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My official blurb A love letter to my favorite kind of fantasy rich, expansive, and grounded in human truth It is a story of star crossed loves, of fate and power and passion, and it is simply exquisite. DNFing at 43%Me with my kindle at the prospect of returning to this book I had such high hopes for this, and hate to report that I m let down A Fantasy novel inspired by Japanese and Mongolian Cultures with a F F romance On the surface, that sounds amazing, but I find the execution sorely lacking Much of the plot is waylaid by repeated infodumps of the author s world building notes in the place of actually telling a story Better fantasy authors know that worldbuilding is best done with the advancement of the story Here, very little happens at all as either one of the 2 narrators explains endless minutiae about their respective cultures when very little of it actually pertains to what s going on I have to talk about the romance for a second I spent the entire time reading in a state of incredulity in regards to the ages of the two characters For pretty much the entirety of what I read, the two female romantic leads were children Much of the start of the story recounts their time when they were 5 years old, then 8 years old, and 10 etc., realizing that they were in love, and soulmates I get where the author was going with it that these two souls are bound to each other but it felt so cliched to me Most people rarely, if ever, have found their true loves at 10 years old So all the sweeping declarations about never leaving each other, always being together and how beautiful they thought the other girl was felt heavy handed and I m going to be honest a little bit creepy I wanted muchplot than we get in this book This needed balancing between romance and fantasy plot movement Heavy editing might have done wonders for this The way the story is told is enough to make me wonder if the author has ever picked up a book in her life The book starts with the Present tense POV character, Empress Yui, receiving a letter from her friend The POV then switches into second person present as the author of this letter waxes philosophical about their entire childhood to her penpal romantic interest At first, I thought the letter was just going to be a few pages long, which I had no problem with However It just Keeps GoingI m not a huge fan of second person narrative voice, but it can be fun when it s executed correctly It s not here What sort of friend sends an entire novel to her childhood romantic interest, re telling all of their experiences that she was there for the majority of It makes zero sense and was probably the most frustrating aspect of this book for me It also should be noted at this point that this book is only 6 chapters long And the first section of the letters before the switch back to Empress Yui s POV is over 2 chapters long I kept getting distracted trying to guess how long the letter was going to ramble on for There are also a number of complaints I ve read from other reviewers better suited than I am to address the issue about a concern of the author lifting too much from Japanese and Mongolian cultures to create her own She shifts certain words and spellings here and there, and makes some pretty awkward errors that might offend some readers of Asian descent who are familiar with the history of these cultures Check out the review that better explains those issues than I ever could hereI m sorry to do it, but I have so many other books to read and can t handle another minute on a book that s just not catching my attention Withholding a Starred review as I didn t actually complete the bookA huge thank you to Macmillan Tor Forge and Netgalley for an advanced copy of this book 2 stars sigh Here we go This should be fun.The Tiger s Daughter caught my interest when I first heard about it from other reviewers and from Twitter Not only did it have such a beautiful cover, but it took place in an East Asian inspired world Combine that with promises of demon slaying and you would think this would be a good book, right Wrong.Short review The Tiger s Daughter is an epic fantasy romance story of two warriors killing demons falling in love.Long Review There was so much potential for the Tiger s Daughter to be a great fantasy book When the reviews started to come in, I made sure to have not any high expectations considering most of my friends and other reviewers were mixed on it Hell, some people dnf d the book I wanted to see if there were any positive stuff in it Sure, there were a few, but they paled in comparison to the many problems I had with the story, the format, and the characters To give you a basic rundown, The Tiger s Daughter is a fantasy story about two warriors, Shizuka and Shefali, and their journey from how they met and the events that lead up to them fighting demons The story is told in 2nd person letter format where Shefali writes the events of when they met up to where they are now with short interludes from Shizuka s POV set years after their adventure.When reviews started coming out of how the book was long and a little bit boring, I braced myself to expect the same thing That s exactly what I got A boring pile of bland pudding The one thing I sort of liked but feel a bit iffy about it is the setting.If you guys haven t heard, there s been some talk about the use of Mongolian, Japanese, and even bits of Chinese influence on the setting Basically, an East Asian setting However, there have been other reviewers who say that it wasn t executed in a good way When you re combining the elements and cultures of three different countries, you re bound to be called out for some inaccuracies There s also the issue of how honorifics are used I get that Rivera was drawing inspiration from the use of honorifics and tried to change them, but I think it would