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@Download Kindle Í The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest ⚤ One Of Our Most Universal Myths Is That Of The Green Man, The Spirit Who Stands For Nature In Its Most Wild And Untamed Form Through The Ages And Around The World, The Green Man And Other Nature Spirits Have Appeared In Stories, Songs, And Artwork, As Well As Many Beloved Fantasy Novels, Including Tolkien S Lord Of The Rings Now Ellen Datlow And Terri Windling, The Acclaimed Editors Of Over Thirty Anthologies, Have Gathered Some Of Today S Finest Writers Of Magical Fiction To Interpret The Spirits Of Nature In Short Stories And Poetry Folklorist And Artist Charles Vess Brings His Stellar Eye And Brush To The Decorations, And Windling Provides An Introduction Exploring Green Man Symbolism And Forest Myth The Green Man Is Required Reading, Not Only For Fans Of Fantasy Fiction But For Those Interested In Mythology And The Mysteries Of The Wilderness A beautiful collection of mythic short stories with the exclusion of two I loved the introduction, which I usually skip in most books This one, however, was very informative and interesting I also like that at the end of each story or poem they give you a little info about that author I ve found many new authors that I like as well as books by them that I ve added to my to read shelf I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars, but there were two stories in particular that did not fit in with the flow of the others One had nothing to do with the Green Man whatsoever I absolutely hated the story then found out the writer is the same author of two or three books I ve been wanting to read Sadly, I may have changed my mind about reading said books. Anthologies can always be a little daunting to read For every incredible, can t put this down tale, there s bound to be at least one that s really not to your taste And yes, that happened here too, with one or two stories that I skimmed through, disliking and bored.I didn t care The stories that made up for this were stunning and I m torn between favourites.Tanith Lee s Among the Leaves So Green is a lingering, strange tale where the good and kind are rewarded, as in any fairytale but it is not their story, and all the beautiful for this fact.Charles de Lint never disappoints, is comfort reading at its loveliest and I can never find a bad thing to say about a visit to his fae worlds.The stories Hunter s Moon, Charlie s Away and Grounded all bring the human world to the edge of the green, and are wonderfully eerie The authors of these three are Patricia A McKillip, Midori Snyder and Nina Kiriki Hoffman, if you re curious.Gregory MacGuire s Jack the Ripper retelling is wonderfully tongue in cheek, probably the most humourous of the lot though Delia Sherman s Central Park is also fantastically snarky and a brilliantly light aside to some of the deeper themes running through the anthology.Finally, a strange, little tale about a strange, little known creature the French, porcelain pagodes is still lingering in my mind and potentially inspiring a long put off return to drawing.Thoroughly recommended for anyone wanting little windows into a greener world. This collection of short stories, all inspired by the myth legend of the Green Man, was the most satisfying collection of short stories I ve read in a long time There were only one or two that didn t stick with me for a long time after reading them, and as a whole, the work was tremendously cohesive Definitely a keeper for any fan of YA fantasy wondering why all my reviews are five stars Because I m only reviewing my favorite books not every book I read Consider a novel s presence on my Goodreads bookshelf as a hearty endorsement I can t believe I just said hearty It sounds like a stew. This book is a truly magical composition One day I must visit Grand Central Park and say hello to Gnaw bone and Bugle, or go into a lonely wild tangle searching for a wodwo or The Green Man, or gae to the Scotland woodland to find the Cailleach Bheur In some ways I feel I already have, it transported me so When you see the wind stir the green wood, or when you turn the pages of a book made from a tree s still blameless flesh, lean close and listen.You hear my voice And I do it is my own voice It is my heart that beats in these pages, that lives through them Perhaps such a life is hollow, living through the magic found in green and marvelous chiaroscuro, in the deep places Perhaps these words are pretentious, nothing than the whining or longing of a child for magical things There is truth in that longing, there is desire to wander and wonder and go into the dark to come out to the light again That longing is not only longing, that feeling is and means both and less than what it may seem, I can see how it is shallow and deep I have been on both sides, knowing this great rush of what feels like power, knowledge that no one else around me has, of what it is like in the woods Then there is the other side of the coin, it is a wish and a dream, there is no power in me and the knowledge is fancy, I must be realistic That is what I tell myself It is like the world is two layered, it is both strange and normal and I do not know which layer is on top if either are I believe it is myself that makes it so.One day I will go back to where I grew up and take a walk in the woods in search of the Fair Folk, whose eyes are fierce and wild I ll hear nothing but my own breath and it will be their breathing.