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Replied Do It You Have No Reason Not To A Very Good The first 75% of this book was 5 stars It lost a bit in the overly complex shenanigans in the last few chapters Still a totally fun read This is a somewhat entertaining read.The first half of the book was quite delightful, but the second half was rather disappointing Daniel and Kat meet, when his nephew Todd brings her to the family estate for a weekend engagement party Daniel is announcing his engagement to Clarissa, a long time family friend and business acquaintance Of course the sparks fly, because Kat is beautiful, witty, and the exact opposite of what he, or his mother, are looking for in a wife The whole first half is very light and amusing, almost to the point of screwball comedy, and I found myself laughing quite a bit Also, the chemistry between Dan and Kat is priceless.But then, things started to go downhill for me First of all, Kat realizes that she has been brought to the house under false pretenses as a decoy to coax Daniel away from his fiancee It turns out thatTodd, his mother and Daniel s sister think that Clarissa is too cold for Daniel and he deserves to find passionate love with someone like Kat The fact, that Kat accepted being used by these 3 musketeers and agreed to carry on with the duplicity of breaking the couple up, just lessened her as a person view spoiler To make matters worse, she actually agrees to become his lover not mistress while he is still engaged to Clarissa He openly continues to date Clarissa, taking her out to dinner and major functions and events It seemed Kat justified the sordid relationship as long as she didn t accept expensive trinkets, or allowed herself to be put up in her own apartment hide spoiler Re The Love Conspiracy Welp, if the last Anne Mather did not squick you out, just wait Susan Napier will We start with a tart with a heart fake fiancee deception and move on to the utter degradation of the h by the end of the book Huge warning here, the h winds up cheating with the H he is engaged for all of the book to another woman and the h goes along with it, thinking she will win his love in the end Whether she does or if this is really an HEA I leave up to you, but here is how the story goes The 23yr old h is conned into a family weekend with one of her male friends, she is currently an actress in a one woman show that features social commentary based upon a mild strip on the stage, the h is also a brilliant mimic think comedy sketches on Saturday Night Live She actually has a variety of jobs like working at a restaurant and since she is an orphan raised by the state, she is still finding her way about career wise The h is also very self confident and six feet tall, she supposedly has learned the hard way that self respect comes from within, no matter what the rest of the world thinks The book actually opens with the H s POV, and to my mind we get too much of it in the first part of this HP outing and way too little of it in the last half, this is a plot device of course The H is the chief banker of a family international banking empire and he is controlled, sardonic and enigmatic but he supposedly has a well tamed wild streak that he has stifled in order to take over when his father and older brother died He has the controlling martinet mother from the nether regions and she has arranged a marriage for him to a woman who is the carbon copy of her soon to be Witch Queen mother in law s shallow and manipulative snobbery and brittle societal facade and likewise the fiancee melds nicely with the mechanical, efficient, superficial politeness of the H In real world terms, this H is borderline sociopathic He ostensibly has a wild past where he painted and made millions on Wall Street while he was haunting Harvard, but his inner thoughts especially of the h are the thoughts of a predator who is cutting out a victim and that perspective of him really doesn t change much over the entire book He got ditched by a bohemian woman he supposedly loved in his youth, so there is the element of wanting to destroy what he failed to hold onto He sees the h as trash and trash she will remain, even tho he doesn t mind getting his hands and other body parts a little dirty Now that we have the backstory out of the way, the h arrives with her friend for the family weekend What the friend failed to inform her of was that he told his family the h was his fiancee He tells the h that he has another girlfriend who is a nice, sweet middle class ordinary girl and he wants the h to be outrageous to his family so that when he fake dumps the h and introduces the other girl, the family will be so thankful they will embrace the new girl with open arms The h doesn t like this too much, she has wondered why Fake boy was hanging around so often cause they have little in common They really only met a few months earlier and she considers him a very casual acquaintance but she doesn t seem to comprehend that Fake boy seems to think she is trash too, and that is why he wants her in his home to leave a false slime trail so to speak Fake boy s Grandmother the H s Militant Witch Queen Mother does all she can to make the h feel unwanted and unwelcome Then the h overhears the family discussing her and the terms aren t flattering at all So the h hams it up and it is fairly funny how she does gold digger tart one night and then the Angelic Madonna Awaiting the Child societal queen the next night The H gets angry with her for mimicking his mother he sees it as the h doing a send up and the whole time he and the h have been verbally sparring with heavy innuendo They have a big blow out confrontation where she hits the H and he hits her back and then it is on with the roofie kisses The h loses that battle, but they get interrupted by Fake boy and his Mouse Mother, Fake boy is the H s nephew, Mouse Mother is his sister in law, so the h goes off to bed She is ready to go home but can t cause her house has drain problems and she has no place to stay So she winds up staying at the H and Fake boy s family pile There is back and forth with the h showing up the Next Generation of the Borgia s Family in various locals like accidentally dropping chocolate covered raisins to the chairs below the box at the opera and the h going shopping with the H s sister and sister in law and spending tons of money, to the H s enormous fury Then after the h is attacked by a drunken customer at work, the H attacks her in the kitchen and in the aftermath the truth comes out Fake Boy, his mother and the H s sister have all been conspiring to throw the H and h together Fake boy has no seekrit fiancee, they wanted to mess up the Witch Queen s head and toss the H a tempting juicy bone They know the H likes the tarty types and they figured the h was just the kind of trampy tart to get him to rethink his engagement Plus they wanted to shake up the family dynamics and they figured the h, who has a soft heart for a sob story, wouldn t mind being treated like trash and they still want to be friends, if they can meet the h outside the normal social scene and not get too mucky with it What they don t consider here is the H is quite capable of having his cake and eating