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!Read E-pub á Mistress of the Groom æ Have You Heard The Latest Don T Tell Anyone ButThe Groom Was Having An Affair With His Bride S Best Friend Jane Had Been Desperate To Stop The Wedding She D Had To Prevent Her Best Friend From Making The Biggest Mistake Of Her Life Marrying Ryan Blair Would Have Been Disastrous He Was Too Rich, Too Powerful, Too Hot To Handle There Was Only One Solution To Stand Up In Church And Declare That She, Jane Sherwood, Respectable Businesswoman, Was Having A Secret Torrid Affair With Ryan It Had Worked The Wedding Was Finished But Now Ryan Was Determined To Make Jane Pay For His Wrecked Marriage By Making Her His Mistress For Real Mistress of the Groom is the story of Ryan and Jane.So three years ago, Jane breaks up her best friend Ava s wedding to Ryan in order to save her from a life of unhappiness by confessing to being his mistress.And I understand this causes Ryan to lose love of his life , his society respect, business blah blah and pushes him into revenge mode.What does he do you ask Takes over the heroines business by actually dismantling it, such that she ends up almost being homeless Prostitutes, YES SELLS the heroine to his friend in exchange for money yeah it s explained as a bait and she shouldn t have taken it but it s all authors justification for him pimping her Calls her every vile name in the book Also repeatedly calls her big , large WTF is their obsession with skin color dark Then the author goes into justifications for his actions while the heroine escapes What does Ryan do again Stalks her to her sanctuary Berates her The book attempts to improve with their crazy banter, until the hero s sister gate crashes the house and then sneers at the heroine.There is some resolution of issues towards the last 3 4 but the ending is absurd Like, WHY ARE YOU APOLOGIZING WOMAN He FCKN SOLD YOU To be honest, the book never recovers from the blunders and crap in the first half, and the end leaves you desiring for much less I m so over THIS.EghWhatever1 5 This is one of my all time favorite Harlequin Presents It has the elements that I love about this line passion, revenge, strong personalities clashing in the arena of life, until they fall in love and bed Jane and Ryan are enemies, for numerous reasons For one thing, he ruins her father and his business her father destroyed his family many years earlier and he has been biding his time to take his revenge Also she ruins his wedding to her good friend, by arriving at the wedding and claiming to be his mistress that he s been having an affair with Her meek friend has fallen in love with another man and is afraid to cry off from the wedding, so Jane steps in to help her at her own expense After that, daggers are drawn Ryan destroys Jane s business prospects and pretty much her life, and makes it impossible for her to find a job.So it s her turn to get revenge It sounds like a vicious cycle, but the fiery chemistry between them makes this story worth reading Jane is tall and buxom I sort of pictured her looking like Lucy Lawless as Xena or Jane Russell 40s 50s pinup girl and actress Ryan is a big, tall, blue eyed, black haired guy who probably looks like a viking except with the dark hair They make a striking couple.There are few love scenes, but they are pretty blazing, and the first one definitely has a naughty vibe you can read if you want to find out what I mean This book shows the strength of Napier s writing She might have a heroine who s temporarily down on her luck, but she s than a match for the hero as far as intellect, abilities, and personal fortitude She isn t a pushover, and she s not going to let him treat her like she s beneath him I also love that she has heroines who may not be model beautiful and have some insecurities about themselves that they might struggle with, but manage to live productive lives otherwise You get the impression that they would be successful in life, but it s nice to have the love of a good man to complete them I love her heroes because they are very alpha and somewhat domineering, but equally caring, and not so bullheaded that they cannot come to see the error of their ways or express their love and caring for the heroine Plus she has a lot of big, muscular, dark hair, light eyed heroes, which I find very attractive And they are New Zealanders Not Italian, Greek, or Latin and not necessarily billionaires A lot of them are self made men and or have very down to earth values and lifestyles, even if they are wealthy And usually they are very much heroes in pursuit, who go after the heroine who s not the typical immaculate, society beauty that every other man wants although they are definitely appealing in their own unique way.I think you d have to be a fan of Harlequin Presentseque storylines, at least to a mild degree, to like this one But I happen to love the revenge and powerful desire between enemies theme that is a staple of Harlequin Presents, so this book was a winner for me, especially in Susan Napier s masterful hands. RE Mistress of the Groom Susan Napier s Typhoon of Tackiness Drama takes the Scandals mini series to epic new lows I despise this book from the bottom of my heart, so take this spoilerization with a grain of salt because a lot of HP Voyagers love this one.The book starts with the h interrupting the wedding of the H and her BFF by claiming she is the H s mistress Totally Tacky Behavior and it all came about because the BFF was pressured into marrying the H by her family and she is in love with someone else So she guilted the h by claiming she was pregnant until the h agreed to do something dramatic enough to get her off the hook.We learn that the H and the h s abusive father have been in competition for years, the father is very unscrupulous and ruined the H s family business years earlier This is the final straw as far as the H is concerned, he can t have his own way so he is going to war He decimates the h s father and then he sets out to decimate the h too for thwarting his will, by bankrupting her, evicting her from her home, blackballing her from getting a job and tho she helped a lot in this, humiliating her socially.This leads to the h punching him out in a completely pathetic scene at a big public dinner, injuring her hand Then the H decides to sell the bankrupt h as a prostitute to some creepy guy and the h agrees to do this The H breaks into the room at the last minute and essentially rapes her himself, tho it is presented as forced seduction and of course the h has a physiological response.The