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Paul and Kiki s Guide to Vacationing in Italy is a very easy to read and informative travel book and a welcome change from the travel books that are so impersonal What I like the best about it is that this book tells you how to figure out what cities to visit and the options for transportation between them with pictures and in a narrative that makes it easy to do Also, they give you some ideas, like renting an apartment in Rome, that I never thought of and exactly how to do it Thanking these authors for all the tips and I definitely give it 5 stars [[ Free ]] ⇖ Paul and Kikis Guide to Vacationing In Italy ☟ Unlike Many Travel Books, PAUL AND KIKI S GUIDE TO VACATIONING IN ITALY Is Written In A Very Personal Narrative Style That Will Help You Go Through The Steps Of Planning Your Own Itinerary To Italy To Your Favorite Must See Destinations, Along With Tips On How To Make The Most Out Of Your Vacation Traveling Time And You Are Given Enough Information And Tips To Make Up Your Own Unique Travel Plans Or You Can Just Sit Back, Relax And Replicate Paul And Kiki S Easy To Follow Vacation Plans In This Book With Over Beautiful Full Color Photos, Paul And Kiki Take You On An Italian Vacation Through Rome, Tivoli, Naples, Florence, And Pisa This Guide Has Included All The Information You Need On Where To Stay And Eat, How To Get Around, Where To Shop, Where To Go And What To See They Also Include Where Not To Go Which Is Very Important As You Will See When You Read This Book And Information On What To Do And Who To Contact In Case Of Emergencies And Being Seasoned World Travelers Who Have Taken A Number Of Guests With Them On Several Trips, They Understand The Information And Important Tips That Are Needed By Those People Who Are Not Highly Familiar With Traveling To Italy Paul And Kiki Give You Information That You Do Not Want To Miss On Some Of The Best Deals To Look For That Will Save You Money In Food And Other Expenses While On Your Vacation Comprehensive, concise, readable, and simply an excellent vacationing guide No one can speak with authority about a country and what that country holds and offers to its visitors than the one who speaks from his her own personal experience And authors of this meticulously and eloquently written vacationing guide in Italy have proven just that As seasoned travelers, they were able to comprehensively and concisely deliver all what one needs to have an enchanted, smooth, and full flavored holiday in Tuscany, the heart of Italy Apart from thoughtfully written contents, from preparing for your trip to making your itinerary to where to stay and where to eat, even tips how to avoid being pickpocketed and how to combat jetlag, as well as emergency information and Embassy services, and besides, this book also contains lovely complimentary colored photos taken by the authors, illustrating their personal experiences Just by reading the book itself, it is almost like taking a little mini trip to Italy Although I ve been to Italy a few times myself, and thought I had seen it all, yet I find this book to be a complete guide for my future Italian holidays In a word, a unique treasure among guides to vacationing in Italy A must have Teuta S Rizaj author of The Rhapsody of the Ant Woman Poem with Complimentary Drawings The Sliced Land and Other Stories I encourage everyone who thinks they may travel to Italy to read this book It is delightful