it too, to the point where even his fiance knows that the H is piking the h, but she doesn t care cause the h is his dirty little secret and he still squires the fiancee all over the place Sadly, the h s degradation ramps up here, cause not only does she not leave these societal sharks, she becomes the H s lover Even tho he assures her she is good for nothing but a poke with his mighty lance of lust This continues for several months until the fiancee walks in on them when they are lurvin it up and the h realizes that she really has made herself trash and the H will never marry her Of course by now the H has several times berated her for not feeling sorry for his Witch Queen mother and done his best to ruin whatever self respect she had, and now he tries to guilt her into clinging like a limpet when she finally gets her head on straight and leaves He mockingly tells her he loves her and she needs to trust him The h doesn t believe it, probably because he isn t sincere, he is throwing the h out to help his fiancee and he has never in word, deed or POV entertained the thought that the h is good for anything than a romp, so she leaves.Then she has mopey moments, gets a job in a financial house and finds out she is preggers The deus ex machina is the h gets a wedding invitation and she thinks the H is announcing his marriage to his fiancee She also gets some hot property company shares as a payoff from the H So she decks herself out in young urban professional attire to go tackle the H She is keeping the shares, cause baby s are expensive After a over hyped hysterical and not in a funny way, scene in the H s office where the h threatens to ruin the H s wedding with a big her being his mistress announcement, an idea SN will execute several books from now, the real story comes out The h did not read the invitation, it is the H s sister in law that is getting married The H planned to marry the fiancee, up until the last chapter of the book He then decided not to, but was keeping up the front because the fiancee was too inept to either fight for her own place in her father s business or go out and get a job with someone else The H felt he owed it to the woman to help her get on her father s board of directors, but that is accomplished now and since the h is having his baby, he wants to marry her and continue inflicting his treacherous family and obnoxious mother on her The h stupidly agrees instead of running like mad and that is the HEA.This book is well written, and parts are really, really funny However the underlying dynamics and the h is pimped out and treated as less than worthy of respect by every single family member in this book is just too much for my tastes The fact that the H rattles on about trusting him when he has been lying through his teeth is another reason to doubt this book He is definitely his Witch Queen Mother s son and I did not see an HEA here, but it was a fascinating character study of a man who is seriously messed up and determined to make a similar woman pay for the supposed sins of a woman that he failed to hold on to The h, well I don t think much of an HP h who sleeps around with an engaged guy Ironically her stage show was about a woman degrading herself for any type of affection and it is really sad to me to see that exact story line play out over the course of the story with this h She starts out strong and then just devolves into a pathetic doormat by the end I actually could have gotten over the sleeping with the engaged guy, mainly because she was young and we all are stupid when we are young, but to fall at his feet in the end and agree to live with the H and his family and continue the degradation was just too much nausea inducing fertilizer for me to really feel confident about this HP venture Still this book gets a lot of high marks and it is very well written, it is certainly not the common HPlandia outing and well worth the time to read and make your own conclusions. It was very funny and to the end there was little angst If H had explained why engagement had to continue for a time, i could have given 5 stars. This book is nice if you like comedy I need melodrama when I read a HP. Wonderful read,Daniel Kat both are perfect match for each other,adored Kat such a strong woman,never takes anyone s crap and gives it back to whoever messes with her,but she got manipulated by others Todd wanted to smack him for his selfish reason he said such things about Kat but then cause of it Kat Daniel met that is why i forgive himOverall a wonderful readRecommend it This one was pretty enjoyable The plot could have been tightened up just a bit especially in the second half The heroine here was different in that she was an actress and was basically playing a part to fool the hero This part was fun and well written She was strong here The second half was a bit problematic for me since she agrees to be the hero s mistress which didn t really ring true to the very strong person she was in the first half of the book And for you readers who hate cheating There was cheating going on here view spoiler I lost respect for her since she was sleeping with a man who was engaged to another woman He was taking the OW out on the town and having the heroine as his secret bit on the side Not cool at all First of all you re cheating and secondly have respect for yourself and demand he give up the other woman or you ll walk hide spoiler Oh, this could have been a five star read if it had stopped about 2 3 of the way through The last third was disappointing, so I had to knock a star off.The first part the conspiracy where the actress heroine unwittingly walks into a bit of rich folks family drama is very funny and the sparks fly between the H h The h s friend asks her to pretend to be engaged to him, act outrageous, and upset the family so much that they will be relieved when he presents his real fiance after ditching the h The heroine is not thrilled, but she has her pride and thinks it would fun to ruffle a few feathers It s the friend s uncle who is the banker hero and the heroine and this reader had to change our minds about him as we learned about him His backstory not tragic just a hint of his wild side and his sexy talk really rounded out his character and showed his compatibility with the heroine.It all goes swimmingly until view spoiler the ruse is up, they finally go to bed and the hero wants to continue his engagement with his fiance having the heroine as his mistress Yuck The hero has his reasons he never slept with his fiance and he s trying to get her on the board of some company , but the heroine doesn t know his reasons She just goes along with this for three months until the fiance catches them fiance knew they weren t going to get married and then the h finally wakes up to the fact that he will never marry her and leaves The hero is angry she doesn t trust him to do the right thing and he tells her to never come back She does come back to tell him off about a wedding invitation she just received and tell him that she s pregnant but it wasn t his wedding it was his sister s They finally talk HEA The cheating appearance of cheating really marred the sublime romance they had going hide spoiler she is the OW in this story