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Right from the very start, I was sucked into this story I love Pam Godwin s work and this book was no exception The lady knows how to write a love triangle Danni is a dancer, living in a fog after the death of her fianc , Cole She is going through the motions, knowing that she ll never find another man to make her happy She was completely head over heels in love with Cole and she s sure that she ll never find that kind of love again What they had was passionate and all consuming.When she finally gets the courage up to begin dating again, her date is abruptly interrupted with a summons to see a wealthy casino owner She receives an unsolicited job offer from the man, Trace, who is determined to have her under his employ He s bought the restaurant where she worked and doesn t intend to lose the main attraction her.It is immediately evident that Trace is far interested in Danni than he lets on He is intrigued, even obsessed, with watching her Yet, he s a man that is used to getting what he wants and Danni is a fiercely independent woman.As Trace ups the ante to convince her to work for him, she pushes back This serves to build plenty of tension and keep things interesting He may be dangerously good looking, wealthy and powerful, but he s also controlling, high handed and aloof.Eventually, Danni agrees to work for Trace For him, it was never really a question that she would He made her an offer that she couldn t refuse.Bit by bit, Danni and Trace start to build a relationship There is an obvious attraction between the two, but Trace spends as much time pushing her away as he does pulling her in Meanwhile, Danni is still hung up on the memory of Cole and what could have been.Just as Danni and Trace begin to make some serious progress, everything gets turned upside down There is a huge, game changing twist that throws everything back into a state of uncertainty While I expected it all along, it still had me biting my nails and wondering what would become of everything that Trace and Danni had built together.All I can say is that I m so glad I waited until all three books had been released before starting this series The anticipation would have killed me I absolutely had to know what would become of Danni and Trace This book had my attention from start to finish, even knowing what was bound to happen.Overall, this was a fantastic start to the series I immediately dived into the second book and I didn t stop until I had finished all three I loved Danni, Trace and Cole My heart broke for all of them.Check out of my reviews at www.bookaddicthaven.com 4.5 STARS ARC Generously Provided by Author My past and my future My first love and my second chance Two hearts from two separate lives colliding helplessly, cruelly together Once I read the synopsis ofThe Tangled Liesseries, I knew I had to get my hands on these books I was completely consumed by this story Pam Godwin s writing is incredible The way she weaves this tale is simply masterful This is one hell of a love triangle romance that held me captive from page one Usually, I ve chosen my favorite guy by the time that I get at least halfway through the story but the intricate character development had my heart torn between the two amazing but polar opposite men by the time I was almost to the end And let me just add that the steam factor is sinfully decadent Danni Angelo met the love of her life one cold morning in front of her house when she volunteered to help out her elderly neighbor by having a talk with the man who drives by the neighborhood at an ungodly hour on his loud motorcycle Danni and Cole feel an instant spark during that first meeting which results in a passionate love affair In less than ten months they are engaged and planning on their forever Cole is wild and oozing with alpha masculinity but his love for Danni is so tender and all consuming And Danni is just as much in love with Cole as well He completely owns her, body and soul Ten months into their relationship, Cole s job requires him to fly off to Afghanistan to work on a year long project It s all very top secret and their ability to communicate will be limited but he promises Danni that when he returns, they will get married and he ll quit his job so that he never has to leave her again Danni s world is completely devastated when Cole is killed during an accident on the job For over two years Danni loses herself to her grief over Cole s death She ends up going on a blind date with one of her brother in law s friends at the urging of her sister It is during her disastrous blind date that she meets Trace Savoy, the devilishly sexy and beautiful man who is about to become her employer Trace shows up at her house and informs her that he is the new owner of the club she performs at as a belly dancer His plan is to relocate the club to his casino The man is oozing with power and raw sex appeal He s 100% alpha male and has stirred up feelings within Danni that she thought she d never experience again in her lifetime Trace and Danni playhot cold push pullhead games for almost three quarters of this story and it was beyond frustrating but also highly entertaining as well All throughout the story, there are chapters that take us back to the past where we get to experience Danni and Cole s love affair as well The author makes sure that Cole never leaves Danni s or the reader s minds throughout the story and it only helped to make my heart feel further conflicted It becomes so very hard to choose between Cole and Trace because they end up being pretty amazing in different ways.Book one ends on one serious cliffhanger that completely blew my mind I was expecting a shocking development at the