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August 18, 2012A 3.5 rating I didn t like it much in the beginning, but it gets better Reread and edited on July 22, 2016 I don t know why I didn t appreciate the pure awesomeness of this book before I mean, wow Maybe it was because I wasn t a big fan of married couple romances Then Jenny came and changed my mind about them Now they provide the best sort of angst Seriously, what was wrong with me So I decided to reread this book after I read the brother, Tom, and his wife, Maggie s story We see Claudio our H and Therese our h in their story and I knew it would be a good one, judging from the strained undertones of their relationship I so don t regret it The rating shot from a 3.5 straight to a 5 The angst at the beginning, oh God Made me almost cry It was so gut wrenching and poignant and painful I felt so much for Therese, for her pain, for her love for her husband who didn t return it, for her amazing strength I loved her so much She was perfect in every way As for Claudio, I loved to hate him in the beginning, when he s being menacingly mean and angry because he s hurt , and then he becomes so tender and caring and so full of guilt when he finds out the real reason his wife asked for a divorce I loved loved loved that side of him And then at the end when he view spoiler actually cries because he has hurt her so much, and he feels that it s much too late and he s lost her hide spoiler I wonder why I keep reading these books It must be a form of OCD syndrome, I can give no other explanation.Heroine Weak at best, stupid at worse.Hero Arrogant, couldn t see what was in front of his face.Dialoque The same argument in different words through out the story They couldn t decide which one wants the divorce and which wanted the marriage Blahhh. [Free] ♕ The Scorsolini Marriage Bargain ♾ Principe Claudio Scorsolini S Future Wife Must Make A Suitable Figurehead For His People And Provide Him With An Heir Claudio S Convenient Union With Therese Is Hailed A Success His Subjects Have Fallen In Love With Her And She S Performed Her Duties In The Bedroom To Claudio S Immense SatisfactionHowever, Therese Has Secretly Fallen In Love With Her Husband How Can Their Marriage Survive When She Knows She Can Never Give Claudio A Child Absolutely wonderful heart wrenching emotional readClaudio Therese both are married for past 3 years,it was marriage of convenience and Therese knows exactly why Claudio choose her and she even underwent test of fertility to ensure that she will be able to provide heirs to kingdom but after marriage Claudio asks to wait before starting and Therese agrees Therese is in love with Claudio and has now found out she has Endometriosis and she has only chance of getting pregnant and that is IVF she is really heart broken but cause she knows she can t give for what she had been choosen for she thinks the best solution will be divorce.Claudio has been seeing changes in Therese and he thinks its cause she has found someone else and is angry and when she asks for divorce he is convinced that Therese is unfaithful He is really angry and hurt and says some very hurtful things to Therese inflicting hurt and pain but Therese tries to tell him but he does nt wants to listen then his father King Vincente suffers a heart attack which lets them out their differences anger behind and put up an act everything is fine but then Claudio finds out about Therese s condition and is i really ashamed of his behaviour and also guity cause he failed as a husband,his wife was in so much pain and he was too busy to noticeBut then Claudio is determined to win back his love his wife and make his marriage work now he realises his marriage is indeed in trouble but for totally different reasons and he makes real efforts and Therese and Claudio really talk about what went wrong and now they understand each other much better and also accept that though it was MOC they both love each other very much and finally Claudio is able to convince Therese he really loves her and promises now on she will never doubt his love for her and they have their HEAWhat i really liked was their relationship has everything respect understanding trust love but due to lack of communication a big misunderstanding becomes a wall but Claudio comes to his senses in time and he really loves Therese he thinks he is too late and has lost her love and starts to work on winning it back and grovels enough but then Therese thinks its cause of guilt but finally Claudio manages to convince herGood readRecommend it I really really love this book The heroine and hero are married in a convenient marriage Really convenient marriage She had to go through tons of tests when he was going to pick her as his wife to make sure that they were physically compatible and able to bear children together This isn t a sex test, it s a how likely is it that we ll make heirs test.The heroine loves the hero, the hero cares for the heroine So the heroine has endometriosis which is getting worse for her She s one of the rare ones where her only real chance of having children is through IVF, and even that s really low She knows the hero needs heirs because he s the crown prince so she s going to do the honorable thing and divorce him She wants to do it before this comes out because she doesn t want the public to look at him unfavorably for ditching her for this disease, but she knows he needs to have children and his position demands it.Meanwhile she s tugged around with the fact that the hero doesn t really care about her, doesn t even notice how much pain she s in, or the fact that she s so doped up from pain killers sometimes that she doesn t even remember what happened during that time.The hero, on the other hand, has noticed the heroine spacing out, and how she doesn t really want sex with him any He thinks she s got someone else and he s got a PI investigating it When she announces that they have to get divorced he thinks she s admitting to an affair and gets pissed.Really good misunderstandings and talkings happening The hero had his extreme jerk moments but I really believed in their HEA. I love problems in a marriage plots and this one dishes out the angst without over the top bad behavior Just tunnel vision and not communicating too well Really liked the heroine s stoicism and the reasons behind it. Good angst filled story The heroine was raised by cold, calculating diplomats who trained her to be the wife of a powerful man for