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Read at the same time as the Three Pillars of Zen and shortly after the Teachings of Zen Like the Al Kafi was to islam to some extent a review of this book is going to be a review of Zen generally, since it seems to faithfully capture the spirit of Zen going right back to Buddha A spirit that will unquestionably add to the common faith of mankind.Some of these koans are timeless Others might be able to use a slight updatein translation Zen Koans are a teaching tradition Part of being a teacher is being where your students are If you have any hope of clueing them into being enlightened, they have to understand the basic concepts That is part of what this book does.Zen Koans came up quite a few times over the years.1 GEB2 Theodore Brameld s Patterns Of Educational Philosophy3 The Hacker Dictionary4 The books in the kung fu master s library Thomas Cleary Teachings of Zen, Tri Thong Dang, beyond the known Roshi Philip Kapleau, Awakening to ZEN, 1997 Thich Nhat Hanh Zen Keys, a guide ot zen practice etcThis is the book that Godel Escher Bach cited as being a pretty good sourceof them I concur.To some extent, koans show how stepping outside of the box we can see furtherthan keeping our head down in most kinds of written material They show how with a little help a large number of situations can become clear Of course, while keeping in mind that you can go too far in this, like anything elseThis is ripe material to go through in your 10% time, and can be viewed as something to do in an idle moment or between meditation But the Zen of Kubose is life and death a most important thing, worth cultivating and replicating And it s something worth remembering when entropy finally comes for you, if you can snatch your brain and keep it Since I m reading it alongside The Better Angels of Our Nature it was interesting to see when violence cropped up, and the Zen stance on violence Like islam, Zen has a stance on violence that is grossly disproportionate to its actual effect, though being extremely pacifistic in nature most of the time But they are ready to sacrifice life when it s necessary Really, if your theory of ethics doesn t make these kinds of hard decisions, what good is it The idea of makyo is also a fruitful one that I generalized while reading this book and the other one with it.I don t think this book is fake zen I ve been told about how zen is practiced in places like burma and thailand and how different it is to the one that the scriptures actually say to practice If there s one thing this book makes clear is that there s probably just as much as a distance between the ideal of zen as preached by those who have kept the institutions alive and zen as actually practiced as there is between the rights as preached by thomas paine, james maddison, thomas jefferson et al and the current actually practiced american empire Both show a shining beacon of hope for humanity and those who attempt to live up to it wind up looking like weirdos.Lastly, though there s only so much insight for a short book, it points us in the direction we might want to pursue going down further It s not pretentious enough to think that you don t occasionally need a silk wrapped book of koans to help you It takes for granted that if you can count on this technology, you should use it though not cling to it I ve come to realize that a lot of the reason why high school english classes push essays as the main means of harbouring and developing complex thought is that you re expected to graduate highschool in a world filled with static books who s content does not change with time, and though the world is filled with books, there s still generally firm boundaries between subjects, between author s interests, and so on It was useful to be able to cite a few hundred things but it s becoming increasingly clear as of the species becomes literate that the way that the western world approaches writing is running up against limits Instagram, Emoji and memes are challenging the assumptions of what writing and language means and can mean with technology to assist our understanding Zen Koans offer a kind of stereo vision on this problem, and allow us to perhaps detect that there may be another way of writing that is conducive to integrating the complex thought of 7 10 billion people together in a better way. can not re read these enough life lessons through great storytelling short and sweet. Zen Koans are my favorite stories.It s telling you life lessons with the help of short and sweet stories.The book has good collection of Zen Koans.I have found some Zen Koans collection at following links to read online for free. Sometimes I experience little bursts where I seem to grasp what Zen is about, often I bounce off of it fairly hard This seems an excellent collection of koans, though, and the commentary is great when giving historical and cultural context to the koans However, when the commentary tries to fully explain and solve individual koans, it often seems to fall into triteness but by making this judgment I have fallen into dualistic thinking and receive a corrective whack on the head from a passing monk. 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