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Master Lin Chi really liked to shout and beat the shit out of his students My type of guy. you take the words that come out of the mouths of a bunch of old teachers to be a description of the true Way You think, This is a most wonderful teacher and friend saying, I would never dare speak ill of such a good friend, I d be afraid of making mouth karma good friend is someone who dares to speak ill of the Buddha pass judgment on anyone in the world Master Lin Chi I was interested in reading this book after I heard Leonard Cohen mention in an interview that he became very interested in Rinzai which is the school of Buddhism started by Lin Chi Lu.As I was reading I was struck by the irony of my attempt at seeking and understanding each little chapter A primary message was to not seek, just be, and eliminate the dualistic notion of the individual and our surroundings Seeking leads to constant reincarnation and being trapped in the cycle of birth and death a desperate search for meaning in life Lin Chi Lu teaches Fellow believers, just act ordinary, don t affect some special manner Don t try so hard to reach enlightenment, don t venerate the master, the Buddha, or the patriarchs just find them inside ourselves and in our own contexts And the path to that is not through active seeking.Many of the passages were like riddles that only made the irony delightful and challenging Answers were not clear or tidy, they led my mind to a great expanse of questions Such as this following story that simply ends with the Master bluntly refusing to answer and rejecting the question, which he did often When the Master arrived at Ming hua s place, Ming hua said, Coming and going, coming and going what is it all about Just tramping around wearing out my straw sandals, said the Master.Ming hua said, In the end, what is it for This old man doesn t even know how to talk said the Master This particular translation had very helpful footnotes and gave very helpful background to Hindu and Buddhist terms out of which Lin Chi Lu s teaching grew. Five stars for the short, brilliant sermons of Rinzai in Part Two of this book The many anecdotes in the other parts so and so gave a shout, or slapped someone, or shook out his sleeves are silly and tiresome in my opinion I realize they re considered very zen at this point, but it s nice when people at least take a shot at explaining the inexplicable, rather than just acting like a pretentious version of The Three Stooges Hard to imagine how the mere description of these techniques could have any impact on any reader whatsoever, even if the techniques were effective in the flesh. Druh ten , je t lep ne prvn. Prvn ten , n ro n. KATSU and CRACK &READ E-PUB ☘ Zhenzhou Linji Huizhao Chansi yulu ⇥ Among The Most Important Texts Of Zen Literature, The Lin Chi Lu Details The Insights And Exploits Of The Great Ninth Century Chinese Zen Master Lin Chi, One Of The Most Highly Regarded Of The T Ang Period Masters PEN Translation Prize Winner Burton Watson Presents Here An Eloquent Translation The First In The English Language Of This Seminal Classic, The Zen Teachings Of Master Lin Chi The Work Is An Exacting Depiction Of Lin Chi S Words And Actions, Describing The Zen Master S Life And Teaching, And Includes A Number Of His Sermons Because Lin Chi S School Outlasted Other Forms Of Early Chinese Zen To Become Dominant Throughout China To This Day, This Translation Bears Unique Significance Within The Literature Of This Great Asian Nation With Watson S Lucid Introduction To The Work, A Glossary Of Terms, And Notes To The Text, The Zen Teachings Of Master Lin Chi Is A Generously Constructed And Accessible Model Of Translation That Will Stand As The Definitive Primary Material On Lin Chi For Many Years To Come edit tr by Burton Watson.This is great Monks shouting at each other and hitting each other with sticks and sermonizing too.They should teach Linji instead of Plato.