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3.5 stars MacHalo Buddy Read I enjoyed this story It was a quick read A bit dark, full of old superstitions and I like stories like that Although, many were bothered by the translation, I wasn t really BUT Something was definitely lost Something was off, but I got the gist and liked it anyway. 4.5 stars I don t know what came over me, but this made me feel things Buddy read with the lovely MacHalo group Winter 1581, Norway 16 year old Silje stumbles away from her plague ridden village, leaving her dead family behind Having collected two abandoned children, she stumbles into a forest seeking warmth and sustenance She encounters there a demonic yet captivating wolf man, one of the Ice People from the Shadow Mountains whom Silje has been raised to fear.Just a quick note This isn t YA, the heroine is just young.This really exceeded my expectations.Originally published in Danish right in 1982 and translated into English in 2008, Spellbound is a classic Nordic historical fiction fantasy series While known as a fantasy novel as far as I can tell, I think this is prominently a romantic historical fiction epic with supernatural elements It reads like something out of a dark European fairytale for much of it, with themes like evil spirits and witchcraft, but is also very much grounded in its time period and setting While there are some old fashioned ideas of good vs evil, the religious superstition doesn t ruin anything and lends to the wintery atmosphere Mostly though, the focus is on the romance.I kind of loved that Our love interest, Tengel of the cursed Ice People, isn t your typical swoon worthy guy, but that s kind of what makes him swoon worthy Think of the Beast from Beauty the Beast but less hairy and decidedly human Silje I m just sticking with Cilia on this one is kind of modest and virtuous and blah blah because she was raised that way, but her attitude towards sex isn t boring and I actually thought she was pretty interesting for a girl of her time She has some naive notions and is very much a Thank God you were here to save me My hero damsel but to be honest it didn t bother me so much Go figure.The translation is a little poor in spots but I found it easy to look past by the end because the story was so compelling.What I was not expecting was to finish the book, read the quick excerpt for the next one, and see a list of the entire 47 BOOKS IN THE SERIES Imagines having to track down another 46 obscure English translations, considers whether this is maybe only a one star book afterall. @READ BOOK ì Trollbundet (Sagan om Isfolket, #1) Õ Description From The Back Of The Book F Rste Bok I SAGAEN OM ISFOLKET Etterkommerne Til Den Onde Tengel, Som Hadde Inng Tt En Pakt Med DjevelenSilje Arngrimsdatter Var Bare Bare Sytten Da Pesten Drepte Alle Slektningene Hennes I Utsultet Og Forfrossen, Og Med To Foreldrel Se Sm Barn Ta H Nd Om, N Rmet Hun Seg Likb Lene Utenfor Trondhjem For F Litt Varme I Kroppen Underlig Nok Var Det Bare N Som Hjalp Silje I N Dens Stund En Mann Av Isfolkets Tt Som Silje Fant Dyrisk Og Skremmende Og Underlig Tiltrekkende P Samme Tid This whole series is definitely a guilty pleasure for me 47 volumes of a guilty pleasure It s exactly the kind of overly sentimental, formulaic crap, with elements of fantasy thrown in and lots of sex scenes aimed at a teenage girls and or b bored housewives, that I usually want to kill with fire but for some reason I love it Whole 47 volumes of it I ve read the whole series a couple of times, and certain individual volumes than that It s like eating a whole jar of peanut butter with a spoon It can t be good for you, it s than mildly disgusting, and it feels so GOOD So I ll be reading it again. This is where it all started With this book Both for the author, and for me, as the reader.This is where Margit Sandemo started writing a series of books that was unlike anything else at the time We have to keep in mind this is early 1980 s, and supernatural books with a slight erotic twist weren t all that common.I didn t get around to read these books until than a decade later I was still a kid when these books came out Later I was holding off reading these because they were a saga To me it sounded like an educational series of books Something school like But then I was out for a couple weeks, ill, and a friend borrowed me her