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The Night of soul Stealer The Last Apprentice, 3 , 2006, Joseph DelaneyAbstract It s going to be a long, hard, cruel winter And there couldn t be a worse place to spend it than up on Anglezarke.Thomas Ward is the apprentice for the local Spook, who captures witches and drives away ghosts As the weather gets colder and the nights draw in, the Spook receives an unexpected visitor Tom doesn t know who the stranger is or what he wants, but the Spook suddenly decides it s time to travel to his winter house, Anglezarke Tom has heard it will be a bleak, forbidding place, and that menacing creatures are starting to stir somewhere on the moors nearby.Can anything prepare Tom for what he finds there What if the rumors about the evil beast called the Golgoth are true And how much danger will Tom be in if the secrets the Spook has been trying to hide from the world are revealed Characters Mr Gregory, Thomas J Ward, Alice Deane 2013 1391 416 104 9789643698225 20 [[ Free E-pub ]] ✑ Night of the Soul Stealer ↰ It S Going To Be A Long, Hard, Cruel Winter And There Couldn T Be A Worse Place To Spend It Than Up On AnglezarkeThomas Ward Is The Apprentice For The Local Spook, Who Captures Witches And Drives Away Ghosts As The Weather Gets Colder And The Nights Draw In, The Spook Receives An Unexpected Visitor Tom Doesn T Know Who The Stranger Is Or What He Wants, But The Spook Suddenly Decides It S Time To Travel To His Winter House, Anglezarke Tom Has Heard It Will Be A Bleak, Forbidding Place, And That Menacing Creatures Are Starting To Stir Somewhere On The Moors NearbyCan Anything Prepare Tom For What He Finds There What If The Rumors About The Evil Beast Called The Golgoth Are True And How Much Danger Will Tom Be In If The Secrets The Spook Has Been Trying To Hide From The World Are Revealed I m re listening to these The Spook s Apprentice series were some of the first audiobooks I listened to I loved them back then and I love them now Great series.Update listened to this again with my kids on our school trips 16 year old son s rating 4 stars10 year old son s rating 4.5 starsMy rating, this time around 4 stars But I ll keep it at 5 stars Just because. This is the third in a series as I m sure you spotted and while I like them I can t quite bring myself to go above 4 stars.A friend here on Goodreads mentioned that her biggest complaint with the Wardstone Chronicles was is that Tom doesn t change much That is so far true To be fair however the 3 books I ve read so far take place in a period of months less than a year As this book ends and spring approaches Tom is about to celebrate not really a good word for it I suppose a year as the Spook s Apprentice As this volume opens we are not much advanced in time from the end point of the second volume Winter is approaching Tom is facing moving to the Spook s winter quarters or winter house A place that is actually much less warm, much less inviting and much less pleasant than the house at Chipenden.So why go to a colder less pleasant house for the winter Their needed in that part of the country of course Spook s business.So facing an unpleasant journey anyway things don t look much better to Tom when the Spook announces that Alice must go and live somewhere else It seems she s too distracting for Tom who needs to concentrate on his studies a lot of us males had that problem with girls when we were young And of course some of us continue to have it much longerlike while we have a heart beat On top of all this an ominous figure in a black cloak like a Spook shows up just before they are to leave to demand what the Spook took from him In short, it s not shaping up to be a pleasant winter.The story here is well told and while I think if you ve read much you ll see a lot of what s coming a mile off, this really doesn t hurt too much These are YA books and the fact that plots may follow somewhat predictable arcs may be a bit forgivable at least I think they are in books for younger readers.These do still however need to have the same warning that I ve given about the earlier ones in this series Be sure your youth is ready for them There are potentially troubling plot points that I would think might be difficult for younger readers.All that being said enjoy Tom will continue to make the same mistakes he s made in earlier volumes as noted, you d think he d learn He s still only 13 here and possibly that helps explain his continued proclivity to act unwisely, lie to his master when he ought not, and generally get himself into the soup on regular occasions.He does demonstrate that he s learned a bit here, so maybe the writer is simply aware of the books being only months apart instead of years After all, this is the third novel and we re only 11 or 12 months into Tom s story.I have the next in the series from the library and plan to follow the story I like to intersperse my reading with multiple genres, though most of it lately has been in the fantasy realm adult reading level rather than YA and I find I do enjoy the occasional YA fantasyif it s one I find good These have in many ways been a pleasant surprise after a long line of YA novels that I found mediocre to poor my take on them of course Four starsnice read A bit of a fantasy horror mix