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Absolutely incredible I didn t want to read this, it sat on my shelf for a long old while before eventually I sighed, and picked it up.I was thrown away Each story is beautiful, and unique and so so wonderfully written The branches shook like the bottom lip of a woman on Thorazine Just ugh, lovely. The first two stories in this collection put this in the category of the best books of 2008 and in a high place in Ford s work These mix warm humor with stunning surrealism, black hud takes on death and life with disturbing imagery presented in an accessible way The Drowned Life and The Night Whisky are worlds of dream and nightmares with funny friend as your navigator This collection continues in quality and variety, the black comic absurdisms of The Way he Does it reminding me of Barthelme and The Manticore Spell little like Rhys Hughes , autobiographical sketches that aren t self indulgent, but deeply personal and poignant, the layers of reality in deeply rich The Dismantled Invention of Fate , Lynchian nightmare of The Bedroom Light shades of Eraserhead , The House of Four Seasons with its nonstop dreamlike invention and bizarre humor is a surrealist masterpiece skirting on the edge of lucid thought reminds me of Gene Wolfe s Death of Dr Island and Stepan Chapman s Troika with a similar surreal asylum conceit and the Dreaming Wind a marvelous magic realist fable of loss with the titular wind acting like the dream plague of Angela Carter s Infernal Desire Machines of Dr Hoffmann, but the story is about when it stops coming This has the variety of Ford s first collection and the consistency of his second, making his strongest yet Those who have missed his work can start here, I believe. [Free E-pub] ♁ The Drowned Life ♌ There Is A Town That Brews A Strange Intoxicant From A Rare Fruit Called The Deathberry And Once A Year A Handful Of Citizens Are Selected To Drink It There Is A Life Lived Beneath The Water Among Rotted Buildings And Bloated Corpses By Those So Overburdened By The World S Demands That They Simply Give Up And Go Under In This Mesmerizing Blend Of The Familiar And The Fantastic, Multiple Award Winning New York Times Notable Author Jeffrey Ford Creates True Wonders And Infuses The Mundane With Magic In Tales Marked By His Distinctive, Dark Imagery And Fluid, Exhilarating Prose, He Conjures Up An Annual Gale That Transforms The Real Into The Impossible, Invents A Strange Scribble That Secretly Unites A Significant Portion Of Society, And Spins The Myriad Dreams Of A Restless Astronaut And His Alien Lover Bizarre, Beautiful, Unsettling, And Sublime, The Drowned Life Showcases The Exceptional Talents Of One Of Contemporary Fiction S Most Original Artists This is an amazing collection Jeffrey Ford is a relatively new discovery to me but it s immediately obvious that he s the real deal If you dig dark, surreal speculative fiction, it doesn t get any better than this. Hands down the best collection I ve ever read Nebula Winner Ford s The Well Built City Trilogy limitless imagination pops off the page in linguistic fireworks with narratives nestled like Russian dolls in his third collection, a 16 story opus that reads like a primer to the genres of speculative fiction In Night Whiskey, a bizarre small town celebrates the annual harvest of the deathberry, which grants passage to the afterlife for a single night The Dismantled Invention of Fate follows a cavalier astronaut across the universe where he discovers love in the form of a blue skinned warrior amid forests of red grass In The Manticore Spell, a medieval apprentice of the occult investigates the appearance of a mythical beast, while The House of Four Seasons imagines a distant future sanatorium where patients fight to escape woods and meadows encapsulated at the bottom of a dark lake Each story acts as a portal to worlds both peculiar and hauntingly beautiful, masterfully realized by Ford s transcendent prose While fans of fantasy, SF, and horror will find plenty of thrills in this instant classic, Ford s accessible, literary yarns will appeal to any reader hungry for a unique experience. Some time back my brother in law David and I read the same book at the same time We chose The Drowned Life , a short story collection by Jeffrey Ford And for the first time when doing this, we were both reading the same things at about the same time.Many of the stories had been published elsewhere, but here is a rundown on what makes up this collection The Drowned Life Ariadne s Mother The Night Whiskey A Few Things About Ants Under the Bottom of the Lake Present From The Past The Manticore Spell The Fat One The Dismantled Invention of Fate What s Sure to Come The Way He Does It The Scribble Mind Bedroom Light In the House of Four Seasons The Dreaming Wind The Golden Dragon I have become a fan of Ford s since the first time I read his work his novel The Portrait of Mrs Charbuque All of his books, whether a novel or a short story collection, I have enjoyed on some level or another I think he is a bit underrated