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Oh, beyond terrible.I went into this with an open mind, having been recommended other books by a subscriber that I thought were decent And despite having tried different new Harlequin authors, I ve always been disappointed So, when I saw that this was a favorite of the newer authors, I was quite excited.But FAIL Here s why 1 Newer Harlequin authors have no idea how to do the professional segue that older authors do and with aplomb Older authors are able to segue a span of 2 years in a matter of paragraphs, beautifully too 2 Newer Harlequin authors overload on trite, cliched adjectives and adverbs Do I really need to know, multiple times, of his masculine charms, his masculine manhood, his masculine magnetism Can we please, PLEASE find another adjective Anything Then, there s the word, achingly If I never see this word again in romance novels, I will die a happy woman I hate that word with a passion Then, there s the overuse of gasping for the woman Geez louise, can anyone tell me who gasps after high school I don t mean gasping for air after one has nearly drowned, or had a fainting spell That s understandable I m talking about when one hears something mildly surprising The grandfather said something rude to Sebastien She GASPS in shock Seriously The grandfather has always been rude Is that REALLY so surprisingReally REALLYWhen the heroine gasps three times in the first chapter, I know whose side I m rooting for The grandfather Who has evil plans for the heroine She gasps in pain A surprised gasp A shocked gasp She was LITERALLY gasping All The Time 3 Overuse of italics Have these authors never read Anne of Green Gables That is, beyond the first book Do they not know that overusing italics is the sign of an immature writer Yes, I used it in the previous point, but only as a segue, thank you for noticing This writer just would not stop with the damn italics The kiss had wakened something in her Taken her by storm Changed her.Suddenly she was aware of him as a man And for the first time in her life she was aware of herself as a woman.Like a rabbit in a trap, she stared at him Ladies and gentlemen, please tell me you saw the number of trite cliches in that above example The three phrases most used to describe first kisses, the third being italicized The fact that she was now a woman, again, italicized And then, the ever so trite simile of being compared to a scared prey.It went beyond this Everyone spoke in random italics in the book It s huge, she would say She had to concentrate Her repeating what he just said in her mind, inyou guessed it, ITALICS. If she didn t look, she wouldn t feel Wouldn t want.at that point she closed her eyes, just knowing yadda yadda All right, you say to yourself Maybe she s a damn teenybopper, being only 22 Nope Not the case The hero also spoke in italics too Just random words in the sentence Within the same page Words that weren t even emphasized ironically or mockingly Just because they all spoke like that Annoyingly.ProLet s also put on the record that in this day and age, it s not easy to contrive a good marriage of convenience, blackmailed situation in which the girl cannot, for a good reason, reveal This book came as close as possible to that ideal The girl needs an operation for her mother, which she can t afford, despite having three jobs, and goes to her evil grandfather who is rich but has disowned all of them for being, blast it, English of all things He contrives it so she will be a tool of his revenge on the family that killed his son The heroine will marry Sebastien, who will, in turn, get back the company that the grandfather once took from Sebastien s family The heroine can t reveal how estranged she actually is from the grandfather or else Sebastien will figure it out and back out of the deal If he backs out of the deal, she doesn t get the money that Sebastien gives her on a monthly basis Oh yeah, and she s barren because the accident when she was a kid damaged her lady parts somehow, and that s going to be the basis of the revenge To ensure Sebastien s line doesn t continue.THE CONSWhat in the name of all that s holy happened after this setup The heroine goes from a brave but desperate girl that I thought was maybe mid twenties to being the dumbest, giggliest, gaspiest girl in the world Suddenly she had a piano scholarship to boarding school because she was a musical prodigy And she was able to go on to college Supporting her mother who has been ill handicapped something never specified and really needed to be And she was able to finish college working two jobs as a waitress and playing piano in a bar Seriously Dude, if she were such a musical prodigy AND ABLE TO GO TO COLLEGE DESPITE THEIR FAMILY BEING SO DESTITUTE, she really should have worked harder and gotten an actual job teaching piano, maybe Which actually makes than waitressing, if one is so gifted But, right, I forgot she was a dumb idiot Oh, and she never bought a single piece of clothing in her life REALLY Being 22 and having a virtually