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PDF ⚡ Sensation á Why Had Drew Shown Up In Paris Now Helen Had Managed To Avoid Drew For The Past Six Years, Ensuring That If He Was In One Country She D Be In AnotherAfter All, Theirs Wasn T A Real Marriage Anyway Drew Had Wanted The Business Connection With Her Father And Helen Had Merely Wanted To Escape Her Parents It Was A Bizarre But Comfortable ArrangementBut Now Drew Meant To Claim His Rights As Her Husband, And She Had Nowhere To Turn His Sudden Demands Were Frightening And Confusing As Were Her Own Surprising Responses Six years ago Helen Lincoln and Drew Lincoln married each other as in partnership.Drew married her for business and also secretly wanted her, while Helen only married him to gain freedom from her over bearing parents.The first two nights of their honeymoon Helen unhappily accepted his love making it counts as rape and she becomes pregnant with their son Stephen Drew will also soon have to realize that he has come to fall desperately in love with his wife and the years as they live separate lives he waits patiently for her to accept him But now after six years he listen to his son raving about a new man in Helen s life..and now once and for all Drew decides to take action and break her barriers apart.I couldn t see their so called marriage on paper as real marriage, so i saw them instead as two people with pride who secretly loves each other.Chemistry between these two was SMOKING HOT in the way only CL writes, and i enjoyed their banter immensely Helen was really blind and didn t see Drew s obvious powerful love for her he also scared me half to death every times he was MAD of overly jealousyBut Oh how i love heroes that makes me feel like this Drew Lincoln is a restless predator who has fallen down his knees when it came to the woman he love The hard core angst between Drew and Helen was utterly delicious It is also clear that Drew had suffered greatly over the years because of his unrequited love for Helen, and even all the people in the society saw that I also hated Helen s mother, and even Drew thought her a bitch..such a disgusting and self absorbed mother Every book by Charlotte Lamb has been rated 5 STARS by me, and Sensation is not a exception Negative 3 stars.Well no mater how you look at it, this book sucked I mean, this was the trifecta of anti romance with rape,abuse, and adultery He is just an asshat and she is a doormat he is using and abusing I like a lot of CL books, but this one almost seemed like it was written by a bitter man who hates and disrespects women.It was just so wrong for me My romance needs to have some respect and some logical explanations for bad behaviour The hero, seem like a big child throwing a temper tantrum So attractive.NOT My suggestion is to give this whole book a skip Sensation has all the elements that have made Charlotte Lamb so infamous as an HP writer who likes to have her heroines tortured by unrepenting, irredeemable bastard heroes Though CL has written so many different genres, a lot of them infused with humor, lightheartedness, romanticism, and tenderness, it is these very nasty, totally non p.c stories she is most remembered for.The heroine here is really put through the ringer by everyone, and I mean everyone, from Mommy Dearest, to Chauvinist Dad, to of course the controlling, manhandling, rapey, cheating hero , and even her own little son, of all people, already displaying, at the tender age of 5, daddy s violent, possessive tendencies towards her.The heroine was a very interesting HPlandia character in that she has all the attributes the reader normally associates with a villainous OW an impossibly beautiful, icy, blonde groomed to make a marriage of convenience and acting the perfect hostess But because CL takes her time developing her character and telling the story exclusively through her point of view, she is immensely sympathetic The epitome of the poor, little, rich girl By contrast, the hero is very underdeveloped, painted in very broad brushstrokes He does not even have the requisite sob story in his background that explains why he views women as so many Kleenexes that he needs to wipe his snot on then throw away No, sex is merely an appetite for him, like any other, and the obsession he has towards the heroine us completely physical and devoid of any affection, tenderness or feeling It is all a game and because heroine won t play because she is smart enough to see his technique as what it is, and be totally sickened by his insincere, greedy wooing of her, he decides that he will browbeat her into marriage under false pretenses just so he can have access to her body In the beginning of the story, the heroine has a minor act of rebellion against her plastic, ruthless parents and social circle, and I was holding my breath wondering if she was going to have the courage to pursue her one true love, music, and extricate herself from the gilded cage she was born in She has an evening out with people her own age and pursuing similar artistic interests, and she becomes for the first time a feeling, relaxed, happy teenager instead of the lacquered, mechanical doll she is expected to act for her family and acquaintances.But the hero soon puts a stop to that by bullying her into a marriage of convenience, and then being magnanimous enough to allow her to continue with piano lessons during the marriage even though he forbids her to pursue her passion full time, as she needs to tend to her high class, trophy wife duties first decorating their homes, hosting parties,raising their son, etc This is all the horrendous given that he himself often talks about how much enjoyment he gets from his career as an engineer, planning and building major projects, something that he has loved to do since he was a kid tinkering with toys, and which takes him away for lengthy periods of times to the four corners of the world Aside from all the truly despicable stuff he inflicted upon her, and this guy was a first class donkey face with shit for brains, it was his deliberate obliteration of the one light in her dismal life that I could never forgive him for Music, to the heroine, was the only freedom she had of expressing herself honestly, without risking put downs or set downs from the rigid people ruling her life I could have perhaps forgiven the hero for all his other misdeeds if he had recognised the importance of music to the heroine, not just as a hobby but as her life s blood, and given her the opportunity to realize her dreams within their MOC, but he never did that, and made no efforts to really get to know that side of her, a real, intimate side He was only interested in her body which he expressly admired time and time again and his own ego possessing her as no one else would be able to possess her He is such a Neanderthal that he even remarks at one point that he is jealous of her piano With impeccable writing, Charlotte Lamb managed to evoke real emotion from this reader out of what could have been a campy, over the top laugh fest I just wish I could have believed in this HEA but unfortunately, the hero was too much of a completely callous, disgusting cad for me to throw the confettis at the conclusion. Who knew you could rape your way into true love Srsly you read enough early CL s and you begin to think all her h s are srsly masochistic H and h are married, he rapes her on wedding night and night after, she gets preggers and avoids him for 6 years until H decides he can t live without her Evil mother, cheating H and h that really needed her head examined but I liked the book anyway.I figure give Helen ten years and let Drew revert back to his asshat ways and her son almost ready to run things and Helen will be pulling her inner Cruella De Ville persona out to ruin Drew s hiney I could see her doing it, cause under all that disinterest is a real bitch waiting to emerge, she isn t her parent s daughter for nothing.