as an author.Like with his previous collection of short stories I read, Ford has brought a lot of himself and his life into it A few of the stories he mentions his real life wife and kids, the place he grew up, where he lives now, and even an uncle that works as a Walt Whitman impersonator Quite possibly is what makes this collection most interesting There are truly fantastical stories here In the House of Four Seasons and the title story fit this category Where as A Few Things About Ants and The Fat One seem like they are part of his biography Though Ants is like a bunch of statements or observations all wrapped up in a story that was a real dud in my opinion, and the only one The Manticore Spell is the only other story that s suspect It just didn t give me anything to be intrigued by, though still well written The Night Whiskey and Bedroom Light were my favorites But many other warranted my attention Scribble Mind are rather interesting, though the ending seemed to be heading in an anti climatic area before recovering The Way He Does It was a fun play on explaining the consequences of something, but never saying what it is Every story had something to give the reader, and I found something interesting in each Even if I wasn t that interested in Ants In the House of Four Seasons was one of the hardest stories to read It is not in chronological order and the character all went by different names It got confusing as it went along However, it was very satisfying Though quite possibly would have been even better if stretched into novella length It would have given room to stretch the crazy order that the reader is given information and given room to do with the characters background It falls into the category of great story, and could have been better yet if only Another great outing for Mr Ford Can t wait, as usual, for his next book. it s early and i m not feeling eloquent, but this book is stellar the two stories mentioned in the description deathberry, underwater world are among the best in the book, but there are others just as delightfully odd and vivid in fact, delightfully odd is probably the best way to describe this collection of short stories there are a few stories that didn t quite grab me, but on the whole, Ford s use of language and character development is incredibly compelling. great short stories night whiskey which explores the deathberry and the perilous art of harvesting drunks from trees is amazing and the story about the story at the bottom of the lake is ingeniously told in the style of a seance with the author suddenly seeing things and then having things vanish and then suddenly seeing new thingsthe rest are various forms of oddity that would make for bizarre but beautiful moviesi highly recommend it If you could drink a shot of whiskey and be transported to a world where you get to visit with a departed relative or friend, would you do it I would in a minute and so would many of the people in this small town Once a year, there is a lottery system to choose who gets to participate Someone has to go find these participants in the morning they have a tendency to climb trees while under the influence and this year one of these men is a newbie And of course, this is the year that something strange happens.I really got into this story, perhaps because there are so many departed people that I would adore to have another conversation with jeffrey ford is my new discovery i stumbled into a reading of his at readercon in massachusetts back in july, and then a second one at the world fantasy convention in san diego a few weeks ago went home after that, watched a video of a third reading of his on youtube and then promptly impulse bought every book he ever wrote off the internet been reading four of them at once over the past few weeks and imagine i will get through them all before the end of the year really not sure how i could ve made it this far without ever hearing of this guy, he s pretty much exactly what i m always looking for he s got what seems to be a limitless imagination which he takes completely seriously , and a sense of the mystery and horror of life which he tempers with compassion and humor on top of that he s a got a beautiful, flowing, endlessly readable style every time i start one of his stories, i read it all the way to the end without ever looking up, ever glancing at the time, ever noticing the page count, ever sighing or wondering when it will end which is pretty amazing, considering how short my attention span is these days favorite stories in this book the drowned life, the night whiskey, the scribble mind, and above all present from the past, which i really thought was just fantastic ford reminds me a little of philip k dick, only less manic, at ease his endings don t always resolve the way i d like, but in his case for some reason i can t help but feel it s my failing and not his and that some day the other shoe will drop somewhere inside my mind meanwhile, when they do resolve right as in present from the past they can be absolutely devastating really love this guy