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I love these fun mysteries about a former pop star now working in a college dorm excuse me, residence hall Heather is a delightful character, and the thrills and chills and complications of her life are great I love it that she plays the guitar all night, working on her own songs, but wants to major in criminal justice, because frankly she wants to see justice done She champions students, harasses the ones she knows are up to no good for their own good and even tries to talk a drug dealer into going back to his parents banana plantation She s a wonderful, genuine person, and I can t wait to read the next one I read Size 12 and loved it, but about a third of the way into this book the main character, Heather, just really started getting on my nerves I tried picturing her a million different ways and even tried to give her a different voice, but she was just obnoxious She s the kind of girl I really don t like to even be around I would describe her as silly or even ditzy Not cute at all By the end of the book, I was annoyed and just ready for the book to be over I won t be finishing the series. EBOOK ☦ Size 14 Is Not Fat Either ♃ Former Pop Star Heather Wells Has Settled Nicely Into Her New Life As Assistant Dorm Director At New York College A Career That Does Not Require Her To Drape Her SizeBody In Embarrassingly Skimpy Outfits She Can Even Cope Sort Of With Her Rocker Ex Boyfriend S Upcoming Nuptials, Which The Press Has Dubbed The Celebrity Wedding Of The Decade But She S Definitely Having A Hard Time Dealing With The Situation In The Dormitory Kitchen Where A Cheerleader Has Lost Her Head On The First Day Of The Semester Actually, Her Head Is Accounted For It S Her Torso That S AWOL Surrounded By Hysterical Students With Her Ex Con Father On Her Doorstep And Her Ex Love Bombarding Her With Unwanted Phone Calls Heather Welcomes The Opportunity To Play Detective Again If It Gets Her Mind Off Her Personal Problems And Teams Her Up Again With The Gorgeous PI Who Owns The Brownstone Where She Lives It S All Good But The Murder Trail Is Leading The Average Sized Amateur Investigator Into A Shadowy World And If She Doesn T Watch Her Step, Heather Will Soon Be Singing Her Swan Song Another chick lit murder mystery, this is the sequel to Size 12 Is Not Fat and I m not sure why I bought this one since I did not like the first one I keep reading Meg Cabot s books hoping I ll like them, but it is very clear that her true calling is writing for pre teens she s the author of the Princess Diaries series Her heroines are such complete airheads They always act and sound like 12 year olds and yet the intelligent, accomplished, handsome men always end up falling for their charm in the end Cabot should stick to writing for tweens and I should remember not to buy her books in the future. I love Heather Wells And I think I love this book eventhan the first one I had resisted reading Meg Cabot for a long time I thought the titles of her books were cheesy and girlie I didn t want to read another chick lit novel that was focused on the heroine finding love and getting married And this is precisely why I ended up loving her writing and her characters Heather Wells is not a character that s all about finding love and getting married She s a funny, insecure, but absolutely likable, late 20 something who is still figuring out who she is and what she wants I love the humor in the novels and the way that the character development is very consistent and solid I love that this is basically just a fantastic realistic fiction series but with the mystery element, you want to read this evenI love this series and I m dying to get my hands on Big Boned next Not my favorite of the series so far, but towards the end it got SO MUCH BETTER Can t wait to read the next installment and swoon. I ve been revisiting my high school Meg Cabot faves this year and it has been so fun As I said with the Mediator series, I m not sure if I loved this because of nostalgia or if it s because it s actually good I think you d enjoy it if you like chick lit It s like Bridget Jones meets Veronica Mars I will admit that the writing often feels very mid 2000s in that it has some weight shaming and a few comments about homosexuality that aren t 100% PC Nothing overly offensive, just not great For example, it mentions that the college basketball coach is gay and one of the team members acts really weird about it The main character, Heather, is usually not the one making those comments, but I still thought I d mention it in case it might bother anyone I do wish that Heather would love her body a little bitI can understand being unhappy with the way you look, but she s very down on herself in the narrative It s clear that most of the people around her think she looks fine. really cute chick lit book i rented from the library i like to read light books before i go to bed, to fall asleep to i learned my lesson, that reading horror books before bed is no bueno this is a cute story by meg cabot, author of the popular the princess diaries series its part of her heather wells detective series heather wells is a retired 29 year old rock star and size 14 who now works as the manager of new york college dorm where students have been getting murdered left and right, earning it the nickname death dorm this is not the first in the series, but it was the only one i could get a hold of in the library apparently, heather wells has some experience kicking ass and taking names of killers, even when her PI roomate and secret love of her life and the New York police force encourage her to stay out of things i found this book at the top of the best chick lit list here on good reads i definitely wasn t disappointed this book was very funnny, cute and entertaining i want to readof this series. Somewhere between book one Size 12 Is Not Fat and book two Size 14 Is Not Fat Either , I have completely fallen in love with the characters of the Heather Wells series by Meg Cabot I enjoyed the first book but LOVED the second Although it may be tempting to side step the first book for this absolutely hilarious read I actually laughed out loud several times , don t Author Meg Cabot references many incidents from the first book and a lot of the characters carry over Size 14 Is Not Fat Either would lose some of the sparkle if you don t have all the background.Really looking forward to reading the third in the series, Big Boned a.k.a Size Isn t Everything.If you re looking for a funny, entertaining and easy to read light thriller, then this is the book for you. I really wanted to like this book because I enjoyed the first one.However, the CONSTANT body hating was so distracting and disappointing The chapter that Heather goes to a frat party and judges every girls body and they way they dressed was so disappointing and honestly painful to read She assigned each girl at the party by clothing size, ie the 2 s etc and was extremely judgmental of any female character throughout the book who she deemed skinny or may have takentime on their appearance than she did Combatting body discrimination hate with body discrimination hate is not a solution I really wanted her to be a character who owns who she is, despite what society might say about her weight or appearance, but she continuously tears others and herself down the entire book The constant inner dialogue of maybe I could be a size 8 if I wouldn t eat so much fried chicken oh well here goes And Cooper will never date me because I m unattractive was frustrating I fully understand that many, many women operate this way, but I was hoping for a confident character who wouldn t be controlled by societal beauty standards with a title like size 14 isn t fat either So really, with a title like that, why are there so many instances of Heather calling herself fat and deeming her body as undesirable throughout this whole book