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5 Stars Reeling from a year of unbearable losses, Harriet snaps one Friday after yet another emotional hit No is she going to be the mousy boring woman who is so dependable and efficient In one weekend, she replaces her wardrobe, bleaches her hair, takes a makeup lesson and sells her house Late to work on Monday, she makes her grand entrance short platinum wavy hair, snug mini skirt, four inch heels and sexy black stockings she has every male distracted Ever since the company s New Year s Eve party almost three months before, Marcus has had Harriet in his radar Someone had spiked the holiday punch, and Harriet doesn t remember the events of that party, but Marcus does He s been worried about her, as that night the alcohol had brought out her depression and she d needed comforting Surprised by her drastic make over, Marcus now worries about the about face and her sudden desire for excitement in her life He carefully watches out for her, even to the extent of showing up at a club where s she on a date with the office Lothario Enlisting her help with his 15 year old daughter works to his advantage, and he s able to keep tabs on her exploits Harriet loves her new attitude, and she loves to tease Marcus at every turn He s always been rather a stuffed shirt, all business seeing that he has a sense of humour and can be put off balance, only spurs her on Whenever she s close to Marcus, her libido goes into overdrive, and she s plagued not only by ex rated fantasies but a tremendous sense of deja vu Ms Napier had me rolling with laughter from the first page Harriet has changed her image to project a ditzy blonde in the hopes of sparking some excitement into her very lonely and depressing life But she s not a blonde bimbo by any means, and she deftly keeps Marcus on his toes I loved the way Marcus tried to keep a step ahead of Harriet, and often lost that battle As she slowly reveals all that she has lost, her sudden need to live fully comes to light Marcus is there for her every step of the way These two make a fabulous couple and I know I ll be reading their HEA again and again. This was almost a 4 star, but just missed.Poor Harriet has been through the wringer Not to get into great detail but the past couple of years she has had one tragedy after another Don t fear She s not a mealy mouth, woe is me kind of girl It s like pulling teeth to uncover her trigger She recalls wallowing a teensy bit at what is now a notorious New Year s Eve party where an ex employee spiked the punch She s happy to semi recall that she only moaned a little about her life before leaving the party to crash in an office Lucky girl She didn t embarrass herself Nope, not at all.The story opens several months later with her reaction to the latest emotional blow a full scale makeover from little mouse to blonde bombshell, a blonde bombshell with 4 heels and a mini skirt Marcus, CEO of the company she works out, just happens to have his handy dandy telescope out when he sees her as well as the company Lothario.Marcus asks demands that Harriet devote herself to helping his 15 year old daughter get through a rebellious stage Harriet is quite reluctant to do this as she wants to go through her own rebellious stage and doesn t have time to be a boring role model, but the boss has spoken.Essentially, the plot breaks down with Harriet doing her best to walk on the wild side while Marcus makes every attempt to talk her down off her emotional ledge His so called rebellious teen daughter, rather than being the ubiquitous snotty nightmare we all hate, is the sweet voice of reason to some of Harriet s outrageous actions Is it really wise to buy a Porsche you can barely drive in the last 15 minutes of your lunch hour, Harriet Susan Napier is one of my favorites as she has yummy alpha heroes who get in waaaayyyy over their head, and her heroines actually have this thing calledwhat is ita personality, an element that is often missing in the storm und drang of many a Harlequin Marcus, yum, Marcus is a keeper, but he hangs back a little too much for me He comes through in the end Harriet is a confused mess, and Ms Napier drops the ball on occasion with her character What is clear is that while life has thrown her some hardballs, she is a fighter and a great heroine.Despite only giving it three stars, I recommend this for readers who are sick and tired of the same old cynical and suspicious, all women are gold diggers tycoons as well as the poe faced, spineless martyred heroines. [E-pub] ♫ Reckless Conduct ⚖ To Behaving Badly Harriet Attended The Company S New Year S Eve Party In All Innocence It Wasn T Her Fault That The Punch She D Been Drinking Was Stronger Than Expected So That She D Ended Up Confiding In A Gorgeous Stranger About Her Broken Engagement How Was She To Know She D Been Pouring Her Heart Out To The Chairman Himself, Marcus Fox The Office Party Now Harriet Has To Work With Marcus Luckily, She S Since Changed Her Image, Dyed Her Hair Blond And Is A Model Secretary Unluckily, Marcus Still Recognizes Her And Seems Determined To Punish Harriet For Her Reckless Conduct Re Reckless Conduct Susan Napier s contribution to the 9 to 5 series is a hilarious study of a meek and mild h improving her confidence and her assertiveness by changing her life when she changes her hair color.This h has been through tragedy after tragedy over the last two years An efficient upper executive secretary, she is also the preferred company trainer for up and coming new assistants and was a devoted caretaker of her mother, her father and her elderly cat Frank She had a tepid, boring fiance too But after her mother had a stroke after the death of her older brother, then passed on herself, her father fell ill from a broken heart The h s money grubbing fiance wanted to put him in a care facility, as he decided that home care cost too much The h dumped his apathetic and heartless hiney toot sweet and then devoted