BOOK ♍ Haunted ♦

I wanted to like this bookthan the prequels, because I liked the series less and less with each book Sadly the process continued with Haunted Paul turns out to be even crazier than I thought and we getof the whole Jesse drama llama Haunted was thinly disguised as a paranormal story when all it was is a love story between Susannah and Jesse Suze isdense and stupid than I ever thought possible I laughed out loud when she said she isn t stupid Didn t all that happened before prove to her that she is very, very stupid I ve become so frustrated with her, I don t even know what to say any She s become even lamer in this book than she already was All she s concerned about is Jesse, Jesse, Jesse Oh and fashion, wheee All her rambling about clothes annoyed me I simply didn t care about it It seemed like bought advertisement for Jimmy Choo shoes The only one who was able to coax something else out of Suze and make her think of something else was Paul But OF COURSE Paul had to turn out even crazier than he was portrayed as before And am I the only one who thought Jesse completely overreacted when he went at Paul with the goal of killing him That turned me off Jesse so fast you wouldn t believe it Beating someone up trying to kill that person, just because they re being an a hole How about no.I laughed out loud maybe four times during it and only two times was because of something that was supposed to be funny The other two times wasof sad laugh or a laugh of how ridiculous it turned out to be.I just can t with this series any I m glad when I m finally done with it. What can I say I m obsessed with rereading this series I had to physically read this one because only an abridged version of the audiobook exists seriously, who does that I was a little sad that Suze dropped the nicknames for her stepbrothers I really liked hearing them referred to as Dopey, Sleepy, and Doc This is the shortest book in the series, but I still feel like important things happened in it I m getting a little tired of the Suze meets boy who is being haunted by a malevolent spirit plotline don t girls ever get haunted I also wish Suze s friend CeeCee played a bigger role in the series I feel like she could be a cool sidekick I vaguely remember thinking Paul was kind of dangerous hot in high school but now I m like, ew, fuck off you abusive twat. BOOK ♽ Haunted ⚔ Is It Possible To Be Haunted By Someone Who Isn T Even Dead Suze Is Used To Trouble, But This Time She S In Deep Ghostly Jesse Has Her Heart, But Paul Slater, A Real Flesh And Blood Guy, Is Warm For Her Form And Mediator Paul Knows How To Send Jesse To The Great Beyond For GoodPaul Claims He Won T Do Anything To Jesse As Long As Suze Will Go Out With Him Fearing She Ll Lose Jesse Forever, Suze Agrees But Even If Suze Can Get Jesse To Admit His True Feelings For Her, What Kind Of Future Can She Have With A Guy Who S Already Dead Not as much happened in this one, but I can t wait to see what happens in book 6 Mediator 5, Grave Doubts starts with Suze s dream about Paul Slater in purgatory In chapter one we find out that Paul has joined Suze s school She tries to persuade Father Dominic that Paul should be kicked out, but he isn t convinced Meanwhile Dopey Suze s stepbrother Brad is planning a hot tub party and Sleepy Suze sotherstepbrother Jake brings home a haunted guest called Neil Suze s life is going mad as she tries to stop Neil s dead brother killing him, keep Paul away from her and get Jesse, the gorgeous ghost that lives in her bedroom, to go out with her.My favourite part is the hot tub party near the end Paul arrives uninvited and provokes Jesse Paul tumbles down the stairs pushed by Jesse Jesse holds Paul s head in the hot tub All the partygoers think Paul has gone either gone mad, got really drunk or he is high Because Suze and Paul are mediators only they can see the invisble force holding Paul underwater.At the end, Jesse finally admits that he loves Suze and they are officially dating, if you can call it dating since Jesse is already dead But at the end of the book, Suze is the happiest girl in Carmel. The characters were kinda annoying in this one Suze needed to get it togetherrrrr And Jesse And her friend was being oddly pushy about the campaign And Father Dom was being rather unsympathetic Hhmmm So it s my least favorite Mediator book so far Hope it gets back on track from here.3 stars This is the book when Paul Slater just managed to push himself onto Suze even if its s unrequited and inserts himself between her and Jesse Talk about a psychopath Not a whole lot happened, plot wise Just Suze moaning about her love life really and finding out things about her spiritual powers. The best book in the series as far as relasionships go, and I am torn between Paul and Jesse I mean, Jesse rocks, but Paul has this part of him that I just want to kiss him myself, you feel so sorry for him Overall, very good book, though I hate how Jesse moves out for Suzes own good. Sa WOOOOOON These books are wonderful Our adorable moderator has met a male counterpart, except that he is evil He lies, cheats, and kills But worst of all, he wants our moderator Him being a good kisser is beside the point Our Evil Moderator blackmails our Adorable Moderator into spending time with him by agreeing not to dispense with her ghost boyfriend There is also a ghost haunting his brother that Suze is supposed to help to move on But she spends so much time worrying about her tortured romances that she almost misses the ghost trying to kill his brother Good story