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ATTENTION Ms Cabot Talking foul about Bangladeshi garments even if it was to prove Holly s stupidity is so not done If you had to use this particular example to show Holly s i don t live in this world with normal people then you should ve at least clarify the matter in the end or somewhere along the book because I wonder how many readers got baffled by this particular information and will now pass their life without knowing any better.FYI Bangladesh has THE BEST garment industry in the world, and it s not surprising to find cloths labeled Made in Bangladesh in most of the world s hi end fashion stores. (((DOWNLOAD E-PUB))) ↠ Every Boy's Got One (Boy, #3) ☞ Cartoonist Jane Harris Is Delighted By The Prospect Of Her First Ever Trip To Europe But It S Hate At First Sight For Jane And Cal Langdon, And Neither Is Too Happy At The Prospect Of Sharing A Villa With One Another For A Week Not Even In The Beautiful And Picturesque Marches Countryside But When Holly And Mark S Wedding Plans Hit A Major Snag That Only Jane And Cal Can Repair, The Two Find Themselves Having To Put Aside Their Mutual Dislike For One Another In Order To Get Their Best Friends On The Road To Wedded Bliss And End Up On A Road Themselves One Neither Of Them Ever Expected I became fond of Meg Cabot after reading the first volume of The Princess Diaries I liked the second volume, too Even the third After that, they got iffy I liked her novel The Boy Next Door, which I actually downloaded as PDFs from her website long before it saw print So when I saw this book on the shelf at the library, I picked it up, thinking it would be a quick, entertaining read Well, it was quick, anyway To be fair, it was entertaining too, and I might have liked itif I hadn t read so much of Cabot s other work But, to be honest, all of her books are starting to sound the same to me I spent half the book wondering if I d read it before, because it all seemed so familiar If I had read it before, I suppose my inability to remember it is partly a failing on my part my brain, she grows feeble as she ages but it also would seem to indicate the book is infinitely forgettable I do like Cabot s sense of humor, but the epistolary format gets very old, very fast I m generally very good at suspending disbelief hey, I m a romance novel enthusiast , but even I find it hard to believe that someone would be sitting and transcribing an entire conversation while someone is speaking to her It stretches credulity, to say the least And Cabot s narrative voice seems the same in every novel which is rather a failing considering these are basically written in the first person via PDA or whatever writing surface is close to hand, apparently.I might have given this one starin appreciation of the comic twists in the plot except then I read the Avon s Little Black Book afterword, in which Cabot reveals that the book was based on her own experiences eloping to Italy, and most of the things I d found particularly funny actually happened to her and her husband So I guess I give her credit for appreciating a comic moment when she walks into it, but it kind of made the book seem like thinly fictionalized memoir.So, yeah Entertaining, but on the whole disappointing Glad I only borrowed it from the library. 1 why is it called every boys got one 2 Why does janes dad get hurt so much I don t know if I ve ever come across such a small minded protagonist in all my life It s ridiculous and I hate her No wonder the male lead thinks she s a klutz.She thinks his shirt is gay and that it makes him look gay Really And then she advises his friend to tell him to take it off Do people still say that as a derogatory phrase Even if it does look gay who the hell cares Why should that be something negative Wasn t there any other way to describe how he looked Then she says ridiculously idiotic things like who buys their shirts in BANGLADESH What is wrong with the Gap, for God s sake What s funny is that Gap clothes are manufactures in Bangladesh by exploited laborers Yes, I get that it s meant to be fiction but if this girl was anyclosed minded she would be a clam Then her mother agrees with her idiocy I agree, Saudi Arabia is a very boring subject for a book I don t get it Is idiocy genetic in this family Is this supposed to show how untraveled she is and then does Cal come and yank her eyes open for her She incredibly ignorant and insults Italians and their culture too There are few people this moronic protagonist spares Yet another example follows when she asks her friend s gay brother to distract his mother tell her you re going to have a sex change operation YES Transgenderism will TOTALLY distract her You can t interchange these things She s oh so ditzy and the male lead is clever and strong and knowledgeable and handsome and not at all ditzy like she is Oh but don t worry Gary Sue haters He has a phobia of snakes He isn t entirely perfect Have any of these characters got any idea of what feminism is They know what traditional gender roles are so yay She s selfish too I told her that she HAS to marry Mark That if she doesn t, it will shake my faith in romantic love to its very core Yes Never mind that your friend may not want to spend the rest of her life with this man and is relying on your advice, so long as your ideals and ridiculous notions of love aren t ruined The romance was tragic It was completely forced The whole book is a big build up of fights, arguments and sexual tension and the final five pages are where there s any romance Characters get sudden personality transplants and along with those come feelings People realise they re in love and suddenly it s the real thing These people have known each other for a week.The story format doesn t work It s written as journal entries and emails but some things you just wouldn t write down in a journal I mean, when you scream, you don t literally write the scream I know it was done to show us what s going on but it wasn t realistic enough All the parents in this book were airheads Holly s dad constantly injuring himself Not even remotely funny.So disappointed. To every.boy bookpublishers.comFr tardis.fai bookreader.comRe Wasted SundayListen book Could you please return my lost Sunday to me by urgent post, because as adorable as your book format is, your characters and story is very much less so The year is 2017, and I can no longer continue to read books that are nothing but a string of endless cliches The ditzy bumbling American tourist cliches The Italian cliches Gah I give up. 3.5 STARS I enjoyed the writing style Cute fast read. I liked to read this book but sometimes I got annoyed with all her rants about Cal I think that the first book in the series was the best but that s just my opinion and I still liked reading the third book. Genial simo como siempre Meg Cabot consigue sacarme carcajadas con sus historias tan alocadas y sus personajes tan adorables.De verdad que me encanta leer los libros de esta serie porque, aunque no suelo leer comedia rom ntica, me parece genial.Y adem s no hay largas descripciones ni p ginas que no aportan nada El hecho de que est narrado en forma de correos, diarios personales y notas hace que se lea en un suspiro y adem s, podamos ver la historia desde varios puntos de vista.Sin duda seguir leyendo el resto de t tulos