herself to her father s care He died a week later Then the h had a spot of work embarrassment when someone spiked the punch at the company holiday party and the highly inebriated h crawled into an office to sleep it off She managed to sneak out of the office with nothing than some strange, vague dreams of angels and demons fighting over her body Then her 18 year cat Frank died when he got hit by a car, the h found him when she came home from work and that was the final blow.The h decided that life is too fragile and short to live behind a set of rigid rules and plans and all of her devotion and kindness has left her alone and sad She figures blonde s have way magnetism, assertiveness and fun and she is tired of being called a little brown mouse.Because her parents were well insured and a land developer wants to buy her childhood home, the h decides to make a drastic change She bleaches her hair to a very professional shading of platinum s and buys herself a whole new wardrobe of miniskirts.When the book opens, an expensive bottle blonde woman in very high heels is slinking her way across the courtyard of the H s 19 story office building The H is the Chief mucky muck of his firm and has a very convenient executive telescope set up before his panoramic view Ostensibly, the telescope is for soothing views of the New Zealand harbour, but in reality, the H is checking out the men who are checking out the lethal blonde as she makes her way across the flag stones The H has nothing good to think about bottled blondes, tho he does hope he is over his younger self s fatal fascination with them When the blonde disappears, the H gets back to his original goal, which involves some sort of plans for a very specific woman.The h is the blonde of course and shows up a little later than her usual work time to make a big first impression with her new look and get the office drama over with at once Everyone is definitely surprised as this formerly staid and serene company stanchion of executive efficiency totally wows them with the flashy golden light she had been hiding under a brown serge bushel Her immediate boss has a panic attack tho The big boss H has requested the h for a special assignment and after the h shows that she is still the formidable office organizer underneath that platinum streaked mane, the h s immediate boss is trying to convince the h to change back to her usual staid self.The h determinedly refuses and in the process of that hilarious debate, which the h is winning, the H wanders into the office right as the h s boss is in the middle of changing his shirt He spit out his coffee all over his previous one when he first saw the h The H and h have some verbal banter of their own up in his office and the H wants the h to mentor his 15 year old daughter in a menial office job for her school holidays His somewhat meddling mother in law needs a rest to recover from some illness and he doesn t feel like sending his child off to mentor with the mother in law s choice of a suitable future wife for him.After the mother in law, the wanna be OW and the H s daughter walk into the H s office while the H has his hands tangled in the h s garters, there are lots of raised eyebrows and the h escapes The h and H meet again later that night.The h had accepted a date with the office Lothario and they end up at the same night club as the H and his group of friends, including the wanna be OW The h is daringly dressed in a gold metal link dress and the H and h have verbal banter as the h tries to convince the H that she is not a suitable caretaker for his impressionable young daughter It soon becomes apparent that there is to the H s motives than what he is admitting too He refuses to accept the h s excuses and soon the h is taking the H s daughter around on her lunch hour, getting their ears pierced and buying go with anything white Porsche Carreras.The h manages to get manipulated into buying an apartment in the H s building too The verbal banter between them as the H swears that the h is trying to drive him around the bend and his desperate jealousy when the h starts dating OM, and taking various classes to meet , is quite entertaining Eventually a book of erotic pictures is found in the h s book collection and the Lurve Force Mojo between the H and h fairly sizzles The H finally admits that he and the h had a one night Purple Passion moment during that unremembered office holiday party and the h is mortified The H had been traveling for days when he got to the office party, he was jet lagged and he drank a few of the spiked punches He normally doesn t drink, but when he got into his personal office, he found the h all cuddled up and crying and things led to things and Passionate Mojo Moments Happened to the mutual enjoyment of them both but the h was too toasted to remember The H explains that his father was an alcoholic, his birth mother was a trampy gold digging bottle blonde who abandoned him to his father and step mother for money, but refused to allow the H s step mother to adopt him Then the H met his first wife, also a bottle blonde, and the daughter of the owner of the H s current company Their marriage was a torment of never ending games of jealousy and potential cheating on the wife s part, until she and the H s father in law were killed in an accident So the H has a firm dislike of unnatural blonde bombshells, but they are also his fatal attraction and the h is attracting him madly.They decide on a one night stand and there is much Purple Passion Mojo and bronze garter belts involved The H then tells the h that she really wants than just a one night stand, or two night stand, as it is, and the h agrees They decide to embark upon an affair.But first, the H demands that the h go to a doctor and get checked out, otherwise there will be no mutual exploration of his lurve club The h goes to her doctor and finds out she is preggers She is pretty gobsmacked about the whole thing, but is called up to the H s office