ve been best if she had stuck to the original use of honorifics instead of creating a new type There is no glossary so it s hard to keep up with how someone should be addressed For example, Keiko Lao Lao what It was just messy.I m giving Rivera the benefit of the doubt and say that it was mostly human error on her part She did not intend to make some inaccuracies Could she have done further research Yes, but these were just mistakes from the product of human error I m not of Asian descent nor did I ever study the cultures, so I won t go into specific details about the inaccuracies But keep an open mind and read other reviews and see what they have to say.Other than the setting and writing style Which is pretty great , those were the only positive aspects of the book.As for the negativesRight off the bat, I did not like the format of the story I do like when letters are implemented in a story, but the letters yes, plural Shefali wrote were just redundant in my opinion Not to mention they didn t make sense in a narrative way The letters primarily spoke of the girls lives from when they met, how they got together, and up until where Shizuka is reading them with Shefali absent I kid you not when I say that some parts of the letters were just filler There were several times when I just wanted Shefali to get to the point instead of writing about something that had no relevance to the plot This was me throughout the story.I ll admit, I put down the book just because of the long letters, and I even avoided reading it on a few occasions because of the letters, which is why this review is a little late I just cannot see why they had to be so long.Adding to the long letters, the format didn t make sense to me in a narrative way The point of the letters was for Shefali to recall the times they ve been together through the best and worst of times That there was a major flaw that I and others have seen Shizuka was RIGHT THERE for the majority of those letters She was with Shefali as they fell in love and rarely fought demons If she was right there the entire time, then why write letters about those moments You could argue that it offers a different point of view and goes intodetail about what they were doing and I can sort of agree with that But in a narrative sense, the letters were just redundant What is the point of them being there if Shizuka and Shefali were together for the majority of the letters Unless Shizuka has the attention span of a goldfish or has crappy memory, the letters didn t need to be there.Plot wise There was none.There was hardly any plot development The synopsis does say that the girls would fight demons but that was a rarity The story was just them falling in love Now, I don t mind romance in a story so long as it doesn t take over the plot and the characters don t make stupid decisions for the sake of love And while Shizuka and Shefali didn t make rash decisions, their romance took over everything This is a character driven story so there won t be that much plot, but even then, I was not a fan of the romance being the overall arc of the book.To top it off, I did not like Shizuka or Shefali Shizuka was this pissed off girl who has anger issues and Shefali was constantly putting Shizuka on a high pedestal to the point where it got annoying I will give them credit for being these powerful warriors who can slay demons, but I still found them annoying, especially Shizuka s anger Speaking of Shizuka, there wasn t enough development for her To me, all I got to know about her was from Shefali s constant boasting about her The book was telling instead of showing us about Shizuka And the short chapters that were from Shizuka s pov were too short and didn t help her character arc Not to mention that for 90% of the time, she was angry Shizuka A N G E R YDid I think the romance between them was good Yes.Did I think the romance took over the story Also yes.It s a bit sad to say that I was disappointed in The Tiger s Daughter because I really wanted it to be good However, it wasn t Already, the next book, The Phoenix Empress has been announced and hopefully, that will be better than the Tiger s Daughter.Because 1 it doesn t seem like it will be in letter format.2 it has an actual plot Here s hoping it s better.If you re looking for a better fantasy, I recommend Promise of Blood by Brian McClellan It has better characters,action, and a farinteresting magic system Verdict The Tiger s Daughter was a disappointment to me With a narrative that didn t make sense, a romance that took up most of the book, unimpressive characters, lack of plot, and redundant letters hindered this book.Thanks for reading my review Cesar 4.5 stars I received an ARC off of NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review This does not persuade my actual opinion of the novel.1 Star.DNF 29%You know, I don t even know where to start with this review I don t have much to say Nor do I feel like reviewing this It s quite a shame, because I ve had this book on my TBR list for months So when I was approved to receive an ARC, it was pretty magnificent and close to a dream come true I m exaggerating here But then, within the first and second chapters, it had to go and disappoint me to no end Everything just dragged and I did not enjoy a single thing.Being completely honest, I don t even know what was going on There were these letters that seemed important cause letters usually tend to add to the story somehow , but these ended up being a bunch of information dumps that ticked me off to no end I m wondering why they were even in the novel, and why they were so long too.Overall, this is a short review because I have nothing to say about this novel, other than I did not enjoy it Plus, I didn t read too much of it, so there really isn t much for me to say But, I definitely won t be coming back to this one It s just not for me And