E-PUB ♫ .Hack//Legend of the Twilight Vol. 3 ☲ Tyrakel.de

This very enjoyable manga ends in an extremely enjoyable conclusion I enjoyed each volume of this story a little then the preceeding volume At first I wasn t sure I d enjoy a manga that was basically the retelling of a video computer game plot, but I quickly changed my mind I found myself easily relating to one of the main characters who shared the same complaints I had about video games This three volume series is well worth reading WOW another great hack book again the manga was great and the great storyline continuedi liked the way it ended on being like a hero and stuff fun and quick book to read E-PUB ♷ .Hack//Legend of the Twilight Vol. 3 ♌ Shugo And Reina Only Recently Started Playing The World, The Most Advanced Online Game Ever Created Now They Re Joined By Zefie, A Vagrant AI Who Acts Outside The Rules Of The Game But The CC Corporation Isn T About To Let An Unstable Element Run Free In The World This one was worth the really long wait I just adored it. While this book series really isn t for me, the conclusion of the plot I was reading was worth reading at least. shrugs I enjoyed the art of this comic series but still feel the same way about Legend of the Twilight as I did ten years ago when I first read it LotT is enjoyable if you ship Kite BlackRose albeit in its kinda awkward variant of Shugo Rena Seeing as I always just saw them as friends in the games and not romantic partners though a particular Easter egg in G.U pretty much confirms the latter , the romance didn t do anything for me Balmung was fairly amusing, so that was a plus There isn t really much story story going on in LotT it s mostly slice of life, what with the random game quests, though plot does occur with Aura s data daughter I m in the same boat as a lot of people where I just couldn t manage to care about either Shugo or Rena as characters my only attachment to them is that they share the appearances of Kite and BlackRose Lastly, I ve always felt Aura was out of character here I know the comic is supposed to be goofy and fun but it sacrifices Aura s mysterious and stoic demeanor in return IDK I m admittedly probably too invested in her IMOQ persona. The end, eh The.hack series will always have a special place in my heart The games were so fun and the anime was interesting to watch This manga series was short but so sweet and cute I loved it and want to read the other manga based in The World. Teen me 5 starsAdult me 3 stars For the first book in a child teen middlegrade nostalgic book, I am going with the rating younger me would have gone with, then if I read on in the series, I will rate the books what adult me believes it should be rated If the book is a stand alone, I will go with whatever rating I feel most comfortable giving the book Please note, I do not really think books should have an age limit People should read what they want to regardless of the intended age group, except for kids reading erotica or something, of course 3 or is good for comics, manga or graphic novels I never really know how to rate some of these There are some where I m totally in love, know automatically it is a 5 star, but then some I am just not sure about in the first couple volumes I recently found my old manga and am going down memory lane reading them I really like this series it is very nostalgic It makes me miss playing the video games for the PS2, but those things cost an arm and a leg now At this point, I m trying to come up with something to say that isn t just sigh Now, I know that this book has an audience, and I was once part of the audience when I first started my manga reading exploits But now, completing the last book in the series, coming back to this wasn t worth it I ve left myself feeling incredibly dissatisfied.This is a classic manga sci fi set, adventure romp And I have a feeling if I was a thirteen year old with a love of all things online, I would probably feel of a connection with this book Same thing might be said if I had experience with the.hack universe, but this just wasn t working for me This series requires without a doubt, previous understanding of The World and it s various.hack characters throughout its total run I have some of this knowledge through anime, but you re probably not going to get the full meaning of every event unless you know absolutely everything This is the sort of series that can t be read as stand alones, and needs to be done in some sort of order.I love The World, in a word it is awesome But as the story went on, I found myself interested in learning about The World then I was about the characters or plot This book had a lot of major flaws for me Firstly, the dialog was just painful at parts I understand the exaggerated nature of the characters interactions, but the flow of speech was just terrible and then once gave me a headache while trying to follow conversation Not to mention the need to go into some heroicI will stand by you Friendshipspeech every few pages I get it, okay, I GET IT I also had similar problems with the art It was hard to focus on because it felt over crowded, like too many characters were vying for attention at the same time This works well in a anime, but in a manga it was just overly busy Then there were the characters, none of which I really cared about They had cookie cutter personalities, and whenever something interesting did happen in terms of character development it wasn t consistent Maybe I ll come back to a.hack manga in the future, but I think this might be a universe that I personally would consume best via anime.