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~DOWNLOAD ☦ How to Be Popular ♵ Do You Want To Be Popular Everyone Wants To Be Popular Or At Least, Stephanie Landry Does Steph S Been The Least Popular Girl In Her Class Since A Certain Cherry Super Big Gulp Catastrophe Five Years Earlier Does Being Popular Matter It Matters Very Much To Steph That S Why This Year, She Has A Plan To Get In With The It Crowd In No Time Flat She S Got A Secret Weapon An Old Book Called What Else How To Be Popular What Does It Take To Be Popular All Steph Has To Do Is Follow The Instructions In The Book, And Soon She Ll Be Partying With The It Crowd Including School Quarterback Mark Finley Instead Of Sitting On The Hill Saturday Nights, Stargazing With Her Nerdy Best Pal Becca, And Even Nerdier Jason Now Kind Of Hot, But Still , Whose Passion For Astronomy Steph Once Shared Who Needs Red Dwarves When You Re Invited To The Hottest Parties In Town But Don T Forget The Most Important Thing About Popularity It S Easy To Become Popular What Isn T So Easy Staying That Way OMG I just really have to say that this book is completely amazing Meg Cabot sums up every girl s or maybeum, boys dreams of being popular and the real reality It is pretty hard to make normal school life sound interesting unless you re writing something paranormal, like angels, vampires or the like trust me, I ve seen almost all of the variations you can possibly get Crazytop courtesy of Jason, here aka Steph Landry is known for the saying, way to pull a Steph Landry, That s Lauren s way of payback by the way, she s the most popular girl in school Steph spilled Super Big RedGulp it stains and when I say stains, I mean really stains all over her five years from the present, and to that day, Lauren still holds a grudge Just to make itcomplicated, Steph is almost obsessed with Mark Finley, Lauren s somewhat phony and clueless but nice boyfriend.Meg Cabot has really outdone herself this time I think that this was even better than the Princess Diaries wait, I know so And I think the rest of the nation agrees with me the Princess Diaries is a New York Times bestseller, but this book is National Steph, that s really a way to pull a Steph Landry I swear I ll only give 3 star ratings or lower if I keep reading contemporary novels WHY AM I DOING THIS TO MYSELF Main character Steph has to live down her social suicide of 5 years before when she spilled red soda all over the most popular girl in school Finding a book about popularity from the 1950s it seems she decides to follow the advice so she won t be such a Steph any.Filled with bitchy popular girls and their cliques, the hot quarterback and the rest of the usual cast of high school, How to be Popular is a cute teen lit book We can see the ending coming in the first chapter, but the story was fun along the way. I think this is a great book for every person to read, no matter what your age The story is focused on Stephanie Landry wanting to be part of the popular crowd mainly because she s in love with quarterback Mark Finley, the most popular student at Steph s school It doesn t take long for Steph, an ordinary girl, to take matters into her hands and with the help of a book on how to be popular which she got in a box of old books from her best friend Jason s grandmother, and some money she borrowed from her grandfather, to gain enough self confidence to take on the popular crowd at school and become one of them.Although the story centers on how to become a popular person, the message isn t exactly that In Steph s quest to win Mark s attention and fit into his crowd, although she s hated by his girlfriend, Lauren, Steph learns a few valuable lessons Following the advice from The Book she learns that being popular is all about having self confidence, making people around you feel like they re the most important person to you, the value of a genuine smile, and the importance of true friends All the lessons she learns from The Book are ones we can apply in our daily lives, whether we want to be popular or not Actually, it has nothing to do with popularity, but simply being the best person you can be, for yourself and to others The most important lesson Stephanie learns at the end of the story is one The Book didn t teach her but which experience did that being popular isn t all it s cut out to be I enjoyed the characters and their background stories, and I liked that each of them came from such interesting, somewhat dysfunctional families Mean girl, Lauren, is rather stereotypical of mean girls portrayed in other YA books and movies, but the rest of the characters were all authentic with quirky, endearing traits There s really nothing new to this story than what I ve read before, but still I enjoyed it for the positive message it sends to young girls without being too in your face about it Lots of laughs throughout the book and an ending that leaves you smiling gets this book an easy five stars. To see full review click here.Meg Cabot was like one of my role models growing up Which is a pretty difficult tasks to do considering the other woman on that list note to self one day publish said list on my blog However, as extraordinary as some of her books are, there are some that aren t so good.And now that I m older andcynical thanks to reading five thousand YA books well, probably less than that but it feels like that much and the market has grown,well, this book really sucks.I hate to say it, but it does.Have I