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!Download Book ☣ The Deerslayer or The First War Path ☿ A Restless White Youth Raised By Indians, Natty Bumppo Is Called Deerslayer For The Daring That Sets Him Apart From His Peers But He Has Yet To Meet The Test Of Human Conflict In A Tale Of Violent Action And Superbly Sustained Suspense, The Harsh Realities Of Tribal Warfare Force Him To Kill His First Foe, Then Face Torture At The Stake Still Yet Another Kind Of Initiation Awaits Him When He Discovers Not Only The Ruthlessness Of Civilized Men, But Also The Special Danger Of A Woman S Will His Reckless Spirit Transformed Into Mature Courage And Moral Certainty, The Deerslayer Emerges To Face Life With Nobility As Pure And Proud As The Wilderness Whose Fierce Beauty And Freedom Have Claimed His Heart I chose to read this book because I had accepted to read the second in the series The Last of the Mohicans as part of a challenge, but I didn t want to jump in at the second book This book also conveniently met the requirements for yet another challenge I m completing so, a win both ways I really wanted to like this story, but it was so excruciatingly slow I could seriously have let the audiobook play for thirty minutes without listening and then pick right back up with the story without really missing anything I m not sure if it was the time period during which this book was published 1840s or if it is simply the writing style of the author Three things I learned in this story 1 Hetty Hutter lacked intelligence Every time the poor girl s name was mentioned, which was a lot, readers were reminded of how feeble minded she was.2 Judith Hutter was beautiful For how many times we were reminded that Hetty was dimwitted, we were reminded an equal number of times that Judith had the looks and the brains out of the two.3 Racism has existed in many forms for a long time I m not really sure the author intended for all of Deerslayer s remarks about white gifts and red gifts to be viewed as racism, but when you insinuate that someone simply cannot help the way they act because of the color of their skin, that s racism A major plot point in this book was to lay out all the differences between white gifts and red gifts Toward the end of the book James Feni Cooper did elaborate a bit and say that all human nature is the same but we are different based on how we are raised I m not sure if that was the main theme he was trying to drive home, but I think he fell a little flat.I was really looking forward to reading The Last of the Mohicans, but I m not so sure I want to put the time into it now We shall see. Cooper is not the easiest author to read He constantly uses the words FORMER and LATTER in his writing Still, even wading through some of the tediousness of his style gives the reader a big payoff along the way THE DEERSLAYER is a book of high adventure between pre colonial whites and Native Americans It is the first tale of our main character Natty Bumpo named Hawkeye by the Natives, thank goodness He s a fronteirsman in the vein of Daniel Boone This is a great outdoor adventure story to begin the Leatherstocking Tales. This novel is primarily a romance or what might be called an action romance I suppose It has come in for some notable criticism from names as well known as Mark Twain no less BUT as it s been around since 1841 there is obviously something here.I think the only things to really be aware of heregoing into it as a novel have mostly to do with the time in which it was written The language is of course very dated Often it is like reading poetry than prose Then there are the racial attitudes Yes to a modern ear they will even be found somewhat offensive When Harry and Deerslayer start discussing the differences in race you ll need to get that grain of salt everyone is always talking about to take with said discussion.As a matter of fact one of the main plot points of the book revolves around what is natural for whites.If you can deal with the fact that we are seeing what were actually rather liberal ideas for the 1840s expressed by Deerslayer Natty then you ll get a romantic adventure Some of the characters are well doneothers not so much, but again I sort of think me criticizing a book that s been in print for over 170 years might be a bit presumptuous, LOL.I did skim the book somethe old language got to me to But this is a good book forremember when it was written. This book receives quite a bit of vitriolic language about how it s the worst book ever written and other predictably trite rantings of those who have different expectations than the book satisfies I began this book with an open mind and with an interest in the writing style of an author I hadn t read before Although I freely admit the prose is a bit longwinded, it contains some eloquent passages among the numerous pithy and dry paragraphs think Romantic Period of literature and nature writing Descriptions run a bit long in some cases and the characters set off on lengthy soliloquies at the oddest of times, but the book simply isn t without merit It s a fairly unique voice offered in the age of Manifest Destiny and bigoted attitudes towards Native Americans, the author commits quite a few of these himself, it must be admitted, but offers a generous view for its era.Twain probably does damage