I do feel bad about rating this poorly I don t like doing that It s also a big shame to me too because Victoria Schwab loved this novel she s one of my favorite authors , and I didn t Thank you NetGalley, for providing me with this ARC. Sloppy on my part because, well, DNF buddy read with Elise She will vouch for my initial enthusiasm and the disappointment that followed, and she will forgive me for being so untrustworthy.DNF 45%1.5First of all, let me tell you I am absolutely broken hearted to have to rate The Tiger s Daughter two stars To be honest, hadn t I been so hopeful and excited for this book, I think I would have rated it even one star, and you know I am no sentimental, so just think how bitter must I be now if I was so invested as to let that influence me, instead of judging the book only for what it is, as I always proud myself on doing But enough of me being dramatic My main reason to be mad at The Tiger s Daughter is that this book seriously challenged my suspension of disbelief The reason is very simple, and I think many, many readers, when the book comes out, will notice it and be dumbfounded The book is rather long, but comprises only six, though long, chapters In the very first chapter, one of the the main characters, Empress Shizuka, receives a letter from Shefali, our second protagonist And this letter is my problem This letter was still going on when I gave up, well into chapter four, that is to say, nearly half the book In short, it reached the length of a short novel Who would write a letter that long This letter is full of info dump, even about the culture and life of the addressee It also tells events in which the addressee herself took part, and that therefore she must know Who would write to someone just to tell them, extensively, the story of their life, with no other apparent motive than the mere telling Yes, you get it The problem is that this letter is the dumbest and least reasonable and believable thing ever It goes on and on, saying You did this, and said this, and I answered that It s stupid, perplexing and I honestly thought it must all be a joke, because that was the most generous hypothesis I could think of, the least being that Rivera has no idea of how readers interact with what they read, resulting in my necessary conviction that she has never picked up a novel in her life My constant preoccupation with the telling technique clearly hindered my progresses and my enjoyment of what I was reading I did not care for the characters and I felt I was given no reason to It s been a very long time since I have felt so apathetic toward a whole set of characters The plot is astoundingly aimless Halfway through it, I still was honestly in the dark as to what this story was supposed to be about, apart from a lesbian couple Pretty much the same happened to me with The Bone Witch, which I also dropped because life is to show short to spend it being led by the nose by books that look as disoriented as it gets The romance was, with the Asian setting, what I was really looking forward to about the book, but just as the setting see next paragraphs it gave me no gratification, mostly because I didn t care for the character, which means that, in order to win me over, the romance should have being nothing less than off the charts, which it wasn t at all Moreover but at this point I guess this is super secondary the one sex scene I read was quite cheesy There was a line especially When you positioned yourself over me, I swear I was looking up at the Eternal Sky, and yes, she is clearly talking about her lady parts fit to be compared to Maas s best expedients But as I said, this almost becomes marginal if we consider how poorly convincing all the rest is Speaking of which,The Tiger s Daughteris not a young adult and I don t understand why it is shelved as such It s definitely adult At one point in her never ending letter, Shefali refers to herself as flat faced , which set off an alarm bell inside my head So I browsed through the reviews that the book had already received as of now, the publication is still several months away and, luckily, I stumbled upon Laurelinvanyar s, which you can read here I don t know the first thing about Japanese, Chinese or Mongolian cultures, but this reviewer, being Japanese, certainly does, and I think it s important for all the readers of this book those who like it and those who don t to listen to what Laurelinvanyar has to say about appropriation, the consumability of culture, history and female warriors, and respect in general, because it s never too late to learn something about that I am so disappointed with this book I thought it was one of the most promising releases of this year, and I had great hopes, but the flaws of The Tiger s Daughter being not of the subjective kind, I can t even blame my expectations for this fiasco I can t begin to explain how much it saddens me to see all this potential wasted. Well so..I JUST GOT AN ARC FOR THIS BOOK AND I CANT CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT Because this sounds ah ma zing Also girls kissing I m SO in One of my most anticipated reads of 2017 just got a lot closer 3 *Download Book ⇨ The Tiger’s Daughter ☋ Even Gods Can Be SlainThe Hokkaran Empire Has Conquered Every Land Within Their Bold Reach But Failed To Notice A Lurking Darkness Festering Within The People Now, Their Border Walls Begin To Crumble, And Villages Fall To Demons Swarming Out Of The ForestsAway On The Silver Steppes, The Remaining Tribes Of Nomadic Qorin Retreat And Protect Their Own, Having Bartered A Treaty With The Empire, Exchanging Inheritance Through The Dynasties It Is Up To Two Young Warriors, Raised Together Across Borders Since Their Prophesied Birth, To Save The World From The Encroaching DemonsThis Is The Story Of An Infamous Qorin Warrior, Barsalayaa Shefali, A Spoiled Divine Warrior Empress, O