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No one would argue that Hqn MB s are high art Mostly they are mind candy Short enough to read after work and generally don t cause you to lose sleep Most are instantly forgettable like that slice of pizza that was yummy at the time, but still just a slice of pizza.Anyway, I ve always felt that Charlotte Lamb had talent beyond most of the category writers Ironically, she s far from my favorite Often her heroes are a bit too scary, but I have to give her credit for making me feel the scary.This one is different in that it is the heroine with the cruel vengeful intentions I ve seen reviews from those who hated her with a passion Many of us myself included at times are very willing to forgive a hero for such behavior, but not a heroine.Linden is 17 when the book starts and the hero is 40, I d guess He gets in an auto accident while on holiday and ends up staying with the heroine and her father in their small town for a bit.There is instant attraction between the two and the morning after she gives him her virginity, he leaves without saying goodbye He confesses to her father that he is married and although he s fallen in love with the heroine he cannot stay.Linden is heartbroken, to the point of attempting suicide An act which leaves her father gravely injured when he tries to save her However, this situation had the side effect of bringing the two together Her father was an artist, totally immersed in his work and cut off from everyone since the death of his wife He d never really been a father figure to Linden until this happened and he experienced the rage of seeing his child taken advantage of and the fallout.Linden gradually recovers from her depression and goes to university the next year She s very cautious about relationships, but it sounds like she s healing and starting to enjoy life again Honestly, I think she d have been fine if she d never encountered Joss again.She meets a young man, Daniel, in her second year and they gradually go from friends to a relationship in it s early stages Daniel is a really good guy and someone Linden feels like she could have a future with, although they haven t slept together or gotten very serious yet It s notable that Daniel complains quite often about his father, Sir Sloshua who is an unbending autocrat who went from womanizer to drunk Daniel reckons this is what happens to rakes when they get too old to keep womanizing LOLThen there s the big reveal when Daniel takes Linden home for Christmas and she realizes his drunk, controlling, tyrant of a father is the man who broke her heart Turns out Joss White was really Sir Joshua Wyatt.Now, why would you lie about your name right off the bat if you had no nefarious purposes and did not intend to, at the very least, play with the affections of an innocent young girl Really When you start to feel like he s the victim, think about that.Linden learns that Joss wife had died the year before after living in a prolonged vegetative state for 10 years Since then he s turned into a bitter old drunk Supposedly he s been wanting to come to her, but too afraid of her and her father s reaction So, he feels sorry for himself and broods in his whiskey.Linden is FURIOUS and blood thirsty And I can forgive her For one, Joss does deserve it to some extent, two, she s heartbroken and in pain herself, and three she s 19 Everything is felt so much strongly at that age When you love it s with everything you have and when it turns south you can hate with the same intensity Teens don t typically see things in shades of gray, everything is life or death, black or white Linden is definitely at a stage of wallowing in self pity, anger, and a self destructive impulse to torture the both of them to death.Think teen angst to the extreme She even sits around reading Blake poems at one point and wallowing in her tears hangs head I may have done something similar in those years Basically, Linden thinks she s this tough, jaded, world weary person now In reality she s experienced only a few hard knocks when you consider the whole of the crap life has to offer Obviously, the process of growing up is very much a part of this In fact, I d say the theme of forgiving people their human failings particularly parents and lovers greatly overshadows the romance. Wonderful Intense Emotional Romance,another book that knocked me out what surprised me was after reading worse books from this author i got such a fantastic wonderful emotional romance.I wanna rate this book 10 out of 10, 5 stars will not do justice to itAbsolutely adored Lindsey and my heart went out to Josh,he was cheated out of all happiness in his life and when he fell in love got his happiness yet he was tied to his responsibilities and duties,and way he punished himself for hurting Lindsey,what ever time he had with Lindsey he gave her happiness as he could,made her father realise how he was hurting Lindsey and she was in need of her father so much.Lindsey changed after losing Joss but still under those cool hard exterior the soft warming caring Lindsey was still there and i was really ecstatic that instead of living in bitterness she choose to forgive and take her chance at happinessJoss i am short of words to describe him,such a selfless lonely man who did nt