books All 47 of them So I started reading, and I was hooked from the very first page.Since then I ve read the whole series at least 3 times, and I ve connected with the various characters Some than others Some I still remember vividly, some not so much Getting to follow a family through the generations, and a magical family at that, is something special Especially when you have the constant fight between the good and the bad, some family members turn out really bad Some family member just plain refuse to die, even hundreds of years later.These books is what turned me to this genre, and I haven t stopped reading it since These are the books that made me think I want to be able to write too and I have tried writing But I cannot spin a world like Margit Sandemo can She is the Master I ve been lucky enough to meet Ms Sandemo a couple times, and this woman is so special it makes me feel very humble.Other than Norwegian and Swedish, I don t know what other languages it has been translated into But if you can, read these books Even if they were written 30 years ago, they never go out of style They re timeless Check with family and friends to see if anyone has these books Even if they re hard to get hold of, try They are worth it. In Experiences in translation Umberto Eco argues that translation should be considered a literary genre in itself, an art form in its own right he knew something about it, given that the semiologist turned author translated himself one of the most untranslatable books of all times, Raymond Queneau s Exercices de style which in fact Eco didn t translate at all but rewrote from scratch, thus proving the point he made elsewhere that a translator is, for all intents and purposes, the co author of the book he translated.But, despite the fundamental part that translators play into our cultural lives, their profession remains largely in the shadows could you name the translator of your favorite Japanese novel Or the one that made it possible for you to read Tolstoy Just like when in movies you only notice the editing when it s badly done and the sequences don t make any sense that s when I take notice of it, anyway , a translator s work often takes the spotlight when something s off with it This long digression to say that I m grateful to Anna Halager, who translated book 1 of the long lived fantasy saga The Legend of the Ice People by Norwegian Swedish author Margit Sandemo but the translation was awful I blame the rather bad quality of the writing on the translator because I can t imagine that a best selling, beloved author like Sandemo apparently is could write a book where everyone is either despondent or compassionate, all the time, sometimes than once in the same sentence The writing felt awkward, repetitive and sometimes obscure some passages simply didn t make any sense and than once a sentence would pop up contradicting something that had been previously said.But if you can get past it my MacHalo buddies Sh3lly and Celise weren t bothered by the the translation writing so it s entirely possible that it s just me the story is absolutely charming I m a sucker for fairytales and Sandemo s style reminded me a bit of Christian Andersen s but where she truly shines is in the historical setting Both the world she recreates 16th century Norway and the characterization of the people who inhabited it are truly stunning I love the atmosphere she brings to life a frozen countryside ravaged by the plague, superstitious and fearful of every shadow, but where you can still find generous people and heartwarming little moments of true friendship The happy ending, tinged with foreboding, is simply perfect so much so that, despite my complains, I ll be definitely reading of this veeery long series. Saga o Ludziach Lodu tak dumnie brzmi, prawda Us ysza am o niej par lat temu i jedn z jej cech by o to, e nie da o si jej ju nigdzie dosta w wersji papierowej, aby pi knie si prezentowa a na p ce Jednak w ko cu zdoby am par jej cz ci Niekoniecznie wiedzia am te czego mam si po niej spodziewa , ale po pierwszej cz ci jestem naprawd zadowolona Jest rok 1581, a w p nocnej Norwegii w okolicach Trondheim panuje zaraza, kt ra zabiera ze sob tysi ce os b Wsz dzie pal cia a, a zw oki zalegaj na ulicach M oda, szesnastoletnia Silje straci a ca swoj rodzin B kaj c si w okolicy miasta znalaz a malutk dwuletni dziewczynk i p acz ce