end but was completely thrown off balance by how far the depths of betrayal went I m not even sure what to think any My mind and heart are caught up in a tailspin ONE IS A PROMISE is currently available This is an absolute MUST READ What a captivating series so far 4.5 stars Holy crap The ending of this book blew me away One is a Promise is one of those books that will keep you thinking hours, even days after you finish readingMy life began the day we met There is no before Only youWhen Cole and Danni first meet, they had an instant connection It was one of those moments when you just know Danni and Cole both knew they had met the love of their life Cole is a gorgeous biker with dimples They had almost a year together, a blissful year Then Cole had to go overseas for his job Danni lost him She lost her person and didn t know what to do or where to turn Danni meets Trace, the sexy powerful guy in a suit and owner of a business that is trying to recruit Danni Danni is a dancer She s amazing at what she does and Trace knows this Trace and Danni s relationship is so different than what Danni and Cole s wasYou, my tiny dancer, are an erotic dream dipped in the sweetest honey A man only needs to look at you to become fiercely protective of your smileI thought Danni was such a wonderful character My favorite part about her is that she had so much character She was just a great person I could feel how much she loved Cole All the flashbacks, and his memory was always there And then with Trace, it was different It was no less powerful, just different I loved that she fell for Trace without taking away her love for Cole or squandering his memory I think Pam did a fantastic job with the dynamic of the story THIS is how you write a love triangle, people She just mastered it Seriously I can t think of a better way view spoiler There is no clear choice even though I m partial to one of the guys, and there hasn t been any cheating yet at least LOL hide spoiler 5 STARS My hands plunge into his hair, pushing, pulling, and ripping at the strands Desire wars with disgust Anguish begets pleasure, and I m lost beneath the diabolical swirl of his tongue, torn between wanting him and hating him, aching for relief and despising myself for it. It doesn t matter what this woman writes, she manages to hook me with just the first page alone Her words are riveting, crackling with so much intensity, you feel like her characters are going to jump right out of the pages They re living, breathing things that are so real, it s hard to believe you re reading fiction Her stories are live wires full of so much chemistry, it crackles and burns And this book It was all of those things and So much You, my tiny dancer, are an erotic dream dipped in the sweetest honey A man only needs to look at you to become fiercely protective of your smileWhat happens when you find a once in a lifetime kind of love, only to lose it in a way that you re still not able to move on from That s exactly what Danni is trying to figure out Three years ago she was living the dream with the love of her life Cole After a ridiculously sweet meet cute, they fall hard and fast They plan their life together They plan a wedding But then everything gets shattered and Danni is left alone to pick up the pieces His love branded me, left its mark beneath my skin, like swirling colors of ink. Because love doesn t end with death It doesn t shrivel and disintegrate with the ashes It hovers, follows, haunts the living. Only now finding the courage to date again, Danni has resolved herself to never finding a man that was as compatible to her needs as Cole was A man that s intense, overwhelming, demanding, and owns with his presence alone What she never expects is to meet exactly that sort of man, but the only thing he wants from her is her acceptance of his job proposal Jesus, this man is potent All he has to do is stand there in his tailored suit and transmit displeasure like it s foreplay. Trace is ridiculously enigmatic He s cold, at time callous, and business only Only his eyes hint at the burning passion behind his callous words His mouth says that he wants nothing to do with her, but his actions show he s as drawn to her as she is to him.What begins is a cat and mouse game with a sexual tension that s so thick, you can practically cut it with a knife Danni is not afraid to flirt with danger, and Trace is definitely dangerous His continuous rejection of her chips away at her bravado, but she sees the promise behind his eyes Danni was a heroine that was this amazing mix of vulnerability and strength She s a woman healing from a terrible loss, but she also wants to move on She s sassy and funny and has just the right amount of snark that she doesn t hesitate to wield as a weapon against a certain broody man.I loved the chemistry between her and Trace The hate lust is strong with these two, and I couldn t get enough of it And when the inevitable happens Holy fireworks Then he fucks me, grunting like a feral caveman and hissing past clenched teeth He s a hurricane of fury and aggression, slamming his cock rapidly, violently, and punishing my mouth with deep bruising kissesWhat I really loved is how believable Danni s connection is to Trace without taking anything away from her memory of Cole The story itself is addicting full of angst and sizzle You spend the entire time waiting for the other shoe to drop There s not one calm moment It keeps you at the edge of your seat the entire time, absolutely riveted to the pages And when the secrets begin to unravel You ll be picking your jaw off of the floor.This is book one in a trilogy, and I m pretty sure I may die of anxiety before I get my hands on the next book after this