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Simple Generous To the point Not one spare or over used image Did I say, deceptively simple Suzuki roshi is one of the people I would have over for supper if God every granted me the wish to dine with five famous people, living or departed Caution this book is really designed for people who have a meditation or contemplative prayer practice I don t mean that it can t be read outisde that context, but it is designed for people who are engaging that larger context. Wonderful sermons by Suzuki The book left me in a very peaceful, calm state. [Free Epub] ⚖ Not Always So: Practicing the True Spirit of Zen ☪ Practising The True Spirit Of ZenNot Always So Is Based On Shunryu Suzuki S Lectures And Is Framed In His Own Inimitable, Allusive, Paradoxical Style, Rich With Unexpected And Off Centre Insights Suzuki Knew He Was Dying At The Time Of The Lectures, Which Gives His Thoughts An Urgency And Focus Even Sharper Than In The Earlier BookIn Not Always So Suzuki Once Again Voices Zen In Everyday Language With The Vigour, Sensitivity, And Buoyancy Of A True Friend Here Is Support And Nourishment Here Is A Mother And Father Lending A Hand, But Letting You Find Your Own Way Here Is Guidance Which Empowers Your Freedom Or Way Seeking Mind , Rather Than Pinning You Down To Directions And Techniques Here Is Teaching Which Encourages You To Touch And Know Your True Heart And To Express Yourself Fully, Teaching Which Is Not Teaching From Outside, But A Voice Arising In Your Own Being Sometimes while reading these talks of Suzuki I thought, He can go straight, he can show the straight path so clearly, ah yes, it is so Reading further I d realize, ah, but not always so. 3.2012 re reading this wonderful selection of talks It is like having personal contact with Suzuki whose humanity, kindness, and gentle humor is endearing and encouraging I m finding it all very valuable. A wonderful little read filled with short Zen talks easy to pick up and set back down without losing the flow of the book I enjoyed reading bits of this at night before falling asleep, and would like to think some of that Zen seeped in to my unconscious somewhere Simple and accessible I m planning to read it again to write down a few daily reminders and meditations for mindful living as a yoga instructor, I also appreciated the many ways this wisdom links to my practice Highly recommended. I love this guy Suzuki helped me find my true spirit of Zen A deep read. This took me a while to read because a little zen goes a long way towards melting my brain out my ears into a puddle on the floor While I don t consider myself a Zen student, Suzuki Roshi has some really awesome things to say And also some things that left me with no clue what was happening But sometimes I feel like that s the whole point of Zen The organizations of the segments seemed a little weak in this book In Zen Mind, Beginner s Mind I remember feeling like each segment was loosely held together, but here I missed the connecting threads for the segments if there were any But that s an editing issue and not anything to do with Suzuki s lectures themselves There s certainly a lot of wonderful quotes in here, and it s definitely worth the read for those alone. I love Suzuki because he does not ask that you not be yourself in order to transcend yourself to achieve zennie inner peace In fact, he suggests you enjoy your problems because they are part of the structure of your life, show you who you are, allow you to grow and change, and or may not even actually be problems.He s of the school where you sit and meditate your ego away for periods I don t follow with that at this time Yet, I read his books right after the most important person in my life died and I was unable to breathe or be in my own skin His descriptions of how to regard one s own pain or joy or struggling were transformative for me I was able to access his concepts of living in the present, enjoying moments, butterflies, whatever was around me, and forget the painful roar of grief for a few moments or even minutes.This skill has never left me since reading his books I find them to be absolutely the most accessible of any on zen They consist of transcriptions of lectures he gave in the 70 s 80 s on his practice, lectures he thought might be helpful for others They are mostly about experience rather than buddhist doctrine They are an excellent place to start if you are interested in knowing what zen is like as a day to day thing versus a religious or historical bent. Far from a beginner s book to understanding the practice of Zen Much of Suzuki s lectures seem to be attempting to transfer the ungraspable nature of the world into concrete forms for our understanding This, of course proves difficult Instead we are left with short parables that present the novice Zen learner with contradiction after contradiction Practice zazen but don t practice zazen, enlightenment is here but not here, you are not you but also entirely you Zen often leads itself to this type of phraseology, but having it occur so frequently in such a condensed book makes the reader want to throw up their hands in despair.However, there were a few passages that helped better elicidate basic Zen tenants One passage used the movie screen as a analogy for enlighlentment We watch horror, sad dramas, and a variety of movies which provoke difficult feelings in us Yet, we still enjoy these movies and seek them out We do this because we are aware that beneath the scary or depressing scenes is a white screen Our enlightenment is the same as this baseline white screen All the suffering we experience daily can be viewed differently if we remember the emptiness that is at the root of everything We can then enjoy the diffculties we are confronted with There are a few short lectures like this scattered throughout the text Mining them from the rest of the writing made this book a bit of a chore Still, it is a very quick read, so don t let my rather harsh rating discourage you.