once again.We get a pretty convoluted explanation that the h is having some sort of mental fugue state and behaving erratically as a result of her first night o love with the H The H even called a psychiatrist friend of his to verify that The H claims that he has been trying to manage and ensnare the h with manly mojo for months now, because he just can t stay away from her charms and she is constantly hi jacking his thoughts.The h admits that she loves the H and he declares that he loves her too, right before they decide to re christen his office couch His mother in law forces her way in while the H and h are roofie kissing on the couch The h and H are seen by half the executive floor staff and the h hastens to announce that she and the H are celebrating their new engagement to preserve the H s company chairman reputation The H immediately agrees they are getting married and rapidly pulls out a huge diamond ring the H was all prepared to propose, but he will accept the h s very well done proposal instead.The mother in law starts complaining that the H s request for a registry office wedding is too abrupt, but as the h announces her pregnancy right at that moment, the mother in law decides that tomorrow morning won t be soon enough.The book ends with a cute little epilogue of the H once again using his telescope in his penthouse office This time there is a blonde bombshell in a black swing coat and three little mini blondes in swing coats too, they are making their way up to their daddy s big office The H, h, their three triplet daughters and the H s older daughter are happily together and the h announces that there is another holiday baby or three on the way for the big HEA.This one was very funny and the H s frustrations as the h was determined to get out and live a little are truly hilarious If you are looking for a light hearted office romance with a dip into some serious pools about self validation and gaining self confidence, it is hard to find a better HP outing than this.Tho the H s assumption that the h was erratic and only acting out because of their drunken one nighter was a bit egotistical, as were his many, many manipulations, the h truly does gain self esteem and a backbone over the course of this and the HEA is adorable Give this one a go if you run into it, it is fast, amusingly frivolous and great day at the HP office. Reckless conduct is the story of Harriet and Marcus.When Harriet decides to have a makeover and change her lifestyle, she never realizes she d catch the eye of the big boss Marcus, or that he d employ her to babysit his teenage daughter Nicola.What starts as an impulse becomes a journey of self discovery filled with burning chemistry, various laugh out loud moments, hot sex and an adorable HEA I enjoyed this book from starting to the end because of a strong heroine as well as a non overbearing hero and the ending made the book all too sweet.Safe4.5 5 4 1 2 stars Amusing story with a ditsy heroine You don t get enough of those and it s a story type that I really like She used to be staid and conservative and just got tired of it So she gives herself a make over dyes her hair and changes her dress style She had already caught the eye of her boss in her old incarnation and he doesn t really know what to do with her now She sort of runs circles around him A couple of surprises in the end Cute read. She did reinvent herself completely after she changed her hair color from brown to bleached blonde. A really fun read with with a heroine that you will either love or hate with a passion Within a short span, Harriett lost her brother and both her parents Then her fianc dumps her and her cat gets killed The loss of her cat makes her realize that her life is dull and she is frumpy So she decides to revamp herself She sets out and buys a whole new wardrobe full of clothes that are a complete, vampy change from who she was before Her new change brings the attention of lots of men and Marcus decides that he will have Harriett work on a special project to keep her out of trouble mentoring his 15 year old daughter What follows is Harriett going over the top with her desire to proves that she has changed Her constant harping about changing herself became annoying really quickly However, even with the h s annoying ways, the story was sweet Harriett s relationship with his daughter His suppressed jealousy And Marcus, the alpha male, tried to hold quicksilver in his hand and was eventually successful I really enjoyed this book It was definitely worth the read. I was sooooo bored, and I hated Harriet Okay, so hate is a strong word Let me revise my sentiment and say that I felt little empathy for Harriet.Why, you say Well, there was little character development or deep exploration into Harriet s and Marcus psyches, so I didn t give a rat s ass about them What little I did know, I didn t care for view spoiler Why did Marcus fall in love with Harriet I wasn t feeling the love , and why did Harriet undergo a self induced makeover I dunno Your guess is as good as mine All right, we do find out about the latter later on but it was a case of too little, too late for me hide spoiler This is a very nice surprise A delightful read gave me lots of lol moments.I thought is just a light read until I feel speechless when I found out what was happening with the heroine s family in the last two years, it s a tragic and I think she needed a professional help if the hero not with her when she needed someone badly.Btw, why can t we get an alpha hero like this any He is very sophisticated and clever in his way to get what he wanted without the heroine realised she had been manoeuvre, lol See, you don t need to be an alphole jerk to get your girl.And the epilogue Here some clues for you,They stretched out to the side of her, joined hand in hand like a string of identical paper cutout dolls, in their little black coats and patent leather shoes and baby fair curls.Awww, I haven t read that adorable ending lately