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While I was aware of two previous books by this author, involving long distance motorbike rides, I hadn t read any I wasn t aware that his exploits had been filmed for BBC or that he s the son of film director John Boorman All this knowledge is taken for granted by the author I thought he might consider that his first books could attract a motorbike specialist readership, perhaps, whereas this by any mode of transport challenge held a broader appeal I m at a loss to know how he paid for this trip and supported his family as he doesn t say, but maybe the BBC paid him a wage and expenses He never mentions who paid for everything A three month trek from Wicklow to southern Australia and to Sydney seems like a lot of travel when each leg has to be booked separately and no scheduled air flights are included unless absolutely essential The Orient Express was a glamorous start after the obligatory motorbikes of course From there matters went downhill as Charley and his couple of guy pals crossed borders, experienced heat and humidity, rode in tuk tuks and overcrowded buses and trains, floated on boats from container ships to cement barges and straddled elephants While the author has to be admired, and met awful sea conditions including sinking boats and foul weather for days, he did seem to be constantly rushing to get to the next guide with a truck and not taking in that much of the life and environment, which had been his stated aim He does show us the most polluted town in the world on a lake of oil in Eurasia and he feels uncomfortable in a religious state where women are veiled, all but his plucky female taxi driver His observations are almost all about people, not nature I liked seeing the two medical runs that the crew participated in with UNICEF, a great charity This group uses public transport and local staff as much as humanly possible, so nobody gets helicoptered in to a New Guinea hill village it s a five day boat and climb trek with vaccines which are in a dry ice box and must not get warm We start to wonder whether the people in extremely remote areas are really doing the right thing by staying there instead of coming to where there are education, medical care, food and employment opportunities for their children But while they are there, they are being helped This is a reasonable read for the variety, lads outing, friendships and many alternate and basic lifetyles shown The writing is peppered with sentences beginning it had or there was so not wonderful, just jotted observations Given that the author regularly bemoans having left his wife and two kids for three months, he may not take off for a while on any trips. [[ DOWNLOAD E-PUB ]] ☟ By Any Means ⇨ Charley Boorman Has Arranged Himself A New Challenge He Must Travel From His Home Town In England All The Way To Sydney, Australia, And He Must Use Any Means Available To Reach His Destination, Including Steam Train, Horse, Boat, Kayak, Motorcycle, And Tuk Tuk Whether Crossing The Black Sea, Trekking Through Tibet, Riding An Elephant In India, Or Hiking Through The Forests Of Papua New Guinea, This Thrilling Travelogue Follows Charley S Travels Through Extraordinary Places Via Unusual Transports With Trademark Enthusiasm, Dedication, And Good Humor, Charley Tackles His Most Challenging Voyage To Date With Astounding Results 112 forms of transport and 20473 miles Charley Boorman is not the most literary person in the world but you cannot fail to be taken in by his sheer enthusiasm It is quite infectious but there are so many points in this book where he pines for his family he is away from them for over 3 months and does that old celebrity in peril spiel that it takes the shine off this great adventure.By Any Means begins on 12 May 2008 at his dad s, John, house in County Wicklow, Ireland He is with friend, Russ Malkin, who thought up the new project on the back of a boarding pass and was expedition leader on Long Way Down and Paul Mungeam known as Mungo who will be the camera person as it will be a BBC programme Charley is riding a 1953 Triumph and from the photos in the book it looks a wonderful bike Their first exercise is to get over to the Isle of Man and they hop on a fully working scallop fishing vessel and see the crew at work From then the journey through Europe really is by any means train, bike motor and pedal and car They pass through Georgia where war with Russia is starting to ramp up, there has been Islamic extremism including the Mumbai terror attacks that happen after they visit on Nov 26, 2008 in India, a cyclone Nargis hit on 2 May 2008 in Burma killing 84,500 and an earthquake in the Sichuan province of China on May 12, 2008 killing nearly 70,000 people.They had an interesting time in Nepal when King Gyanendra was told that he had 15 days to vacate the Palace and Nepal becomes a Republic Remembering that the journey was in 2008 and Russ says Did you know that they re expecting a major earthquake in Nepal in the next 30 years and the buildings are not prepared for it Well, as we know, that major earthquake happened on April 25, 2015 killing over 8500 and effecting over 5 million in some way nearly 3 million being displaced.They meet Peter Hilary who is Sir Edmund Hilary s son It was the 55th anniversary of the first successful ascent of Everest.They also ride Minsk motorbikes in Vietnam supplied by an Australian called Digby who actually helped out Antonia Bolingbroke Kent who wrote the book A Short Ride in the Jungle The Ho Chi Minh Trail by Motorcycle.PS I have just watched the episode where Charley and Russ cross the English Channel in a Laser Dinghy They really did look crazy so I can now see why Charley built up so much concern in the book They had a support boat so were never in any real danger but still it was mad. I read this book in conjunction with watching the DVD of By Any Means I was very glad that I did because sometimes the DVD episode was a bit rushed and I was wondering, How did they get there Where s Russ Who s Anne The book solves all these problems.Not high literature, but a fantastic Boys Own adventure travelling from Ireland to Australia by any means except a commercial flight Charley, Russ both familiar faces from Long Way Down Round and Race to Dakar and Mungo the cameraman cross countries on tuk tuks, elephants, dolmus and everything in between A great adventure that has inspired me to visit countries that weren t on my list, such as Nepal and Cambodia Although non fiction, the boys certainly had their share of calamities from boats to knees to multiple broken cameras Charley also talks about home sickness, travel sickness and lack of sleep, which I didn t think came through on the DVD very professional Being an Aussie, I have to make mention of the trip from Darwin to Sydney It was very well done not too stereotypical except for the English boys running out of fuel in the NT and a good representation of just how diverse Australia really is Nice to see that the BMWs were rejected in favour of a Nissan X5 is certainly not an off road car It made me happy to see that someone else could enjoy my own country.I d love to see an extended