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I ll admit this was pretty fun to read The reason is quite obvious it s short less than a 100 pages The previous books wouldn t have been that irritating if they were short too It didn t feel repetitive or like it was being dragged.Everyone had their own ideas about Valentine s day, Lily s amused me the most and I agree with her Grandmere s predicament was hilarious I wish The Guy Who Hates Corn In His chili would get a proper introduction in the future. First of all, because I can t seem to stop myself from commenting on this book after book, what the heck is wrong with Lilly Why is she such a jerk to everyone and why do these people still want to be around her UGH That being said, other than the Lilly parts of this novella I really enjoyed it The Grandmere stuff was too funny and the way Michael and Mia solved the Valentine s Day issue is very sweet and romantic Nice little addition to the series. @DOWNLOAD EPUB æ Valentine Princess â Valentine S Day Means Flowers, Chocolates, And All Out RomanceThat Is, It Usually Means Those Things But When You Re Princess Mia, Nothing Happens The Way It S Supposed To For One Thing, Grandmere Seems Determined To Prove That Boy Or Michael, As He Is Commonly Known Isn T The Right One For The Crown Princess Of Genovia And Mia Isn T Having Much Luck Proving Otherwise, Since Michael Has A History Of Being Decidedly Against Any Kind Of Exploitative Commercialization Valentine S Day, As It Is Commonly KnownBoris Can Declare His Love Openly To Lilly, And Even Kenny Comes Through With A Paltry Whitman S Sampler So Why Can T Michael Give In To Cupid And Tell Mia He Loves Her Preferably With Something Wrapped In Red Or Pink And Accompanied By Roses In Time To Prove He S Mia S True Prince Is it weird that I get super excited when Lars gets a scene I was completely unaware of there being books in between the Princess Diaries series, until one of my Goodreads friends, Penelope, started reading them.I seriously can t wait for my Royal Wedding copy to arrive, this series is closely connected to my teenage years. Also a cute story, but I m not sure 7,75 is correct for this one since it takes place way earlier after Mia and Michael just got together. Valentine Princess is hilarious Mia is freaking out because it s her first Valentine s Day as a couple with Michael, and she wants to do something special, but Michael isn t a fan of the holiday, since he sees it as a way for companies to exploit money out of people When reading the series, I opted to skip the companion books and read them later I m so glad I did that It s been a couple of years since I finished the series, and having Mia back in my life is wondrous This was a short book, but I laughed throughout the entire thing, and I couldn t put it down Meg Cabot proves how hilarious she is by throwing in some ironic statements by Mia that are supposed to prove how much she and Michael are meant for each other Remember, although this was published in 2006, it s supposed to take place roughly around 2002 So she has some hilarious lines about Michael being the Brad to her Jennifer, and other references to made for each other couples that weren t exactly made for each other.Definitely a must read for all Princess Diaries fans Although, consider waiting to read this until you re either finished with the series or in publication order after Book 7 , because Meg throws in a few references that you won t get unless you re at Book 7 And trust me, it is so much funnier that way.Also posted on Purple People Readers. I laughed and laughed and laughed at this book It was seriously entertaining reading a book that is basically a flashback, when you know how different things are in the series when the book actually was published The book is listed as 4 and 1 2 in the book list, which is where it falls chronologically, but I think it s MUCHentertaining reading it at 7 and 3 4 which is when it was published because of all the stuff that is so much funnier because you know what is going to happen Paticularly the way she keeps working The Guy Who Hates It When They Put Corn in the Chili into the story in passing That said the possible foreshadowing in this book is driving me ABSOLUTELY CRAZY I need to read the rest of this series so I can find out what happens, PRONTO Was this stuff foreshadowing Am I reading too much into it Is what I think is going on, really going on, or am I looking at it too hard AUUUUUUGH I guess I will be making my third trip to the library in as many days, once I find out which one has book 8 in at the moment. Absolutely hilarious, and a sheer joy to read ETA 10 years later Valentine Princess is a very quick read, and even feels a tad rushed In particular, there was a very promising storyline with Grandmere and an astrologist that could have been fodder for a lothilarity I bear an enormous disdain for Valentine s Day, so I really appreciated that plenty of characters shared my views It was an excellent touch to show Mia choosing to support her friends on Valentine s Day instead of romance. Cute As someone who also doesn t care about V day, I liked how this one went a little unexpectedly. To see full binge for books 4, 41 3, 4 1 2, and 5 click here.This novella really captures what I liked about the early years of this series the best, the zany humor and immaturity that you see only in Mia s freshman year Sure, you begin to see that annoying neurosis that followed the series on from book four to Mia s intervention in book nine, but it s muted in this novella.I love how Valentine s Day is treated in this book and how the romance is handled in a fairly realistic way That was the biggest plus about this book.What I didn t like was that Lilly acted is a fairly unrealistic way towards Boris, which I think was done solely for foreshadowing purposes this was published after book five, so I think Cabot was trying to hammer the point that Loris was dead in the water.This is overall, a really cute book While there are some hints and innuendos over what happens in future books, it s not required reading.