Shizuka, And A Power That Can Reach Through Time And Space To Save A Land From A Truly Insidious Evil The Tiger s Daughter is an f f adult fantasy story that follows two warrior princesses f f adult fantasy isn t as common as it should be, so this was one of my most anticipated books for the second half of this year Most reviews I ve read weren t good, but I really liked this.I think it s really important to get into this book with the right expectations It s a tome 500 pages and it s told through letters It s slow, really slow And if you re expecting an epic fantasy adventure that just happens to have a f f romance in it, you will be disappointed The Tiger s Daughter is mainly a slow burn love story Yes, Shefali and Shizuka will go on adventures, will duel demons and kill tigers But the story isn t about that, it s about their love for each other I didn t think that was a flaw.I loved Shefali and Shizuka, both as characters and as a couple We see them growing up from the PoV of Shefali, who is writing the letters We see them go through challenges and fights, and still they get out of them, together.The side characters didn t disappoint either.I also really liked that there was a trans character Ren doesn t appear for many scenes, but I loved her and I want to know if we ll seeof her in the future books.The pacing wasn t perfect, but that s often the case with books that are told through letters or mixed media The writing got a bit melodramatic sometimes, but for the most part I liked it The premise didn t make much sense Shefali is writing letters to Shizuka, and sometimes she says I don t need to describe x to you, but description of x , and she s telling Shizuka things she already knows In the end the whole thing did make a little bitsense, but still.The worldbuilding was inspired by the cultures of Japan, Mongolia and sometimes China, and as some reviews will tell you, it isn t done well you can t solve your inaccuracies by changing some letters here and there and hoping your readers won t recognize what you re talking about Hokkaro is as Japanese as Ravka from Shadow and Bone is Russian or as Kenettra from The Young Elites is Italian not at all It may seem Japanese from an outsider perspective, but it isn t, and if you, unlike me, are familiar with Japanese culture, that s probably going to bother you So, consider that.I really liked the worldbuilding, especially what we see of the Qorin the nomads Maybe it s because everything was written in Shefali s PoV and Shefali is Qorin, but I felt like we never really got to know Hokkaran customs The descriptions were really pretty, that s true, but they didn t feel as real The way Shefali talked about the Qorin, her love for her people that did, and it was one of my favorite parts of the book.11 11 18 reread, raising rating to 4.5 stars I m so glad this book exist, we do not usually get fated love stories for f f content, or stories that are completely focused on the f f romance outside of contemporary Also, I love Shefali and Shizuka both as characters and as a couple, I care about them enough that I was never bored during this reread, and this is a long book Okay, it s really long overdue for me to read this as it was a book I was highly anticipating last year, and some how I just didn t find the time to read it I am super happy that I made time recently, because this is one of my new absolute favourite reads, and I am now SO excited for the sequel.This is a Mongol inspired fantasy setting with an Empress of the Hokkaran and an heir to the Quorin at the centre of the story They are childhood best friends their mothers were best friends too and we follow their story through letters and present day Both are women of great importance in their world They have powers that are unique to them, and a personality which shines through in all situations They are strong, powerful, brave and noble They radiate their calm and collected ness, and they are some of my favourite ever fantasy ladies to read about.Also, they are in love I have never, ever read a fantasy book which focuses on two main characters with a lesbian romance This is just something that is sorely lacking in the genre, and I am so happy when I see books like this one which boldly break the mould and focus on the relationship between these two women right from the start.As I mentioned before, this is a story largely told through letters and therefore it s second person, but not addressing the read, addressing the Empress who is the one receiving the letters Our Empress is called Shizuka and our Tiger s Daughter is called Shefali All we know at the start of the book is that they grew up together and have formed a bond so strong that time and distance will never break it We also know that although Shizuka rules, her childhood was fraught, and Shefali is now not with her, and is undertaking a very dangerous task Honestly, this book starts a little slow, we follow the letter and the Empress in two storylines, with the present day story taking a back seat to the ruminations on the past in Shefali s letter I was a little unsure if I liked this style at first, but very soon the story gripped me, and I found myself absorbed and loving the immersion.The pacing, once it gets going, is super fast, and I feel like especially the second half of the book there were heaps of elements I didn t expect and that I really enjoyed We see different types of magic, some of which is inspired by nature, animals and legends We also get influence from Eastern cultures which inform parts of the story such as the mythology and the tribe like Empire relationship.Honestly, this is by far one of the best books I have read this year for it s originality, it s story, and it s characters I am super duper excited for the sequel, and you can bet I will read that one quicker than I got around to this one It was solidly a 5 s read for me