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I enjoyed this book a lot It s easily the best book in the LitRPG genre I ve read, but that s not really saying much The writing isn t bad and the book flows well The world building was great, and it really felt like I was with the main character in the different locations throughout this book That being said there are still a handful of typos and awkward sentences Not a big deal to me but can be a turn off to some people It also had the same kind of overpowered main character that manages to get achievements that no game designer would put in a game And the attribute skill system didn t really seem to make sense But this is pretty standard fair from the LitRPG books I ve read. Like this is okay as a power fantasy, but holy shit the MC literally got handed everything and got told what to do all the time, and it was just cringe to me in that respect. #READ EPUB Ø Opening Moves (The Gam3, #1) ⚡ The Earth Is Changing The Alien Invasion Brought Social Upheaval, Advanced Technology, And An Armada Of Peacekeeping Robots But Alan, A College Student Pursuing A Now Useless Degree, Cares Little About All Of This He Has Only One Thing On His Mind The Game A Fully Immersive Virtual Reality, The Game Appears To Be A Major Part Of The Invading Civilization Alan Can T Wait To Play, Recklessly Diving Into The Digital Universe Soon Though, Alan Realizes The Game Is Anything But Simple, And The Stakes Are Higher Than He Ever Imagined There are maybe three really good LitRPG books set in a SciFi world universe and this is, maybe, the best of them I m usually pretty loth to read science fiction book even though as a youth I devoured them, but LitRPG adds a new taste to the genre that makes it interesting I would recommend this book to any science fiction reader or LitRPG fan You can t possibly go wrong buying this one. My original Opening Moves audiobook review and many others can be found at Audiobook Reviewer.Opening Moves by Cosimo Yap is the first book in a series called The Gam3 Alan enters the game knowing just a little about what he is getting himself into Icewolf, his benefactor, buys him the equipment needed to play the game on loan and tells him that the game is just a game But in reality, Alan discovers the game is much than just a simple virtual reality game It is actually a proxy for intergalactic politics and war Earth only having just entered the game, it is soon to be available for the picking unless it can defend itself As Alan soon discovers there are many political factions and rules that he needs to learn about if he is to be successful not only as a gamer as well as a human being to save Earth Beyond that, it is actually a video game and so he needs to play well to increase his stats and abilities and thus increase his power in the game Alan enters the game with a powerful ally, an artificial intelligence, Eve, that he developed to help him Alan and Eve must work together to navigate the confusing world that is the game and help Earth if it s possible.Overall, this novel has a lot of potential As is clear from the description, this story is pretty complex and the idea of the idea of the game being a proxy for the real world is well described while leaving enough holes to be explained as the main character learns about what is going on However, Alan s character is difficult to like Despite having the skills to develop an AI and somehow convince someone to front the cost of the equipment needed to play the game, Alan is a generally useless video gamer that relies so heavily on his AI for his success that it s as if Eve is playing the game and Alan is a handicap Not only is he generally incapable of independent game play, it seems that he has a difficult time navigating relationships in the game as well It was just hard to get behind him There are a lot of characters so it can become a little difficult to keep track of them and they are generally superficially drawn, with the story focusing on the various threads of the plot.The narration by Nick Podehl was well done and the production quality was good as well I would recommend this novel to someone who likes mixing video games and political maneuvering. Ok.Since diving into the LitRPG genre, I am trying to pick up the right books and set the expectations bar The absolute king here is certainly Ready Player One but that one is specific To read it, it is something like unlocking a class specific quest If you have experienced the same things as the author had, then you can completely immerse yourself in it So, it is incomparable to other LitRPG books, and it may not even be a pure LitRPG, but definetely has common things with the genre than not.Another great book is Dominion of Blades That is the first book read by me after RPO that is a pure LitRPG I was amazed by it I might have been amazed at the fact that I have finally found something that is close to the king than at the book itself, but never the less I think it still deserved a high rating This was me setting the bar without much experience in the genre.Exploring further, I have come to the The Gam3 series Opposite to the epic fantasy setting, this is a fully cyberpunk, futuristic, sci fi environment in which almost everything is possible Think Deus Ex, then mix it with Hyperion, and then check what happens when it is on steroids.The imagination of the author is unbelievable So much depth to the whole story You only scratch the hidden big picture but not to the level that you would feel unfulfilled You feel like exploring the universe together with the character Developing the character is again amazing The things he does impact himself and the environment and you cannot wait to see what the next game message would be The ideas are so good, the perspective given is that even if you are insignificant, you can become something with the right choices But who is the best to guide you Choices are always there but which ones are optimal Who can help you steer the wheel Who can you trust leading you without having a personal agenda There are too many pieces in the game, and too much moving parts Amazing.I also like the writing style Very easy to read, very much to the point No wasted time or wasted sentences I feel lucky as this was a book one and the series has just started The sequel is already out, so I am going to pick up the next one and hope that it lives to the expectations My bar is finally set and now I have a pure LitRPG that I can compare other books to.As the final verdict, I think it was amazing, so full 5 stars from me Recommended to everyone, but deemed a must for cyberpunk sci fi LitRPG lovers. Such a good premise Huge scope If anyone read or watched No Game, No Life , it s mechanically like a universe scale version of it I read this for free when it was being released online chapter by chapter, but bought the book as a kudos to the author. Nope Just nope This is a bad, bad bookI suppose I should say something about it So, the idea behind the story isn t bad pretty good even In fact, no aspect of this book does the concept justice What makes this book so unbearable is the protagonist He has no personality No even a bad one I could not tell you one character trait he possesses What pissed me off even , is that everything just comes so easily to the main character there is no adversity or challenge everything just seems to be handed to him with no reason, effort, difficulty or explanation His A.I Eve literally does and is apparently capable of doing everything and anything It made no sense Oh, you re poor Here are a billion credits Hey, I notice you don t have a gun Take mine It s the most powerful in the universe Okay, so not a direct quote, but you get it.This book is Ready Player One s poor cousin that nobody really likes I wouldn t bother Full disclosure, I only read maybe 80% of this novel Perhaps, the last 20% were outstanding and brilliant and explained of the weak ass story that preceded it Perhaps.Also on here it s rated like 4.5 5 right now make me question some of these ratings OMG loved this This is RPG geekdom to the max, but so much fun The story moves along and you kind of feel like the main character throughout I feel like I am playing the game myselfit most of it is very satisfying on how it flows I worry that the next one will become too political I don t care about governmentsI like monsters and powering up We ll see Very excited about the next book. The stupidity in this book finally got to me and I had to stop reading.The MC is supposed to be the uber smart nerdy type, smart enough to create an AI that has a personality that I can only describe as Scheming and passive aggressive He is supposed to be this amazing gamer, one that s so good that others are willing to invest 10 Million dollars worth of equipment on so he could play gam3 yet he s entire dialogue seems to boil down to huh or for the sake of variety huh like the scarecrow I think this guy has no brain, he s just a puppet to his own AI, also for a supposed gamer he knows nothing about actual gaming and didn t even bother to do some research before he went in does this world not have google forums people with the ability of speech The Author keeps piling on the importance of this thing, oh the fate of the planet hangs in the balance, oh you re in deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp debt, oh your team is blah blah blah.You know, why should I care The MC doesn t and everything just falls into his lap so I know the odds are in his favor yelling exposition at the reader isn t going to make me care, it ll just annoy me.I think there was an decent idea in this book, it just got lost in all the rubble.