niemowl Silje zaopiekowa a si nimi w tym trudnym czasie, a wreszcie kto zaj si Silje W przyp ywie odwagi pomog a pewnemu tajemniczemu m czy nie uratowa jego druha przed mierci Nieznajomy o przera aj cym wygl dzie zwierzocz eka, chodz cy w sk rze wilka zapewni jej miejsce do ycia z rodzin znajomego artysty oraz opiek Ludzi Lodu Jeste my na p nocy po r d nieg w i g r Ksi ka jest bardzo kr tka, to zaledwie jeden epizod w yciu Silje, jednow tkowy, ale mimo to autorka bardzo wyra nie i zgrabnie zarysowa a nam wczesn sytuacj polityczn obszaru Wiara chrze cija ska dominuje, ale ludzie nie zapomnieli o rodzimych wierzeniach i tajemniczych stworach Wkr tce Silje b dzie si musia a zmierzy z w asnym strachem Od lat karmiono j opowie ciami i o gro nych, przekl tych Ludziach Lodu, paraj cych si mroczn magi pochodz c od z ego Tengela i zamieszkuj cych Krain Mroku pomi dzy wysokimi g rami Silje jest bardzo ciekaw bohaterk Jest odwa na i wojownicza, ale posiada te dusz artystki i wielkie serce kt re kaza o je zaj si sierotami Tytu ksi ki w idealny spos b oddaje to, co si w niej dzieje Bo to w a nie o zauroczenie i mi o w niej chodzi Dziewczyna dorasta i poznaje zupe nie nowe pragnienia i uczucia po dania Uczy si te odr ni zauroczenie od mi o ci Jednak odnios am wra enie, e bohaterowie ze zbyt wielk bezpo rednio ci m wi o tym co czuj Nieco zabrak o mi subtelno ci w ich relacjach J zyk jest stylizowany na starodawny, redniowieczny z zachowaniem wszystkich tytu w i form grzeczno ciowych nie do ko ca sprzyja budowaniu romantycznej atmosfery.Gdyby to by a jedna osobna ksi ka, a mo e nawet trylogia, to pewnie przyczepi abym si do zbyt powierzchownego opisania niekt rych kwestii, ale Saga o Ludziach Lodu liczy sobie a 47 cz ci, wi c pewnie niekt re kwestie si jeszcze rozwin Bardzo mi si ta ksi ka spodoba a Jest te bardzo klimatyczna i zapowiada co naprawd dobrego, bo to jedynie wst p do sagi Naprawd polecam wszystkim pasjonatom kultury nordyckiej i dalekiej p nocy.http latajace ksiazki.blogspot.com Den var ov ntad sp nnande och intressant Huvudpersonerna r sympatiska och mysigt erotiska, fast lite f r mycket d dlig k rlek f r min smak Det var kul att ha l st denna klassiker men jag vet inte om jag orkar med alla 47 i serien, f r att inte n mna hennes tv andra F r se. Actual rating 2.5 stars Up the review goes, down the rating flows.A question, my Little Barnacles you do not seriously think I read this book willingly, do you now Oh, good I thought it must have been pretty obvious to everyone that the MacHalos someone must have held me at gunpoint to force me to read this delightful story, but I wanted to make things clear for the most clueless decapods among you Wouldn t want the puny humans my dear friends to think less of me because of my despicable reading choices of late one miserably dubious read and stuff.To be disgustingly honest, I was bloody shrimping petrified wasn t too terrified at the thought of reading this book I mean, really, how bad could it be A fairly innocuous, 218 page long Fantasy saga type thing And a Scandinavian cult classic which has been translated into 8 languages at that No biggie I can totally do this and stuff Or so I thought before realizing this was shudders pre emptively heavy on the romance.But a brave little shrimp I am so bravely soldier on with a gun to my lovely little head, remember I did view spoiler Go me and stuff hide spoiler English translation, paperback A rather spooky cult classic in Europe, Spellbound is the first of 47 books in The Legend of the Ice People series, originally written in Swedish by the prolific Margit Sandemo Fairly rich in European history particularly Scandinavian this paranormal romance series spans 400 years Despite some erotic overtones dream scenes, emerging sexuality, etc and one moderately explicit sex scene, I hesitantly taggedSpellbound as YA but it captured this adult s interest.The book is written in third person POV, transitioning from the heroine to the hero also, some time is spent in Charlotte Meiden s head.In my view, the best aspects of this book are the setting including history and tone and the characterization especially of the heroine The plot is solid spooky and suspenseful but not outstanding yet In translation, the writing is fine The dialogue is fair but not fabulous see translated excerpt below and the setting nicely descriptive There is little to no