their own gain When she landed the role of princess of the man next in line to a small Sicilian kingdom, she didn t do it for the reasons her parents and her husband expected She was in love Still she played her role flawlessly and believed she meant little to the hero aside from her official role and his passion for her in bed When she finds out she is likely infertile, she decides to take the bull by the horns and divorce the H, since he s sure to want out of a marriage to a woman who can t give him heirs and doesn t want him to feel trapped by a sense of honor when she s afraid he ll grow to resent her.This is the point where the hero is forced to confront his true feelings for the heroine and realize his own part in making her feel like she meant little to him beyond passion and duty Plus there are some big misunderstandings that cause him to say some very hurtful things He thinks she s having an affair due to her lack of sexual desire and request for a divorce So, he says cruel things and pushes her away To her credit, she tries to tell him the truth about her endometriosis sp diagnosis but he refuses to hear her out until he is confronted head on by the pain of her condition After that he is adorably concerned and take charge.Some of the book did ring as a public service message on the condition with lots of statistics and info dumping I usually like things handled subtly than that, but it was a minor annoyance. In my opinion, this was the best of the Scorsolini series The book deals with the difficulty some women face in not being able to conceive and have children I loved the heroine, Therese, and her selfless way of being willing to walk away from her marriage and make the ultimate sacrifice for the man she loves LM did a great job in tackling the issue of endometriosis and how it impacts people s lives The hero grows leaps and bounds in showing his emotions and focusing on the commitment to his marriage A great read Everyone knows how much I love my heroines and how I hate jerk heroes and how I never see any fault in my heroines seeking divorce right So when I want to slap this one real hard you d agree with me that there is probably a reason Yes Girl, if you are going to ask for a divorce please for the love of god explain first then tell him you want out If you just slap him with a demand of divorce when your stupid husband thinks you re content with the marriage till that point, he no longer cares about the reason, he s already jumping the gun and thinking you re having an affair And he s now hurt, and he WILL say stupid stuff I m sorry woman But you brought this upon yourself.Also, ummm I want a divorce is NOT a legit attempt of informing your somewhat dense husband you have some sort of sickness Nope, na, nada, niyet No matter how much you have convinced yourself you have tried, you actually have not And lastly, make up your mind about what you TRULY want Do you ACTUALLY want a divorce Then do this with dignity, do not fall in the bed with him, do not play with semantics, do not correct him about his wrong assumptions, do not tell him you don t WANT it but NEED the divorce If you feel that is the fair and right thing to do as you were only an incubator and you re failing at your job just fucking do it, it doesn t matter if he hates you afterwards.And if you actually have a secret agenda of making him feel like monster that he has been throughout the whole marriage, so that he can know about your illness, feels horrified, coddles you, declares his undying love and grovels and tells you he doesn t want divorce because he doesn t wanna let you go Please tell him in those exact word, because your I don t want a divorce but we need it for your sake was like a broken record for gods sake and how is he supposed to know what he needs to apologise for first He fucked up EVERYTHING since the beginning of marriage And hero, dude, are you 50 shades of dumb You are willing to coddle her during period but you re still failing to see why she s upset that you didn t stay with her during her flu You re saying she didn t need you to play nursemaid then, well, newsflash moron, she still doesn t And the frustrating part He actually DIDN T fucking get it I should take all the 5 stars away for a specially dumb hero Also, when your wife have period and asking for pain meds DO NOT argue Just give her the meds and go call the doctor, call a whole medical boards if you want AFTER doing what she tells you to do Also, stop being surprised that she believed the shit you said easily but now she s refusing to believe that you haven t meant them Because only one can be truth and since you re trying to salvage your marriage, even if you meant those shit, would you be telling her that they were the truth Given all that, I actually loved this book I probably am of a quitter so I love books where they work on marriages like this book It does show determination and strength of character Also loved the fact that the hero didn t really blackmail heroine into staying in the marriage, he just explained he has the power not to divorce her which he may use as he has no wish on remarrying BECAUSE he wants to work on their marriage And they started opening up and being honest with each other So despite all my issues with the book, this is a 5 star read for the enjoyment I really did not like this book and it is mainly due to the most passive aggressive whiny ass h I have read in a long time Basically her problem is she has endometriosis and is married to a King so infertility is a big problem as they need an heir, supposedly Instead of sitting down like a rational person and telling her husband she is having some physical problems, she spouts off with We need a divorce and refuses to say anything for seven chapters even after she felt her issues were so immediate she had to chase him down on a business trip that he would have been back from in 3 days.But then she refuses to talk to him cause the timing did not suit her little prima donna whims We then get another 3 chapters on how much she loves him, but he doesn t even care about her Since she has never bothered to ask her husband anything, how the heck would she know Her constant woe is me and I am so taken for granted and no one cares attitude got really old, really fast I think I would have been happier had the H just divorced her self pitying manipulative rear and she could have gotten over her drama queen self and maybe gotten some self respect and a backbone in the process.