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will study this for life [Read] ☩ Master Dogen's Shobogenzo, Book 1 ⚖ This Translation, Supported By The Japan Foundation, Makes A Strong Claim To Be The Definitive Translation Of The Chapter Edition Of Shobogenzo, The Essential Japanese Buddhist Text, Written In The Th Century By Zen Master Dogen The Translation Adheres Closely To The Original Japanese, With A Clear Style And Extensive Annotations Book Presents Translations Of Twenty One Chapters Of Shobogenzo Including Genjo Koan The Realized Universe , Soku Shin Ze Butsu Mind Here Now Is Buddha , Uji Existence Time , And Sansuigyo The Sutra Of Mountains Water Its Several Reference Sections Include A Chinese English Appendix Of References To The Lotus Sutra, And An Extensive Sanskrit Glossary At Last I Visited Zen Master Nyojo Of Dai Byaku Ho Mountain, And There I Was Able To Complete The Great Task Of A Lifetime Of Practice After That, At The Beginning Of The Great Sung Era Of Shojo, I Came Home Determined To Spread The Dharma And To Save Living Beings, It Was As If A Heavy Burden Had Been Placed On My ShouldersI Will Leave This Record To People Who Learn In Practice And Are Easy In The Truth, So That They Can Know The Right Dharma Of The Buddha S Lineage This May Be A True Mission A little tough going for me Should try to read again some day. I studied this book and the other 3 for a decade and it is one that still travels with me I still study it, and each time I open it a new aspect in seen. Essential.