bedridden mother, she NEVER bought a piece of clothing in her life How would that be possible, unless she just wore the same thing since the accident that scarred herself and her mom and killed her father Another thing This 22yo chicky with glossy long blond hair, killer legs, and ginormous boobsapparently never had a man be interested in her HOW HOW I know for a fact that guys will try to chat up a girl even if she has no makeup on and is wearing a bag A blond, boobular waitress NEVER had a guy express interest in her Even blind guys chat girls up And was the damn accident when she was 6 or 7 At the beginning of the book, it was when she was 6 Then it miraculously went to being 7 I ll let that go as being a product of bad editing But the rest of it Oh, give me strength to read another day. Re read number 93764926141The only family feud I can aspire to live is my parents fighting the dog owners that don t pick up their dog s poops in our front yard So, this is a forever favorite and I need another HP like this.Re read number 93764926140Just noticed I didn t add a review but I ll take the lazy way because Emona wrote my same thoughts and feelings so read her review xD After reading the disaster that was Once a Ferrara Wife I m glad I read this one The chemistry and passion between Alesia and Sebastien was sizzling Usually Sarah Morgan s heroes are saints and her heroines are extremely bitchy so I tend to avoid her books I was shocked to discover I loved the heroine, She was strong and feisty but also vulnerable and sweet Killer combination Sebastien was a hunk Very protective of his wife and as a typical Greek tycoon possessive and macho Once he realized his wife was not a gold digger but only her grandfather s victim he did everything in his power to heal her and make her happy What a swoon worthy hero Alesia needed the money for her mother surgery, and the only person she could seek for help was her wicked grandfather He had exiled her and her mother out of Greek since her father s death in an explosion, which was believed caused by the Philipos s sworn enemy, the Fiorukis.He planned for a revenge on his son s death by offering Sebastien Fiorukis marriage to his barren grand daughter in a business proposition, of which he knew nothing Alesia would get a huge sum of money transferred to her account from Sebastien in monthly basis, which she would use for her mother s recuperation He would be tied in as long as she didn t give him an heir, which was impossible for her to give him one.Sebastien saw his new wife as a gold digger right from the start, and always thought the worse of her, and she couldn t tell him the truth But his opinion of her was a confusion, he just couldn t match it with the fact how his new bride behaved oppositely.This excerpt puts in best what is being said here Never before had he had reason to question his mental acuity, but nothing about his new wife was making sense She was an heiress in her own right, had demanded an extortionate sum of money from him on her wedding day, a sum which he knew had already vanished from her account and yet there were no visible signs of profligate spending She d led a pampered and privileged existence from the day she was born, and yet she d been in the kitchen making her own lunch as if she did it every day And she d been wearing a pair of ancient jeans that no previous woman of his acquaintance would have been seen dead in It did not add up As time went by, they didn t realise they had fallen in love for each other But the truth wasn t out as yet, it was just like a black cloud over their feelings for each other.Sebastien starts questioning who his bride really is, but what will happen when he learns the truth What would Sebastian do when he knows the truth, that she was using the money for her mother who was supposed to be dead , and that she couldn t bear him any children Sebastien is a man of convictions, instinct and opinionated What is different is that he doesn t go barging through the entire novel clutching his pre conceived notions Sebastian is a rare male character in the Harlequin world that actually assesses emerging factors and fits them into a breath holding jig saw puzzle He knows there is to what meets the eye, with Alesia, her grandfather, the contractual marriage and even the original feud between the two powerful dynasties.Initially his prejudice against Alesia, based on the family animosity to Alesia s totally evil and twisted grandfather, has Sebastien behaving badly However each insult backfires as Alesia s innocence finds a way to prove Sebastien s accusations to be groundless Sebastien s effort to downgrade Alesia in the night club scene backfires in an especially spectacular way and left Sebastien with egg on his face, it was one of the most hilarious.Alesia s deprived family status, her hard working values and unstinting love for her invalid mother will move you It is this purity of spirit that keeps her triumphing against Sebastien s initial behaviour Her innocence cannot help but shine through She is very funny in parts