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~Read Pdf ⚓ Size 12 Is Not Fat (Heather Wells, #1) ♑ Heather Wells Rocks Or, At Least, She Did That Was Before She Left The Pop Idol Life Behind After She Gained A Dress Size Or Two And Lost A Boyfriend, A Recording Contract, And Her Life Savings When Mom Took The Money And Ran Off To Argentina Now That The Glamour And Glory Days Of Endless Mall Appearances Are In The Past, Heather S Perfectly Happy With Her New SizeShape The Average For The American Woman And Her New Job As An Assistant Dorm Director At One Of New York S Top Colleges That Is, Until The Dead Body Of A Female Student From Heather S Residence Hall Is Discovered At The Bottom Of An Elevator ShaftThe Cops And The College President Are Ready To Chalk The Death Off As An Accident, The Result Of Reckless Youthful Mischief But Heather Knows Teenage Girls And Girls Do Not Elevator Surf Yet No One Wants To Listen Not The Police, Her Colleagues, Or The PI Who Owns The Brownstone Where She Lives Even When Students Start Turning Up Dead In Equally Ordinary And Subtly Sinister Ways So Heather Makes The Decision To Take On Yet Another New Career As Spunky Girl Detective But Her New Job Comes With Few Benefits, No Cheering Crowds, And Lots Of Liabilities, Some Of Them Potentially Fatal And Nothing Ticks Off A Killer Than A Portly Ex Pop Star Who S Sticking Her Nose Where It Doesn T Belong Okay, so I don t think everyone would enjoy this book It s the epitome of chick lit I like to think of it as Veronica Mars meets Bridget Jones Our main character is very chatty and the writing style is conversational The jokes are very repetitive and the mystery is easy to figure out but I had a fun time reading this I m sure I enjoyed this mostly because it s a book I read in high school and it made me feel very nostalgic. I thought this was pretty typical chick lit, albeit of the mystery variety It was light, entertaining and didn t require much thinking, which is why I chose it, so no complaints there I was, however, annoyed by the heroine, Heather Wells, onthan one occasion Although she saved the day at the end of course , I found her to be often whiny and passive about everything but solving the mystery The writing style bothered me sometimes, too the size 12 is NOT fat tagline was used over and over again, and the dorm, I mean residence hall line made me want to tear my hair out by the end I m on the fence about reading the next one in the series We ll see Yet another re read I m a re reading machine this month Also, Meg Cabot is love Meg Cabot is life I would read her grocery lists and love them. I read the first two chapters and realised this was a book that would constantly hit me over the head with the pitiful woes of a 28 year old woman who peaked early and is desperately trying to persuade herself into thinking she s okay with that I guess the title should have been warning enough You don t have to convince me that a size 12 isn t fat, Heather Meg maybe check in with yourself. A cute mystery book about a former pop star who becomes the assistant resident advisor to a dormitory excuse me, residence hall When her residents turn up dead in bizarre elevator accidents, she takes it upon herself to investigate when the police don t.Has the Meg Cabot flair we all loved Great beach read Got a 3 because it was cute and I liked it but I didn t love it wouldn t reread it Definitely want to seeof Cooper in the other books. This is a cute chick lit book with a side of mystery Heather is a former pop singer who caught her fiance with another woman and whose mom ran off with her small fortune She s now working as an assistant director at a residence hall at a college and is doing her best to leave her past behind her I really enjoyed the fact that this girl isn t a whiner like so many chick lit princesses and is getting on with her life on her own terms She s no longer a skinny young pop star and is living in a rented brownstone owned by her former fiance s gorgeous brother who dates size 2 s and whom she has a hopeless crush on When two female students die under mysterious circumstances in an elevator shaft, Heather is frustrated at the lack of the police action and takes matters into her own hands and starts snooping around putting her life in jeopardy as well.This book is very much a fluff filled confection with a little side of mystery thrown in but the likable heroine makes it easy to turn the pages and I ll probably read the second book in the series if it falls into my hands. I decided I wanted to see how Meg Cabot writes for adults, since I like the Princess Diaries so much And, honestly, what red blooded American woman wouldn t be drawn in by the title of this book Size 12 is indeed NOT FAT So there.The mystery side of the story is compelling and a little hard to figure out, I must admit Heather s love for Cooper is sort of over the top given she just broke up with his brother four months ago and icky But I enjoyed Heather s spunkiness, and am willing to forgive some of the repetitiveness of certain points yes, I know you like DoveBars And Mochas And think Cooper is hot And you love your dog Gotcha I have recommended this book to many people, though, so I must have gotten something out of it. Okay, let me summarize this book style spoiler, but I won t give away anything you couldn t guess after reading the back cover I m a size 12, which is, you know, the size of the average American woman So I m totally not fat or self obsessed I work in a dorm I mean, residence hall My boss is pretty and ambitious and thin, so she s a bitch I used to be a teen star but now I want to be a pre med student even though I obviously have no clue what a medical profession would be like, only because the man I m in love with likes smart women I think the two girls who fell down the elevator shaft of de dorm I mean, residence hall are murdered because, you know, girls don t elevator surf But mostly I think about Cooper who is Oh my god hot and muscular and obsess about what he thinks of me and also about my size which is not fat, which I have to tell the reader over and over Totally not a marketing trick But, um, you know, I have to find out who murdered these girls because the police won t listen to me Well, okay, maybe they will, but still I have to risk my life to be saved by Cooper You know how revelling in annoyance can be a guilty pleasure That is why I finished this book It is really my own fault, because this book never pretended to be anything better than it is It even has the words spunky girl detective on the cover So, if that appeals to you, and you don t mind endless repetition of the same jokes enjoy Trigger warnings murder, some fat phobia 3.5 stars I d never read anything by Meg Cabot before, but I ve been intrigued by this for a while now And it waspretty solid I liked Heather as a character I liked her investigating the crimes and interacting with Cooper and her being all HEY, STOP CALLING ME FAT WHEN I M THE SAME SIZE AS THE AVERAGE U.S WOMAN All of that was great That said, I could have done without all the insipid song lyrics at the start of each chapter I could have done without every second character pointing out Heather s weight when, like, a size 12 honestly IS NOT FAT Yes, I know it s a US size 12 and not an Australian or UK size 12 Still not fat, yo Am I interested enough to keep reading Maybe But, like, when I finish pretty much everything on my TBR.