really changed that much as a reader Probably yes and no My thoughts of the book originally were meh I wasn t that impressed, but upon reread I was just shocked at how bland and insipid it was And that this book came from the Meg Cabot.The story itself is simple but decent Simplicity can be a good thing though, some of my favorite contemporary romances are simple But at times, How to be Popular felt too cookie cutter Every single aspect of the plot was predictable and the Cabot tropes were all there.Nothing out there at all And I could ve totally gotten that if the characters felt a little bitrealistic.Realistic and likable.Because it took methan a little time to warm up to Steph.Dare I say, I don t like her.Yes, I m going to say it I do not like Steph Landry and I totally understand why people were making fun of her for all those years stupid Big Gulp aside.Do you really you think it s perfectly okay to play peeping Tom on your best friend and then crush on another guy while constantly slut slamming anyone who might look a little bit better than you Really Throughout reading this my head I kept thinking, is this really from the same woman who created Michael Moscovitz, Mia Thermopolis, Suze Simon, and Jesse de Silva.Well, the book cover says it is.But the book felt so phoned in, guys Steph and Jason there were some cute moments but as far as the panty melting scenes that you see in other Meg books.Not there.I almost felt like Jason was some prize given to Steph at the end for making good life choices.Dumb. Liked this book Didn t love it, but did like it It s a cute young adult book about popularity and how to reach it The advice is actually pretty good, and the paths the heroine takes are entertaining. Meg Cabot s How To Be Popular was a butt kicking great She gives a theme to every book she writes This is why I love Cabot s writing style I can also relate to the characters in the story somewhat Thats why this book was great This book has shown me a great theme Popularity is a piece of crap Well, really popularity is the easiest thing to gain but hardest to hold What they saying is that popularity has it s snares and no benefit for them So this book showed me that people will accept you the way you are I love Cabot s style of writing She makes all her books girly and fun Meg Cabot books usually teaches us a lesson about how to get through in life Cabot writing usually makes it understandable to young teens and uses the grammar we may use So her books makes good way to understand The characters in the book was fun to read about The main character, Steph Landry, got on my nerves because she wanted to be popular and started changing her look and hung out with the populars My least favorite character was Lauren because she s mean and started the Don t pull a Steph Landry phrase after an incident around 6th grade Cabot makes me believe in them as people because the book is realistic fiction so this could happen in real life That s why I love Cabot s characters This is why I love this book It tells us a great theme about popularity I like Meg Cabot s style of writing and the characters I would love for people to read this book so much So, yeah read this book. Readbookish goodness on my book blog Cal s YA Reads5 5 freaking dang stars I m not going to write a full blown review for this Here s the run down I read this when I was 11 12 I got it for my birthday and my friend who gave it to me said my mum thought of you and thought it would be good for you you GUYZZZZ I didn t EVER want to touch this book This impacted me greatly during the incoming high school years I feel like I waslevel headed about the fascination of popularity Why you should read this book need chick lit but for a younger audience than most chick lit books need a bit of sarcasm and quirkiness need a bit of awkwardness like Bridget Jones who had a bit of pervy habits needed a cliche, happy ending which is still the bomb This book is my fave and I hold it dearly to my heart I kind of hoped for this experience in high school but lol nope I m now in uni and realise I completely didn t meet my 12 year old expectations IM A SLUT FOR MEG CABOT S BOOKS AND I CAN SEE THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE, NO MATTER WHAT DECADE IT IS. I actually read this a few months ago and promptly forgot everything about it How To Be Popular is a standard, disposable piece of YA fluff It s simple, it s quick, and overall, it s enjoyable if you have no expectations of reading something fantastic or even memorable, in this case.How To Be Popular is about Steph Landry, an average, yet lovable highschooler in a small town Although she is far from friendless, she is not at all popular, mostly due to an embarrassing junior high school incident that the queen bee of the school will never let Steph live down Basically, the story revolves around Steph, who finds a self help book about how to be popular, trying to change her status while facing a few other friend and family situations.There s nothing special abotu How To Be Popular, yet it is exactly what it should be fun, light hearted, and sugary The characters in this book are nice teenagers with nice, easy to solve problems, which is why I think it would be a good tween book as opposed to full on teens, who would probably snicker at poor little Steph and her popularity problems Readers looking for substance should go elsewhere, but for readers seeking tween fluff, How To Be Popular will fit the bill.