humor in this book It feels almost epic, with lots of foreshadowing.Main characters Silje Arngrimsdotter, age 16 Sill yuh, similar to Celia , is an orphaned peasant with some education Tengel of the Ice People, age 32, is referred to as evil, a wizard, a wolf man, thought to be inhuman but one of the good guys In some ways, Tengel reminded me of the Goblin King in The Hollow Kingdom See my review.Basic plot of this story and the series In the 16th Century, when Denmark ruled Norway and rebels revolted, an orphaned teenage girl Silje and a social outcast Tengel gradually fall in love, even though he initially resists, loathing himself and unwilling to produce offspring to continue the cursed line To save her life, he takes her and the two foundlings she has adopted to his village in the Barren Mountains, where the legendary Ice People live under the shadow of a curse Long story short, Tengel and Silje begin a dynasty that must eventually by the end of the series destroy the approaching evil that threatens the entire world, for Tengel s ancestor made a pact with the devil, and that pact continues in every generation The only way to break the pact is to dig up old Tengel s kettle and bones, but no one knows where they were buried.The plot was consistent I saw no major holes in it The paranormal world building is situated in the history and folklore of Norway.Setting This is a strength The story is set in Norway, 1581, moving from the city of Trondheim to Benedikt s farm at the foot of the glacial Barren Mountains, and finally straight up, into the shadowy mountains The writing is descriptive and yet realistic it is clear that Sandemo has done her homework The opening scene feels grim, hopeless, and very sad, as an exhausted young Silje wanders the frozen, unwelcoming streets of Trondheim, seeking warmth from a huge bone fire outside the western gate, where plague riddled bodies burn Sandemo weaves the plight of political rebels into the story, and the effects of the Protestant Reformation are apparent as a terrified Silje offers up Lutheran as well as Catholic prayers Later, when the scene changes to Benedikt s farm, Sandemo describes how delighted Silje is to be given a cabin with wooden floors and glass windows The creaking wooden wagon, the muddy track, the cavernous tunnel of ice, Dag s rich, finely woven swaddling it s all there This attention to detail lends a sense of history and general authenticity, as did descriptions of the mindset folks were generally superstitious and judgemental, burning witches and cursing babes born out of wedlock, etc.Characterization This is another strength particularly with respect to the heroine Silje is the lone survivor of the plague that killed her entire family The author does a nice job developing a layered character Silje s actions demonstrate courage, compassion, intuition and some intelligence, but not pragmatism Instead, she is an artist at heart, barely able to manage household chores and tend two children.Primarily, Sandemo portrays Silje as compassionate From the first chapter, her kind is exposed For example, even though she is starving, freezing, and homeless, she cannot ignore a despairing toddler Sol Angelica , wailing at the side of her mother, lying dead in the street Nor can she deny the pitiful cries of an abandoned infant, even though she fears he is a myling, the spirit of an abandoned and unbaptized child, forced to roam the earth wailing for a decent burial Scandinavian folklore Ignoring her superstitions, Silje gathers the cold infant into her arms, and not knowing the newborn s gender, wrapped as he is in rich fabrics declares I have found thee in the darkness of night Therefore I baptize thee Dag, if thou art a boy Thou wast left to die I know not when Therefore I baptize thee Liv, if thou art a girl.This same compassionate heart that warms to tiny Dag gives Silje the ability to see lovable qualities in an ugly but tender, protective, and sexy hero the rest of the world calls evil, and to befriend the most repulsive old crone I have ever met between the bindings of a book shuddering That s why I was almost moved to tears when view spoiler the old hag revealed her futile hope that the baby she d midwifed into the world would be named after her Silje intuitively knew old Hanna s heart, and despite her revulsion, named her firstborn child Liv Hanna hide spoiler