version of the TV series, that would be great All the boys were very likeable, good presenters and fairly easy on the eye There s some lovely pictures in the book too. Having previously travelled on motorbike from London to New York via Europe, Central Asia, Siberia, Alaska and Canada on Long Way Round, and from John O Groats to Cape Town on Long Way Down, Charley Boorman sets out on another adventure This time the motorbikes and previous wingman Ewan McGregor, who was busy filming have been left behind as Boorman sets out from his childhood home in County Wicklow, Ireland, aiming to get to Sydney, Australia, travelling by any means of transport he can find The result is a 20,000 mile odyssey through twenty five countries.Having enjoyed Long Way Round when the book and TV series appeared in 2004, I was disappointed with Long Way Down when it appeared Aware of the mishaps and problems they d had on the first journey, Long Way Down had been timetabled and planned to such an extent that a lot of the fun spontaneity of the earlier mission was lost, and the strict timetable meant that Ewan and Charley had to skip interesting areas they were passing in order to hit certain locations at certain times This proved to be a point of contention on the African trip, and it wasn t until past the halfway point that they could finally relax and chill out a bit.For By Any Means the goal was to reinstate this sense of spontaneity As well as that, the decision to ditch the bikes was taken because travelling by motorbike through some of the areas they were heading to particularly island hopping from Malaysia down through Indonesia to Australia would have been logistically difficult Dropping the bikes and travelling through mostly inhabited areas along the way also meant that there was no need for the support vehicles and teams which, although important from a safety perspective, had eroded the two guys against the elements feel of the two trips, particularly the second Finally, whilst the bikes had been important for eating as many miles as possible per day particularly on the first trip, which almost circumnavigated the globe , it also meant that contact with the locals was fairly limited The new approach conversely relied on talking to local people and making use of local means of transport.The book successfully complements the TV series Interestingly, the book relates stories not mentioned at all in the TV series, whilst skipping some elements that were much heavily focused on in the series Charley s visit to Angkor Wat was a major part of the TV show but is here covered only briefly, whilst a visit to another, lesser known temple wasn t even mentioned on the show but is given coverage in the book, for example This avoids the problem of repetition between the two mediums, and is helpful if you re planning to get both the book and the DVD.The steps taken by the team do mean that By Any Means is a engaging story and trip than Long Way Down Many of the locals they meet whose stories they hear simply wouldn t have been encountered with the bikes roaring past at 70mph Logistically the expedition isn t perhaps quite as spontaneous as it first appears a support team in London arrange several modes of transport ahead of time and at one point the gang is defeated in their attempts to enter Burma and have to take a commercial flight to get to China instead.Still, the journey is an impressive achievement, and Charley Boorman s down to earth style is readable and entertaining Proper travel writers appear to be a bit snooty about these expeditions a sequel to this journey, in which Boorman travels on from Sydney, up through Papua New Guinea and the Philippines to Tokyo, is currently airing on BBC 2 in the UK since Boorman doesn t really get to grips with the politics or socio economic backgrounds to these countries, but that s not really the point Boorman s concern is meeting the local ordinary people and finding out how they live their lives under different circumstances This theme is actually successfully handled, as the way of life between bus drivers in Turkey, one of the few female taxi drivers in Tehran and cattle drovers in Australia s Outback is contrasted The conclusion people are people wherever you go might not be shockingly revelatory, but it is nicely handled nonetheless There s also some ironic interest to be gleaned from the fact that Iran, the country the team was most concerned about crossing, turned out to be one of the friendliest and most welcoming they visited and had possibly the least security concerns.By Any Means is a breezy and entertaining account of a genuinely impressive journey around the world The book is available now in the UK and USA.By Any Means 2 is currently airing in the UK and a new McGregor Boorman motorbike trip, possibly through South America, is being planned for next year with the working title Long Way to Go. A fun read, for a good cause UNICEF The alternately cheerful and sometimes dour Charley Boorman on one of his soon to be many adventures Ireland to Australia And a video series to boot . Travel titles are some of the best companions when you re waiting in line for something, whether you re in the supermarket, processing government IDs, paying bills, or applying for a visa While you are craning your neck every minute or so for the number that s displayed and the client called upon, there s a sense of distance with each chapter you finish and this one did it for me.I ve been trying to get hold of this series because I got hold of the first one last year and I liked it, however, this one which features Boorman, minus McEwan, seems to be disconnected at times with the places that we went to, and the team was preoccupied with merely transiting and making it to the their end city Although the language has remained crisp and beautifully narrated, the act of traveling seems to be bank on a capitalist mode since there is an inventory of all the expenses shelled out during the production And I get that it may be an integral part of their journey, but somehow, focusing on financial capacities takes the excitement and the rawness of being able to interact with the locals and not safety officers that will ensure a smooth passage Perhaps we can try to lessen certain privileges when it comes to these experiences. By Any means lacks the human interaction and the getting inside the culture that Long Way Round and Down both did I m not sure if it is that Charley is fantastic at the fun side of it while Ewan is a little deeper or whether it was the fact that the focus on the transportation got in the way whereas the others were simply just on the bikes It s funny in places and you have to love Charley s sense of adventure and little boys wide eyed spirit and determination to enjoy everything he does, but it just lacks something this time We need to hear about the characters he meets on the way and their lives I ve since seen the DVD and that is even rushed it almost felt like a race through the countries Charlie you need to relearn the art of slower travel, it s much inspiring to the average reader watcher He ll be turning into a Nick Sanders soon and that s a whole other ball game.