and floors Sebastien with some of the things she comes out with.This novel is like blossoming flower revealing new colours and a dizzying fragrance It has intrigue, twists, and a passionate chemistry between the characters Every time a new twist or fresh depth was offered, I fell in love with the guileless Alesia and was intrigued with the well balanced alpha Sebastian.There are a lots of touching moments as Sebastien falls in love with his bride of unexpected depths Strong, dependable, responsible Everything that her grandfather wasn t in Alesia s own wordsHe is a man to fiercely protect his family You really would not want to miss the end, it was one of the best HP endings those that don t have epilogues, I mean, because this one really missed one.This is one of those books that make SM one of my favourite authors. I was so tormented with this bookit had the ingredients for being detestable and equally captivating on an emotional level.It kept me on edge throughout the entire experience of reading and my emotions were all over the placeI hated the hero and his disregarding treatment of the heroine He was very judgmental, basing his personal experiences on a woman he had no full facts on the circumstances of her actions and still, he assumed everything and instead of wanting to know her better his perceptions ruled heavily his personality Just the fact that he associated with gold digging women did speak volumes regarding his shallow personality having no ability to widen his horizons and seek women with different views on life He had no right to judge the heroine when he himself was agreeing to this marriage of convenience with no less honourable motives The difference between him and the heroine was that her actions were honourable to save her mother s life..him, was a need to gain money and control over his companyI was cringing on the scene at their wedding nightand the way he was treating her with such ruthless and callousness but I kept going with a strong sense of justice that I wanted the author to turn the tables and let the hero suffer equallybut regrettably I never got that part.there was no grovelling He did not ever say the words of apology just some random words not reminding him of his crass behaviour when confronted by the heroine Nevertheless, this was a very emotional read and I was glued to my kindle so for that at least it deserves at least 3 stars This was one of the better HP s I have read Though the story line is overused two people being forced to marry for business gains it really seemed to work Sarah Morgan did a terrific job in creating a wonderful Hero there were a couple of times, I did want to smack him and the heroine was truly lovable She had pride, backbone, kindness and compassion The story movesand you see two total strangers, wary of each other, coming together and conquering their fears and focusing on building a marriage It has a super great twist at the end, that will have you cheering. Wonderful Emotional read,the story starts out with so much tension and Sebastian being so cruel and mean to Alesia but as he spends time with her he sees that Alesia is pretending to be shallow,he starts his investigations to unravel who real Alesia is and dig out the truth.Alesia what to say she was trapped so badly,she had no choice but to pretend and take all the hurt humiliation.When Sebastian unravels the truth he regrets his behaviour and vows to protect Alesia but Alesia is reluctant to trust him,Sebastian has one goal to make Alesia trust him and make the grandfather pay for his doingsEnjoyed the tension,the passion,the determination of Sebastian to find the truth and his frustration,anger,bitterness,regret and finally to make Alesia his and love her protect her and give her all the happiness Loved Sebastian Alesia,the twist turns kept me glued to the book,overall i enjoyed the book very much,its a keeper for meWonderful readRecommend it A plot that has been used many times before but I loved it Innocent heroine forced into marriage by family member, hero believing she nothing but a money grabbing strumpet but she really needing money for saintly reasons.full of angst, just my cuppa I really enjoyed this book It has some familiar conventions for the Harlequin Presents line, but the old saying If it ain t broke, don t fix it is very apt I loved the fact that the heroine had had so much misfortune, and what turned out to be the worst thing, turns out to be the best thing This is marrying her hero This book is a feel good book in my opinion It definitely shows that a good person has to have faith and good will come to them for their actions You need to read books like this sometimes. `Kindle ↻ Sale or Return Bride ↛ The Bride May Be Getting Married In WhiteIt S The Wedding Of The Year Two Of Greece S Oldest Dynasties Are Uniting Their Feud Is Over And Sebastien Fiorukis Is To Marry Alesia PhiliposBut She Has Been Purchased For Her Husband S Pleasure Alesia Is Not A Willing Wife She S Been Bought By Sebastien He Needs An Heirbut A Child Is Something She Will Never Give Him