Enjoy Spoilers Below Line The warning I gave earlier has to do with some of the thorny ethical struggles The Spook and his Apprentice must face In this book we meet Meg an old love of the Spook s who also happens to be a Lamia witch The book doesn t go into Lamias and their mythology muchbut a Lamia is an unpleasant monster Meg has become completely humanized as can happen but her sister is a feral Lamiaand craves blood to live on, will rip you open and would really prefer the youngest prey she can find.Meg s sister lives in a pit in the cellar of the winter house, digging bugs and worms from the ground to stay alive There is also another live witch in a pit down theresome bogarts a few graves etc.Meg is kept in a drugged sleepall summer Then she is wakened for the winter to cook and live a sort of half life while the Spook is there She s kept drugged enough to have no memory of her pastThe book tries to look at this Is it right what should the Spook do In the case of Meg the Spook let his heart rule his headand didn t lock her in a pit, but would she really want to live this way Is being locked in a pit better than being burned And what comes of it when Meg wakes So, I d say read the books first and see if they are appropriate for your youths If so, they are pretty well written. This one was a bit spooky The illustrations make this so awesome.Review to come.Audiobook CommentsRead by Christopher Evan Welch and it was really well done I enjoyed listening to this one OMG I will always love this series This is the third book of the series that I ve read and it never disappointed me by far There s just and adventure in each book that I ve read So, Mr Gregory has a lot of untold secret The stranger that came up to Mr Gregory s house at Chipenden is actually Morgan, the failed apprentice who chose the dark and wanted to raise Golgoth, The Lord of Winter I m glad that Morgan dies in the end but sad that Tom s dad died too and that he never got the chance to see his dad before he dies and also attending the funeral. I want to take the Harry Potter books away from every children and put these books in their hands instead I really love this series Wardstone Chronicles Book 3 The Spook s Secret Wow The series is just getting better and better with each page You can feel the characters growing with each breath It s so wonderful to see how Tom has grown do much since, he became the Spooks apprentice, both physically and mentally He is passionate about being the Spook and is confident and responsible Sometimes lazy, but still passionate This book has 3 antagonists, namely, Morgan, the Spooks Ex Apprentice, who has taken the dark path, Golgoth, An old God who can bring ever lasting winter and Meg Skelton, the spooks love There are a few new characters too who are prominent like Shanks, the delivery man, Andrew, the locksmith who is the spooks brother, Marcia, Megs Sister, The Hurst family,etc.etc A lot of things happen in the book I would classify them as an arc According to the arcs the story is like 1 Farewell to Chipenden2 Meeting Morgan and Arrival and Anglezarke3 Fighting the Stone Chucker Boggart 4 Toms Fathers Death5 Morgans Demand for the Gri6 Megs Escape and The Spook s Secret7 Awakening of Golgoth and finally8 Return to ChipendenAs I said the plot is very simplistic but with a lot of things happening altogether At the farm, Tom gets Tr inheritance of Man s room This is the least expected and surprising moment Mam reveals her opinion about going back to Greece to sort out the dark Toms Dads death is very saddening This marks that Toms childhood is over due to the passing of his dad and leaving of his Mam This gives him a experienced personality, and also he has completed an year as a Spooks apprentice at the end of the year He has learnt to practically us his knowledge and prowess He shows his skills in the book a lot Noe let s talk about Alice, she is not as prominent as she was in the previous book but she is still a major character She informs Tom about Morgan and is very helpful to him as well as the Spook Tom and Alice develop their friendship and he traits her a lot now Even the spook seems to trust her a bit This is probably because of Meg, his first love This is a bit of controversy, him Tom to stay away from pretty girls and him, having a relationship and deep feelings for Meg, who is also a witch Meg really and strongly affects the Spook This is the Spook s secret We see a lot of Andrew and he s very helpful Now let s move towards the Antagonists, firstly I don t think that Morgan should have been the villain in the book He is inexperienced, halfwit, a liar, showoff, and does not have complete knowledge, and most importantly he is a human Humans aren t supposed to be the antagonist of the Spook s series But I like his skills of manipulating the dead, training the atmosphere cold, conjuring and summoning the dead and his speciality, necromancy, but its tiring to see how he uses his skills to torch Toms Dead Dads Soul He is really dark and mysterious but inexperienced Meg and Marcia are really scary, especially Marcia who eats birds in the attic Its really gross The illustrations will really scare you, they are so attractively horrifying I would rate this book as 12 for just that reason There is a bit bloodshed in