to Cooper s legacy than any other American author with his quick witted and poignant critique of Cooper s style His typically viperous tongue slashes to the bone while at the same time coaxing a smile from the reader I am a huge Twain fan but to compare these two authors is folly I would imagine Cooper never expected to be a gritty American author like Twain but most likely envied those like Emerson or Thoreau It can be debated whether he successfully accomplished this aim, but to cast this book unfairly into the bonfire as so much kindling is unfair It is clearly not the best example of American writing of the era, but clearly it isn t the worst either It s a modestly enjoyable book with moral lessons for the era, which I believe makes it a limited success. Mark Twain Cooper s art has some defects In one place in Deerslayer, and in the restricted space of two thirds of a page, Cooper has scored 114 offences against literary art out of a possible 115 It breaks the record I ll refer you to Mark Twain s essay Feni Cooper s Literary Offenses Now I feel sure, deep down in my heart, that Cooper wrote about the poorest English that exists in our language, and that the English of Deerslayer is the very worst that even Cooper ever wrote.I may be mistaken, but it does seem to me that Deerslayer is not a work of art in any sense it does seem to me that it is destitute of every detail that goes to the making of a work of art in truth, it seems to me that Deerslayer is just simply a literary delirium tremens.A work of art It has no invention it has no order, system, sequence, or result it has no lifelikeness, no thrill, no stir, no seeming of reality its characters are confusedly drawn, and by their acts and words they prove that they are not the sort of people the author claims that they are its humor is pathetic its pathos is funny its conversations are oh indescribable its love scenes odious its English a crime against the language.Counting these out, what is left is Art I think we must all admit that.i think that s a bit harsh but this book was pretty bad. If one can read books promiscuously, as I was reassured in graduate school that one could, I read all five of the books in this series like a complete whore, giving myself entirely over to the story loved all five A word of caution, however They were written in a different order than the chronology of the narrative Imagine my disappointment at the Deerslayer s death at the end of the third book out of five The order that the author produced them The PioneersLast of the MohicansThe PrairieThe PathfinderThe DeerslayerThe order of the narrative Thanks for the assist with this, Dave The DeerslayerLast of the MohicansThe PathfinderThe PioneersThe Prairie If you ve seen my booklists and read my reviews, you ll know I m usually a great lover of classic novels When I was about 11 or 12, my Dad got me a big stack of paperback classics and I spent an entire summer with Ivanhoe and Sidney Carton and Jane Eyre I mean, I munched them up Then I got to James Feni Cooper Oh bad Oh really, really bad The stories themselves were pretty good, as witness the fact that they have been made into many successful movies However, to read the stories, you have to read the sentences Some of these sentences are pages long By the time you get to the predicate, you ve forgotten the subject American authors in the early 1800 s seemed determined to prove to a European audience that they had great vocabularies and could craft an elaborate style Cooper obviously was of this school of thought All those intervening clauses and subclauses, hanging on his sentences like poor relations If you want to read the classics, and you should, try Ivanhoe Or if you have your heart set on this one, get the Cliff notes I hate you for all those hours of my life I ll never get back, James Feni Cooper. I never read Cooper growing up so wasn t sure what to expect in reading this novel What I discovered was a multi layered text that did the following Introduced Deerslayer, or Hawkeye as he is subsequently known Hawkeye Pierce in MASH gets his nickname from him We see the maturing of this young woodsman who has lived among the Delaware Indians and is a sure shot with the rifle At the beginning of the novel, he has only killed animals for food Much of his development comes following a deadly encounter with an Iroquois where he takes a life in self defense, and contributes to the spiral of hostility between the whites and Iroquois.It is a novel exploring various conceptions of the humanity and spiritual status of native Americans, including their own self conceptions as portrayed by Cooper.It is a religious tale, exploring various Christian notions of native American spirituality and chiefly of the piety of Hetty, the mentally impaired daughter of Thomas Hutter, the white trapper living in an island fortress on Lake Glimmerglass.Running through all this is an adventure novel as Deerslayer and his Delaware friend Serpent seek to rescue Serpent s betrothed from the Iroquois They are joined by Hurry Harry who is enad of Hutter s other daughter an affection not returned and later given to only one other The plot moves through a series of encounters, captures, releases or escapes to the climatic confrontation of white and Indian and its aftermath In all, a long but good read