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READ PDF Ù Queen of Babble ⛈ What S An American Girl With A Big Mouth, But An Equally Big Heart, To Do Lizzie Nichols Has A Problem, And It Isn T That She Doesn T Have The Slightest Idea What She S Going To Do With Her Life, Or That She S Blowing What Should Be Her Down Payment On A Cute Little Manhattan Apartment On A Trip To London To Visit Her Long Distance Boyfriend, Andrew But What S The Point Of Planning For The Future When She S Done It Again See, Lizzie Can T Keep Her Mouth Shut And It S Not Just That She Can T Keep Her Own Secrets, She Can T Keep Anything To HerselfThis Time When She Opens Her Big Mouth, Her Good Intentions Get Andrew In Major Hot Water So Now Lizzie S Stuck In London With No Boyfriend And No Place To Stay Until The Departure Date Written On Her Non Refundable Airline TicketFortunately, There S Shari, Lizzie S Best Friend And College Roommate, Who S Spending Her Summer In Southern France, Catering Weddings With Her Boyfriend, Chaz, In A Sixteenth Century Ch Teau One Call And Lizzie S On A Train To Souillac Who Cares If She S Never Traveled Alone In Her Life And Only Speaks Rudimentary French One Glimpse Of Gorgeous Ch Teau Mirac Not To Mention Gorgeous Luke, The Son Of Ch Teau Mirac S Owner And She S SmittenBut While Most Caterers Can Be Trusted To Keep A Secret, Lizzie S The Exception And No Sooner Has The First Cork Been Popped Than Luke Hates Her, The Bride Is In Tears, And It Looks Like Ch Teau Mirac Is In Danger Of Becoming A Lipo Recovery Spa As If Things Aren T Bad Enough, Her Ex Boyfriend Andrew Shows Up Looking For Closure Or At Least A Loan , Threatening To Ruin Everything, Especially Lizzie S Chance At Ever Finding Real LoveUnless She Can Figure Out A Way To Use That Big Mouth Of Hers To Save The Day I have definitely needed this book and I am happy I have read it now.Funny, enjoyable, chick lit romance.Yes, full of ideas known from other books of this genre I haven t found any original new idea , but still I don t mind I have a nice time Nonetheless, I am not interested in reading the next parts of the series But Meg Cabot s books stay on my shelf to read in the times of need. This is chick lit at its worst Predictable, and annoying, the protagonist makes you want to throw her off of a moving train She speaks like my 15 year old niece, perhaps worst I found it somewhat hard to believe that someone like the leading male in the book would find a vapid, self absorbed, over the top and nosey woman interesting.The author tries to convey that the characters quirky but annoying disposition as somehow endearing unfortunately it doesn t work It s to my understanding that the author wrote another series that was very popular that went on be a successful movie, which I ve seen essentially, a film for adolescents Although spiced with a steamy love romp, the book didn t really have enough texture or complexity for me to enjoy it What should have been an enjoyable and quick read turned and into an annoying page turner.Not recommended for most save your time, and spend it on reading a better quality chick lit or romance novel. Ah, Meg Cabot Author of the famous Princess Diaries.Which is presumably why they automatically put Queen of Babble in the children s section at my local library Aaaand this is me, aged 9, finding that detailed sex scene Completely unrelated and random fun fact about me I can pinpoint the exact moment my childhood ended. Once again, after reading a string of heavier novels, I was ready for something light and fluffy Yay for literary cotton candy, and a good chick lit book can always be counted on Without having read the first one, I added all three Queen of Babble books to my list, figuring I m neurotic enough to want to read the whole series With the first one, we are introduced to Lizzie, a young twenty something who is one thesis short of graduating college and a continent away from the man she lovesand incidentally has only known for three months, most of which has been long distance Similar to most young heroines in this genre, Lizzie throws caution to the wind and gives in to the fantasies in her head about the great summer in Europe she s to spend with the love of her life Like the general plots of this genre, things don t always go according to plan, in this case because of Lizzie s habit of opening her mouth and inserting her foot on a regular basis When this habit reveals to her the kind of guy her boyfriend really is, she heads to France where her best friend is working at winery via a train where she spills all to the handsome guy she ends up sitting next to Thenyou guessed ithilarity ensues All sarcasm aside, the book is actually pretty funny and fun to read if you can sort of forget the fact that you ve probably read it before But it s the formulaic plots that make certain Hollywood movies so fun and Queen of Babble reads just like one of these poppy chick flicks YesI m a fan Through the first novel in Meg Cabot s Queen of Babble series, we get a taste of the nasty girlfriend of the guy our heroine falls in love, the humor of the best friend side character and dysfunctional family members of the heroine, and the coming of age aspect of Lizzie developing as the pages turn I m not going to overfluff and say that Lizzie s a wonderfully delightful character especially because I m sure I m going way over my cliche limit , because even though she s likable, she had her annoying moments as well But I laughed quite a bit, did the girly sigh at some of theromantic parts, and pretty much enjoyed a book that didn t make me think about what was going onjust let me sit back and enjoy the show.