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FREE õ The Spook's Mistake Ý As Danger Increases In The County, Tom Is Sent Far North By His Master To Be Trained By Bill Arkwright, Another Spook Arkwright Lives In A Haunted Mill On The Edge Of A Treacherous Marsh And His Training Methods Prove To Be Harsh And Sometimes Cruel But He Has Toughened Up Many Previous Apprentices And Now He Must Do The Same For Tom And Prepare Him For The Gravest Dangers Of His LifeBut When The Fiend Sends His Own Daughter, The Ancient Powerful Water Witch Morwena, To Destroy Tom, Arkwright Makes An Error Of Judgement And Tom Finds Himself Facing His Enemies Alone The Spook And Alice Realising His Danger, Hasten To His Aid But Will Even Their Combined Strengths Suffice In The Face Of Such Terrible Dark Power And What Is The Spook S Mistake, The Consequences Of Which Might Give Final Victory To The Dark Holy Cow I read the entire series in just over a week and now I cannot wait for the next one to come out, because book 5 ends with a big ol cliffhangerand as far as I can tell, no word on when book 6 comes out Dang Joseph Delaney is a very skilled author, and his level of horror is just right for me, the ultimate horror wimp In this book, I came to really enjoy the character of Grimalkin, the witch assassin The illustrations at the beginning of each chapter really add to the books, and they are creeeeeepy This book introduces about the concept of good vs evil and how we all have some of each in us It s what wins out that really matters And Tom is battling is the Spook correct in that you should never, ever use the dark to battle the dark, or is Alice correct when she says that you sometimes have to do anything necessary to win the battle against the dark Complex moral issues, here People have compared them to Harry Potter, but I don t think there s any comparison these are much darker and present a much harsher world than HP And Tom isn t a wizard although we did learn about some exciting new possible powers he has in book 4 , and he doesn t have a lot of fun Fantastic book overall. As we all know from the previous books Tom Ward is the seventh son of the seventh son which makes him an excellent Spook A Spook is a person who fights the dark magical things using just the knowledge and wits not a fair fight as you can imagine.Anyway, after the events of the last book Tom s life is in danger His master always wanted him to become an apprentice to another Spook for a while and after some boneheaded action by Tom in the beginning of the book this idea became a matter of Tom s well being So north he went to a former apprentice of his current master Speaking from the point of view of the following events it is entirely up to debate whether Tom was actually safer in there His new master had his own ghosts to hide and a very Big Bad with the capital letter guy is after him as well as an assassin witch yes, she is as badass and she sounds like I could only say that this is a very good book any book which makes me exercise my willpower to put it down at night and get some sleep is a good one by definition So what makes it such It is an easy read with good writing quality It is spooky, but not over the top so The people and most of the creatures do not strictly fall into black and white category instead of being different shades of gray Tom s new master being the prime example While this installment does not quite reach 5 star perfection, it is an undisputed 4 stars I took a long hiatus from reading the series and this novel made me question myself why I did this and why was I waiting so long to continue reading it. OkayI think I ve reached my saturation point on this series As I started it I was favorably impressed and I suppose it is a good series When I gave a 4 star to the first book and recommended it a friend here on Goodreads Coleen black rose I believesorry if I mis attributed that colleen the convivial curmudgeon noted that the problem she had was that Tom never seems to change I can see what she means now.Tom is the Spook s apprentice see book 1 for the explanation of what a Spook is his Last apprentice This apparently means not only the latest but begins to seem that it also means last in that there won t be any The last book verged on the silly for me as the witches set out to call The Fiend The in The Fiend here gets capitalized because you see The Fiend is The Devil Yes, I sighed to, but went on with the story The use of the character was a Sword of Damocles than anything elsetill he arrives and now he hates or is after Tom.This book tries for a involved plot Tom leaves to be trained by a Spook who was at one point an earlier apprentice of his master This man is a harder man than John Gregory Tom s master and he has some secrets and major problems Unfortunately the character of Tom has failed to develop much throughout the book and as always I think most including any reasonably intelligent youths will see a lot of the plot points coming.This left me sighing and bored, skimming a bit and ready for it to be over long before the last page.I haven t read these books back to back, but I have read them close together So, just in case that has burned me out on the books a bit I plan to lay the series aside and maybe pick it back up in a few months when I feel the urge to try a YA book.So, a bit disappointing and a bit waring for me On the off chance that I m just burned out, I give it 3 stars, but really was glad to see the book s end. Better than the last I m intrigued at the path this book has taken and I m also very excited for the next one Tom is sent to train with another Spook for 6 months to gain practical knowledge on dark creatures that come out of the water Arkwright is very different from John Gregory in how he teaches and behaves Before long Tom faces Morwenna or Bloodeye as she is sometimes referred to due to her left eye being bright red and able to hypnotize her victims Before long a deadly game of cat and mouse plays out, with the Fiend making another appearance Alice is still in my opinion being pushed into the main cast but at least in this story you actually find out about her and why she is as devoted to Tom as she is.I don t know if the relationship between Tom and Alice will ever come to anything now that the Spook sent her away but I am keen to find out Also, I like that Mam is coming back for a while and she can answer some of the questions that Tom has, as well as asking Tom for help in her own efforts to fight the dark Alice is the only thing that puts me off as I m bored of her now except for when she is useful in helping Tom I just hope he grows out of her and is able to cast her fully aside in the end.Everything else in this story was really interesting and fast paced.Can t wait to get started on book 6 Clash of the Demons D3 5