journey of quests, teamwork, magic, and rewards Luckless is part of a series, that did not wrap up with the first book The second book is estimated to come out at the end of August I cannot wait to get my hands on it this was immense fun It made me think of series like Log Horizon and.hack and I loved the characters to boot.Poor Kit thoughI d murder any family member who pulled that stunt on me Elf Dancer, I mean COME ON.I do wish there had been Solus Milesand I look forward to when he figures out the players he s looking for it right under his nose I just wish there had been of him. I d never read a book like this before, but since it was by one of my favorite authors, I opted to give it a try I loved it The main character, Kit, ends up in an immersed reality game she didn t want to play, with a pathetic character, as a prank played by one of her loving relatives Unfortunately, after she arrives, tragedy strikes, and she is stuck in the game until she can complete a quest To that end, she gathers a band of characters and they strike out together to complete the quest On their way, Kit is often and hilariously importuned, as she discovers the full depth of the prank her relative played on her She s stuck with a variety of disadvantages that lead to a lively story and a well developed character Kit is hilarious, and her band of fellow questers are engaging and entertaining Overall, a well wrought book, with excellent world building and well developed characters I very much look forward to reading the next one which should come out in August of 2017, fingers crossed Sigh If I hadn t read so many books in the genre I might have enjoyed this Read about half and quit Nothing new here. A good fun and somewhat amusing litrpg, occasionally infuriating because of what has happened to the main character Moves along at a good pace, making it quick and easy to read I am actually interested in what happens next so will probably continue the series. This is a fantastic blend of some of my favourite genres and tropes Litrpg in a fantasy setting where the characters are trapped in game plus a slow burn romance with a stoic non alpha male lead, yes yes YES please I loved all the characters and there is a found family element where a team goes from mistrust to I would die for you trust.If you re new to litrpg but enjoy fantasy with slow burn romance I think this would be a great first read It s not very heavy on stats and in game elements but has just enough to satisfy me My only complaint about it is that it s a little to short and I need Solus Miles, thankfully there are two books just waiting for me to read I enjoyed this a lot It took me a while to warm up to the main character s concept, not because I don t adore Kit, but because I just kept thinking How much do you need to break this character I shuddered in empathy a few times But, what this concept did do was create lots of openings and experiences for the author to take the adventure to new heights and different turns I really enjoyed it A fun romp which kept me occupied and gave my mind a much needed space to breathe at the moment. I m not a gamer, but this was goodThis book takes place inside a video game in an era where players actually enter the games Something happens to the servers, though and everyone is stuck inside Our main character, Kit, has to gather a team and go on an impossible quest to try to find a back way of of the game It s entertaining and fun to read But, please note, they do not finish their quest in this book I haven t read book two so I don t know how long it goes on I want to know how it ends,so be prepared to get the second book.