the book Speaking of Golgoth, the winter god, he does not make much of appear nave but I bet he s terrifying Delaney has really portrayed Anglezarke a darker, Colder, uncomfortable and unsocial town in the county The icy atmosphere, the grim people, the unstable cold weather with blizzards and the moors really match with ASOIAF Game of Thrones Wall really well Its almost similar The spooks winter house is much big, but lonely Its has almost 10 rooms with an additional attic and a cellar Now, the cellar is probably the most terrifying and scary room that you can find in the house It has big pits where ghastly and despicable lamia witches are prisoned A lot of story happens in the house The herb tea that is given to Meg is also a practical and major part of the story Its really interesting to see characters grow, Spook s secret coming out, his emotional health, the grim characters, the deadly old gods rising, and family deaths and parting happening in the book all at the same time A really good and a well planned book Recommended to all 12 Nice Reading Much, much, MUCH better than the Spook s Curse, thank goodness In this third installment of the Wardstone Chronicles, Thomas Ward and his master, the Spook, head over to Anglezarke for the winter season While there, Tom uncovers secrets about the Spook s shady past, including a menacing former apprentice bent on destroying the Spook and the whole County Delaney s flair for descriptions has returned full force Like in The Spook s Apprentice, the setting played a substantial role in the shaping of the story, and Delaney has an obvious knack for truly illustrating each scene One of the things I didn t like about its immediate predecessor was the impertinent and condescending tone of the story in other words, there was way too much of an agenda Here, for the most part, we go back to a basic story there s action, there are revelations, there s character development, there s intrigue and suspense, and true to the series overall nature, a bit of horror too Now I will say that the Designated Supernatural Creature of this story is almost identical to the Designated Supernatural Creature of The Spook s Curse a mysterious and seemingly all powerful spirit figure that is likened to a pagan god That bit of repetition was a drawback, as was the Spook s continued crabbiness to all things churchy But the bread and butter of Spook s Secret lies in the revelations we learn so much about the Spook s past here and it s a rollercoaster of a story, too There were so many twists and turns like on a rollercoaster only without the tummyache that every time I thought I had things figured out, I found myself mistaken I liked the Spook, then I hated him, then I liked him again, etc The best characters, though, are Tom and Alice Tom especially goes through so much in this book, and it s so enjoyable to watch him mature I m ready for him to start aging, though The three books so far have amounted to only a year s time and I personally like series books to get a bit sequential 1 year between each installment seems ideal, not one right after the other I think going into Book 4 he ll be 14hopefully I want him to grow up So much, much better than The Spook s Curse, but still not as good as Apprentice The series lacks a Main Villain character, so there seems like a lack of focusidk, that may just be me And Delaney still is really ambiguous when it comes to philosophical stuff and that gets on my nerves For example, he s got this godlike spirit that is powerful enough to snuff out your soul, yet he s pretty much at the beck and call of human summonings That s awkward, Mr Delaney Make up your mind Oh, well Mr Delaney probably knows that I ll keep reading the series anyway, cause I m a sucker for Tom Ward, haha On to the next This third book in the series really stayed true to the title name The Spook s Secret.There were so much history and secrets glazing over the County and not only just the Spook s background, but some major side characters too I loved finding out about the Spook s past, in particular, especially when it was directly linked to Morgan or Meg because it gave them much substance as believable characters and drove on the plot of which some very surprising twists were thrown into the story, to keep readers guessing Although I did love that this was all about secrets, I did kind of feel like mysteries had been made just for this story, in order to unravel them later and I would have much preferred if the majority of some of those were hinted at in previous books, for the story to flow smoothly.I enjoyed that we got to explore in the world of witches and necromancy, for it gave a much darker tone, that the setting of the Spook s winter house, definitely emphasized.I love how inquisitive and intelligent Tom is, especially when it comes to reading people, like the Spook Other characters were fleshed out as well, but I m still undecided as to whether I m keen on Alice or not.These books are always so beautiful to look at e.g feeling like a worn guide, having Tom s notes, the covers which don t really reflect Tom s age well, but still looks cool , etc and really helps me to imagine the world Tom is living in.Another great novel to an awesome middle grade series.Pick it up, give it a go and enjoy G n