cliffhanger It Was Painful PAINFUL, I tells ya Now if you ll excuse me, I ll be rocking myself in a corner until July ARC courtesy of author in exchange for an honest reviewFind me on ( Free E-pub ) ♿ One is a Promise (Tangled Lies, #1) ♍ One PromiseOne ForeverOne Look And I Knew Cole Was Mine My Dark Rebel In Leather My Powerhouse Of Passion, Devastating Smiles, And ImpulsivenessWhen His Job Sends Him Overseas, He Promises To Return To MeA Promise That S Destroyed In The Most Irrevocable WayTwo Years Later, An Arrogant Suit Invades My Heartbroken LonelinessClean Cut And Stern, Trace Is Everything Cole Wasn TAt First, He S A Job That Will Rescue My Dance Company But As He Intrudes On My Life, Our Hostile Relationship EvolvesHe Knows I M Still In Love With Cole, But His Dedication Is My UndoingThen A Catastrophic Moment Changes EverythingPromises ResurfaceLies EntangleAnd An Impossible Choice Shatters My WorldI Love Two Men, And I Can Only Have OneThe TANGLED LIES Series Must Be Read In OrderOne Is A PromiseTwo Is A LieThree Is A War FREE in time for book 3 FREE limited time AMZ US AMZ UK BN KOBO Blurb One promise.One forever.One look and I knew Cole was mine My dark rebel in leather My powerhouse of passion, devastating smiles, and impulsiveness.When his job sends him overseas, he promises to return to me.A promise that s destroyed in the most irrevocable way.Two years later, an arrogant suit invades my heartbroken loneliness.Clean cut and stern, Trace is everything Cole wasn t.At first, he s a job that will rescue my dance company But as he intrudes on my life, our hostile relationship evolves.He knows I m still in love with Cole, but his dedication is my undoing.Then a catastrophic moment changes everything.Promises resurface.Lies entangle.And an impossible choice shatters my world.I love two men, and I can only have one.Books in Tangled Lies trilogy should be read in order Book 1 One is a PromiseBook 2 Two is a LieBook 3 Three is War 5 captivating starsDani Cole In that flicker of time, with something as inconceivable as a look, he claims me, owns me, and ruins me for all others It s a look so defining it puts quotation marks around mine, his, us, and forever. How compelling is it that with just a few spoken words, the anticipation and the buildup and a dimpled smile, you can fall madly in love and have your heart stolen by a man who is as mysterious as the night Your body and heart know who to respond to, who to belong to so when it is ripped away and there is nothing left but time and space, all that is left is a tiny dancer.DaniYou re in love with another man He s gone He s not coming back Tell that to your heart It missed the memoWhat was supposed to be One Promise and One Forever, tuned into a Broken Promise and a need for a Second Chance Trace He s a curse, a blessing, and a second chance, like the black walls of desolation collapsing to reveal a glimpse of light Being near him shakes me to the very roots of my soul. A compelling man, who exudes power and control, able totransmit displeasure like it s foreplay , and will stand by your side as he makes you face your fears and slay your demons Effortlessly drawing you into his web until you can think of nothing else but getting to know the man under the suit My past and my future My first love and my second chance Two hearts from two separate lives colliding helplessly, cruelly togetherOne is a Promise is such a captivating love affair that will make you fall in love, not only once but twice Before diving in, I knew a few facts, this was gonna be hell on my emotions, a love triangle to end all love triangles, a cliff hanger and sweep me off my feet for one hell of a ride kind of read But never did I expect this I honestly am in awe, because all my fears were for naught, it was all that yes, BUT it was so much It is so beautifully written that no words can even explain, it just has to be experienced Every emotion Dani felt, I felt it in my bones, love at first sight I can still see it as clear as day The hurt, pain and sorrow I mourned right along side her The sense of hope and hesitancy, trust and distrust and the butterflies, of falling once again Cole and Trace are as different as night and day, and before I started the book, I had it in my head who I would be rooting for, and I for one am a little shocked with whose side I ended up on in the end Not to say that I ll be at this person s side till the very end, we still have two books and a whole lot emotional heartstrings to play with I loved how there was nothing easy about the story, it was real, raw and brutally honest It didn t shy away from shocking you with rash decisions, or testing your trust in the authors skill to get you through the next page Be prepared, and stick with it through the end, it is worth every twist and turn Highly recommended, especially to my friends who isn t afraid to get a little tangled Copy kindly provided by the author, via Sixty First Reads , for an honest review. Quotes above are taken from the version of the book and may differ upon publication. The first book is FREE One is a Promise FREE retailers is a Lie retailers is a War retailers spoiler group image image image Yes I m late to this series But I m chicken, I had to wait for the whole series to be out And Thank the lord I waited until I had all the books I am in need of moving on quickly no time for a review I ve read several reviews, I assumed I knew what would happen but I wasn t prepared for how much I would enjoy it Just know this book owned me Took my free time, sucked the air up around me, it was sickenly good and I can t wait to get I adored Danni, loved Cole and drooled over Trace, oh what a tangled web Impatiently waiting for the next serial.