h is bankrupt, socially humiliated, ruined and runs off to a primitive beach hut to sort her garbage out The H shows up and proceeds to bully, berate, continue to rape and force his way into the h s life The h manages to injure both of her hands at this point and is pretty helpless, so the H connives to get her into his home with his fairly decent mother and his skank nematode slime swiller of a sister There is H forced seduction attempts and this h just can t stop offering the H opportunities to humiliate her.Finally it all ends with the H running off in frustration because the h won t trust him He finally found out about the BFF s pressure on the heroine to ruin his wedding and the h has to borrow money from the H s mother, go to another huge society event and publicly humiliate herself to beg him to take her back Which he begrudgingly and humiliatingly does and the h says it is all okay because really she ruined his wedding because she was jealous that he was marrying her friend when she loved him There is no remorse, redemption or anything from the H but a continual grinding the h s face in the fact that she is worth nothing than an objectified masturbatory object and whipping post for the H and the h has now signed up for that for life and this is supposed to be the HEA My original rant follows this, but honestly, I throw up every time I even think about this HP outing and this is the last time I am ever reading it I can t admire anyone in this book.The h in this book is the weakest, most pathetic doormat in HP history She can t stand up to Mr Potato Head, much less anyone else including her wimpy, scared meek best friend who wants her to stop the wedding cause the BF can t pick up her big girls pants and say no, I don t want to marry this guy This h needed therapy or a BDSM club so she could either get over her masochism or find a guy who really cared about her enough to help her live with it The H is one huge load of excrement, and that is probably insulting excrement These two are so dysfunctional it isn t even funny I foresee them dying within a year of the ending cause they killed each other There was no romance in this book, just two highly antagonistic, despicable people who probably deserved each other in the end with huge hopes that death hits them before they breed.At one point in the book the H tells the h that she isn t worth having because she won t trust him to be honorable She is right not to trust him, aside from bankrupting her, evicting her from her home, prostituting her out and then forcibly seducing her, he does not one thing to prove he is a decent person He is focused on revenge until he decides he wants to permanently humiliate her by marrying her and continue the torture and she laps this treatment up like it is candy There was no redemption for either one of these people, he contemptuously tosses her aside until she is willing to publicly beg and humiliate herself to be with him Sadly, she has so little self respect left she does it, and makes a grand gesture proposal in front of people she will have to endure continued slights from as long as she is in his life That isn t love, that is wretched self destruction and not my idea of a HEA.This was dysfunction at its finest, and the only feeling left at the end of the story was a bleak depression that although they deserved to be together as they are both disgusting, there was no joy or real relationship between the two that makes their pairing even remotely loving or with the potential to ever be happy. Wow, this book pulled some strong emotions from me First, the beginning was pretty awesome the heroine punches the hero in front of a crowd for what he is doing to ruin her life He ruins her financially so that she has absolutely nothing because she broke up his wedding during the ceremony to save her friend who was too chicken to do it herself.In the first half, things just keep getting worse for the heroine The hero not only takes away all her money, he tries to leave her homeless and without a chance at a job Then here comes that craziest part about this entire book he tried to make her a hooker That s right, he tries to pimp her out to this random business associate to help her earn some money He even wants to be her pimp daddy in the future The whole set up is so confusing because she takes pain pills and is out of it, ends up in a hotel room with the creepy guy then the hero comes back and saves her then they do the mattress mambo despite the fact he ruined her life and just tried to make her a hooker WTF are you thinking girl Well, she must have a magic vajayjay because all the sudden the hero decides he won t try to completely ruin her life any He is such a big hearted guy, he won t give back the company he took from her but he will set her up real nice and let her service him when he decides to stop by she isn t good enough to live with him though So, does the heroine run away because he treated her horribly and then wants to further debase her nope, she runs away because she is afraid she will fall in love with him and have her heart broke.So they end up together in this run down cottage I guess we needed a scenery change Hero wants to help her since she has two messed up hands she broke one punching him awesome, and she burnt one when he surprised her Yada yada, he hangs around trying to talk to her, she ignores him, then his family is somehow involved and the next WTF thing happens after the second bout of crazy monkey love which before this they are barely speaking, he proposes marriage then she says no because get this, she is afraid he is still stuck on the old girl and might not be serious She doesn t say hell no you a hole, you ruined my life, ruined my business then tried to prostitute me out Nope.I kept waiting and waiting for him to say he was sorry for ruining her life, making her destitute then trying to make her a HOOKER for God s sake but that was a futile wait Nope, he makes her make a fool out of herself in public because she dared to say no before to his proposal, so she grovels and tells him she loves him while he screws with her head.Then instead of a grovel from him, they start talking about how they both enjoyed him ruining her life because it meant he cared about her So you know what, she deserves him if they both enjoyed that Hopefully he doesn t get mad and try to pimp her out again Ha So I guess it sounds like I didn t like this book but I actually enjoyed it HPs are supposed to be addictive and crazy and this one certainly was The punch and the pimping part both made this a memorable HP