get any happiness in his life and when he got his happiness he could nt grab it,he knew he could never give his love to Lindsey yet he gave her his father s love to her,he had the choice to live his life but for his son and Dolly he sacrificed it,punished himself for lying and hurting Lindsey When Joss Lindsey got married and way Lindsey made it clear how he hated and loathe him still Joss never said anything he kept taking all her hatred and in his won way wanted to win her love again,most of the time i was for JossThis is on my keepers listWonderful readRecommend it Whew The drama, passion, and angst kept me glued to the pages.At the same time, I thought Linden s obsessive need to punish Joss dampened the romance a bit It saddened me to see her deliberately hurt him even while I empathized with her I am normally hard on unscrupulous characters, but the author made me feel sorry for Joss to my surprise That doesn t mean I endorse his actions, however view spoiler Joss had lied about his marital status and name, and cheated on his brain dead wife He should have been honest with Linden from the beginning and divorced his wife before dallying with her hide spoiler O Rose thou art sick.The invisible worm,That flies in the nightIn the howling storm Has found out thy bedOf crimson joy And his dark secret loveDoes thy life destroy.Well, it s not every day that you come across the poetry of William Blake while reading a Harlequin But as far as I can see, Charlotte Lamb is a lot than your typical Harlequin writer, though she may be hailed as the queen of them all There is something in her writing that is compelling, and deeper than your typical dime novels that are read and then forgotten just as quickly, with their paint by number plots and stock characters revived time and time again under different monikers and costumes.In Temptation, you have what is a typical Harlequin plot and characters the virginal rose , the older, sophisticated worm who destroys her life with his brand of dark love, the revenge plot, the ultimate coming back together of the main characters It is really the telling of the story that differentiates it from the mass of other books with similar themes.Lamb really knows, first of all, how to create a setting The idyllic, isolated countryside village in which we meet the main characters for the first time is so vividly described that you feel you are right there with them This first part of the book, which has a dream like, fairy tale quality to it, without being cheesy or flowery, was my favorite There was a lot of undercurrent of Tess and Alec of D Urberville between the two characters, without hitting you over the head with it The secondary characters in Lamb s stories also often play an important part, not just background The tumultuous relationship between the female character and her father was at least as compelling as her doomed relationship with her stand in father figure lover It was where the most authentic emotion of the book lay, in my opinion.I haven t read that many Charlotte Lamb books, just a handful From what I understand, she has a horrible reputation as a Harlequin hack I am sure there are plenty of turkeys in her extensive oeuvre I think she wrote close to 200 books in her heyday, and wrote right up until her death in 2000 I am glad that I don t let myself, in general, be discouraged from reading books that have an attached stigma to them because I would miss out on wonderful gems like this. ( DOWNLOAD PDF ) ♵ Temptation ♷ Nothing Would Ever Be The Same Again Linden Had Only Been Seventeen When Joss Crashed Into Her Life Naively, She Offered Him Her Friendship And Trust In Return, He Had Aroused Emotions In Her She Was Too Young To Handle, Wrenching Her From Childhood To Womanhood In A Few Startling DaysWhen He Left Her, Linden Realized That She Been Ruthlessly Used Her Love For Joss Had Been Almost Worshipful His Love Had Been A Savage Devouring Taking And Never Giving His Love Had Destroyed Her Just As She Would Now Destroy Him Wow That was intense Heroine was bend on revenge but I guess I can see where she came from Hero was a much older married man who left after he took her virginity She was naive and crazy about him so love turned into hatred It was kind of gross that she dated his son but old school Harlequins are crazy I m on a Charlotte Lamb marathon The heroes car crashed close to the heroines house, when she dragged him out of the car and brought him home, she was only seventeen and almost instantly in love with the handsome stranger The heroines father let the hero stay with them for a while and as time went on the hero began to fall in love with the heroine One night he caught her naked and swimming and he seduced her, taking her pleasure to whole new levels Then the next morning the heroines father told her that he had left because he was married The heroine then tried to kill herself After accepting but still loving the hero she eventually moved on with a handsome young man named Daniel, never knowing the hero was Daniel s fatherOh the drama The hero was kind of an ass for taking her innocents and then running off without an explanation to her face Although when the heroine met up with him again, she was all kind of heartless from being so tortured and hurt Either way, the story was a bit of old school but totally enjoyable Re read 10 16 16I read this book many years ago and gave it 5 stars Years later on my 2nd 3rd re read with older eyes I still give it 5 stars The plot is what the back cover states h young and fresh has been shattered and destroyed by the H and fate has led her back to him and now she is out for revenge and blood I feel this book is divided into two distinct parts the sweetness, peacefulness and awakening and the 2nd part is boom revenge, revenge, revenge Warning, this book may have a lot of ICK factors What you might not like 1 H is 22 years older 17 to 39 Uhuh, 17 Uh huh Perv 2 There s a father son dynamic involvement Gross or hot You tell me 3 h is hellbent on annihilation of the H in the 2nd part of the book and it totally looks like that to me Now if you can withstand survive the above here s what you might like What you might like 1 The story is well written and will not bore you 2 Drama with a capital D D D, the angst, the pain, the SORROW 3 H is obsessively in love with the h 4 h REALLY gives it to the H and he takes it all in he just takes it because he knows he be at fault yo 5 The HEA I feel it was satisfying and yay like given the way the h acted Their coming together was explosive Final thoughts So my 1st reading of this book I didn t pay too much attention the H and his really sinister and snakelike luring and awakening of the h Here we have the h, minding her own business, happy with her life at least not THAT unhappy happy with herself and in absolutely NO HURRY to change her status from girl to woman La di da di da, H comes along, wow, this fresh, young, innocent, h I am caught, hooked, I must have her My charm, experience and good looks will get her Hey, why isn t she reciprocating Grrr let me show her this, No Double GRRR Ok here s some of my intoxicating kisses No, then how about this Not yet, ok THIS Yes, mission successful I should have pictures with that This H just kept coming on and on to the h, teaching her unwanted lessons, and was getting frustrated and annoyed as heck hahaha when the h really was clueless or should I say, totally unaware of him as a man and she s not really there yet with those whole flirtation, sexual innuendoes, tension and all that I was smirking when the H asks the h how old she thinks he is and she answers 40 a year older than his real age and she laughs at him and says something to the effect of why you think I was going to say you look younger than your real age Bwahahahaha So, do I feel any sympathy for the H and what he gets subjected to by the h Big fat NO I really he think the H was a selfish, stalkery swine for his behavior He couldn t leave well enough alone He just couldn t resist the TEMPTATION Do I still love this book Big fat YES hee hee As for the h I am 100% on her side I agree with the other reviewer I truly feel if h did not meet H again, she would have her life back on track, she would have met someone else and yes, she would have been TOTALLY happy with the h s son Daniel I honestly feel sad for her I think h could have had a happy ending with Daniel if not for the H and I do believe Daniel would have accepted the h even knowing about her involvement with his father It would be weird as hell but I think it could have worked But alas, the H is Joshua so the happy ending is him Despite all my mean comments about the H, I can sort of applaud that he was willing to stick with the h despite knowing how EXTREMELY PISSED she was Heartwrenching, October 22, 2008This review is from Temptation Harlequin Presents 310 Mass Market Paperback I got this book based on the reviews and what an excellent decision It s been awhile since I ve read a Harlequin Presents that is just different Even though it was written in 1979, this book totally enthralled me The hero and heroine had very distinct personalities and were not cookie cutter characters at all Even though HP novels tend to have a specific number of pages, Charlotte Lamb was able to incorporate everything there to satisfy me, the dream, the heartache, the pain, forgiveness, the loving I too do not want to spoil the story, so all I can say is get this book I love Charlotte books but this one pissed me off Guys who are married yes I know the situation should not cheat They are not a hero He just came in and ruined her life and almost killing her in the process then he is demanding a second chance Wtf I would give him a knee to the groin Why are the heroines soooo understanding She was little weak also so maybe that s why I did not like this book. Old skool crazy This time it was the heroine who was bat shit crazy Of course she was only 19 so she was still in that everything is drama phase But wow, she was the epitome of over reacting He lied to her about being already married and slept with her then left her So she tried to kill herself and when they meet again she marries him just to punish him Fair enough but she s whackadoodle about it He s horribly contrite and apologetic and tells her he loves her and will do anything to make it up to her so she marries him and keeps telling him that she wants him to bleed and die and she wants to be the one who shoves the knife in him Cuz she s so perfect I guess He needs to run the other way I give it three stars for the crazy.